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Bring The Modern Hamptons Look to Your Home With This Curated Design Set

Investment bankers, celebrities, and old New York money. That tends to be most people?s pre-conception of the Hamptons crowd. It?s an area of palatial estates overlooking shimmering summer seas. Seasonal residents with glacial teeth and year-round bronzed tans. Expensive cars outside artisanal grocery stores.

But the Hamptons is changing. Sure, it will always be a playground for the rich but the nature of their wealth is morphing with the times. Xennials with newfound cash are moving in, upgrading old homes with new d?cor. It?s been a busy time for contractors. The new Hamptons features the trending design styles and their kitchens and furniture reflect this.

However, style without substance won?t cut it. In connected households, where every move is tracked by Facebook?s Portal and Instagram posts are dispatched on a minute by minute basis, only gleaming machines featuring the latest technology will do.

Modern Hamptons Kitchen Package

A curated Modern Hamptons ready package highlights some of the most cutting-edge appliances and fixtures out today. A massive 42-inch side-by-side refrigerator from the forward-thinking Dacor brand is always a worthy investment for an upscale home. Their microwave in a drawer is also an innovative and chic concept. Taken from their trendy Modernist Series, it's sure to be a talking point amongst tech-obsessed guests.

Wolf is another brand that has a kind of omnipresence in luxury homes. The range in this package uses induction technology which harnesses electromagnetism to turn cookware into the cooking surface.

When it comes to range hoods, you could do a lot worse than Wolf They have perfected the art of extracting all the unwanted cooking smoke and odors out of the air. The salty freshness from the Atlantic will remain unspoiled.

The art of cooling is one Liebherr has made it their mission in life to perfect. This package's wine cooler is certainly an example of that. German engineering to store up to 46 standard wine bottles will satisfy the needs of any oenophile.

As always, Appliances Connection is your one-stop shop for all your kitchen needs. This is why the package also includes eclectically designed both a prep sink and faucet combo and a main sink and faucet combo from Houzer and Franke.

A winning package of complementary brands and products that will make any Hamptons home shine all year round.