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Bring Coastal Charm to Your Outdoor Space

Bring Coastal Charm to Your Outdoor Space

Regardless of where you live, you can transform any outdoor space into a coastal style. It brings the seashore's beauty with bright, breezy, and airy color hues and soft textiles. Create a coastal retreat by transforming your patio or backyard into a relaxing, cozy space that whispers summer and fresh ocean air all season rounds. For inspiration, Appliances Connection rounded up different ideas to bring coastal charm to your outdoor space.


If you want to create a beach theme to your outdoor space, classic blues and fresh, crisp whites can add a calm coastal ambiance. Warm creams, natural wood tones, muted greens, and pale turquoise are the colors that give your patio seaside appearance. Introduce natural fibers because they are the star of the show; from rattan furniture to sisal chairs and wooden baskets are a great way to add visual weight to your décor and create a coastal design style to your outdoor space.


Set a carefree mood on your patio that speaks of relaxing on the beach, make everything that feels breezy and airy. Coastal-style furniture should not be stuffy. Go with the beachy lighting, such as rope lamps and woven pendants, to highlight the design's natural textures. Play with texture but remember that rattan is a mainstay of coastal design style.


Almost everyone loves coastal style because it is reminiscent of one of the most fun and relaxing times on the beach. The coastal design has become one of the most popular decorating types in the United States because it works well with open spaces and creates a crowd-pleasing feel with soft color hues and beachy vibes.

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What is the best outdoor furniture for the beach?

Beach-Friendly Furniture is beyond beautiful, especially in waterfront houses. Although it might come with a bit of challenge regarding the weather, wind, and saltwater, you can always find furniture that will be weather resistant. Find rigid materials for coastal charm because materials matter when selecting outdoor furniture, especially in a seaside setting. Choose furniture materials like teak and wicker, both of these materials are dense and strong enough to withstand the salt air.

What is the best all-weather patio furniture?

From Adirondack chairs to patio dining sets, outdoor furniture materials are designed to withstand the elements. However, some outdoor furniture materials may hold up better in warm, dry climates rather than cold, wet temperatures. Aluminum is by far the most popular contemporary patio furniture material.