Comparing Bosch Washer and Dryer Series - 300 vs 500 vs 800
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Comparing Bosch Washer and Dryer Series - 300 vs 500 vs 800

With over 125 years of manufacturing history, Bosch is a company synonymous with German engineering. Every home appliance they make evinces their unimpeachable reputation for thoughtful modern design, quality construction, and reliable results. Bosch washers and dryers exemplify this.

We'll be taking a look at their three compact, stackable washer-dryer series: the 300, 500, and 800. As the number increases, so do the machine's overall capabilities. Hopefully, this article helps you determine which series of Bosch washers and dryers work best for your laundry needs.


The Washers

Across all of the series, each washer is 24 inches wide with a 2.2 cu ft capacity. The machines are powered by Bosch's EcoSilence Drive brushless motor, which operates quieter than most other machines on the market while still reaching a maximum 1400 RPMs. That powers a stainless steel drum crafted with a textured wave pattern that gently agitates clothes as they wash for a more thorough clean.

The indented circles on the exterior sides further muffle vibrations, resulting in a maximum noise level of 73 dBA. ActiveWater Technology ensures more efficient water use by sensing the load conditions and automatically adjusting water and temperature levels accordingly. Consequently, every washer is ENERGY STAR qualified for economic and environmental savings.


The Dryers

The 300, 500, and 800 series dryers are all 24 inches wide and share a 4 cu ft capacity. They also feature the circle patterns on their sidewalls like the dryers. This reduces vibration and the machines noise levels top out at 63-67 dBA. As condensation dryers, they gently dry clothing using warm mild air then condense the moisture then expel it through a drain. This eliminates the need for venting and ductwork and makes the units practically plug and play. A unique drum design creates warm air cushions making it gentler on clothes than other dryers. Internal sensors prevent overheating to protect the machine and your laundry.


The 300 Series

The 300 Series washers and dryers are Bosch's entry-level machines. Don't let this imply that they sacrifice quality. These machines include basic features that still outshine much of the competition. The washer has 15 wash cycles, including a 30-minute rapid wash, and a 145 F Allergen cycle that removes airborne contaminants that can stick to clothing such as dust and bacteria. The 300 Series dryer features a galvalume steel drum and 15 dry cycles including a 40-minute quick dry.

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The 500 Series

Upgrading to the 500 Series gives you slightly better features for both the washer and dryer. The 300's Allergen wash cycle becomes the 500 Series washer's 170 F Sanitize Cycle that kills even more bacteria and allergens during the wash. An AquaShield double-walled hose system and leak-detector provide protection against water damage.

The dryer's drum gets an upgrade from galvalume to stainless steel. It also becomes ENERGY STAR qualified. Both machines also gain a stylish chrome ring around the door, enhancing aesthetic appeal.

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The 800 Series

Befitting this premium line, there is a much more noticeable increase in features between the 500 and 800 Series. To start, there are two 800 Series washers, the WAT28402UC and the WAW285H2UC. Both washers gain an interior drum light and upgrade their leak protection to AquaStop Plus, which automatically pumps out water if it detects a leak. They also upgrade the previous models? 30-minute rapid wash into a Super Quick 15-Minute Cycle.

The big difference between the two 800 Series washers is that the WAW285H3UC is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart device that uses Home Connect to give you remote control over your washer letting you start and stop cycles from your phone or other connected devices.

The 800 Series dryer also comes in two iterations - the WTG86402UC and the WTG865H3UC, the latter being the smart connected model. These complement the 800 Series washers' 15-minute cycle with its own 15-minute cycle designed to quickly dry about 5 shirts. Under ideal circumstances, you could wash and dry an entire outfit in a brisk half-hour.

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Conclusion and FAQs

If you aren't satisfied with the elevated basics of the 300 Series washer and dryer, and it's within your budget, it's difficult not to recommend springing for the WAW285H2UC Smart 800 Series washer and accompanying dryer. However, if you care about having the Sanitize Cycle more than you do about the 15-minute wash or Wi-Fi connectivity, the 500 Series may be right in your sweet spot.

Can I stack Bosch washers and dryers from different Series?

You should never mix and match washers and dryers when stacking. This could result in serious injury. Specific washers and dryers are expressly engineered to be stacked together

Are Bosch washers and dryers ADA compliant?

All Bosch laundry machines are ADA compliant when installed on pedestals.