Bosch French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Are Coming!

Bosch French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
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When it comes to manufacturing home appliances, few methods compete with the functionality and durability that are the essence of German engineering. It requires copious amounts of time and attention to detail to create products that persevere through years of intense, daily use. After several years of painstaking effort, Bosch has created a collection of bottom freezer refrigeration units that are among the best in the industry. This collection from the 800 Series includes the B36CL80SNS, the B36CL80ENS, the B36CT80SNS, the B36CT81SNS, and the B36CT80SNB. Let’s get acquainted with these Bosch French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerators and all the features that make them so exceptional.

Form and Function

Available in fingerprint-resistant traditional or black stainless steel, these 36-inch freestanding refrigerators stand proud about one inch from counters/cabinetry, making them an impressive presence in any kitchen. Once opened, powerful LED lights provide corner to corner illumination to the voluminous 15 cu ft refrigerator compartment. The split shelves are easy to reconfigure to accommodate a holiday, tall bottles, and other items that require additional space. Bosch’s FlexBar™ further enhances shelf versatility with an adjustable bar that can be placed at any level in your refrigerator. A bottle holder, deep shelf for jars, and shallow shelf for an egg tray can be removed or arranged in any order on the bar according to your preference.

*Note: An egg tray for the FlexBar™ is available online.

Bosch French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerators: Refrigerator Doors & Freezer Drawers

Each French door contains three sets of gallon door bins (six total). These bins can fit two large, side-by-side gallon containers, so you’ll never have to place excess containers sideways on a shelf. Additionally, an included full-width chiller drawer stores oversized platters and keeps snacks, cheeses, and meats easily accessible. Planning a big birthday celebration for a child? The three-tiered bottom freezer provides an ample 15 cu ft capacity for cakes, ice cream bars, and plenty of other frozen treats. Furthermore, your freezer produces crisp, clean pyramid-shaped ice that can be stored in its ice bin. Alternatively, remove the bin completely for a full drawer of ice storage.

Preservation and Filtration

FarmFresh System™

Bosch French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerators: FarmFresh System™ Crisper Drawers

Bosch French door bottom freezer refrigerators utilize a FarmFresh System™ which combines four innovative freshness technologies for optimum food preservation. First, VitaFreshPro™ removes the guesswork from food storage with pre-programmed settings accessible via a proximity control panel. These settings calibrate the optimal food environment by balancing temperature and humidity levels for meats, cheeses, and more. You don’t have to be concerned that the FarmFresh System™might affect your freezer’s environment. The refrigerator and freezer each contain their own independent compressors and evaporators. These are the only French door refrigerators in the industry to currently have this feature. As a result, precise cooling and humidity control are achievable while significantly limiting odor transfer between these sections.

Bosch French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerators: FarmFresh System™

The preservation capabilities of the FarmFresh System extend far beyond a limited section of refrigerator space. To aid VitaFreshPro™, a FreshProtect™ filter slows ripening in fruits and vegetables by absorbing the ethylene gas which causes spoilage in produce. Additionally, an AirFresh® filter absorbs the most pungent food odors and only needs to be replaced every six to nine months. Finally, the fan-assisted MultiAirFlow™ system produces even currents of cold air at all levels of the chilling and freezing area. Even circulation of cool, fresh air and reduced cooling times helps food retain their flavor for longer periods, minimizing waste. 


Water is essential for life, so it is equally essential your fridge produces the cleanest water and ice possible. UltraClarityPro™ by Bosch is an industry-leading water filter capable of removing more than 99.9% of adulterants. This includes harsh elements like chlorine and chloramine which some sources claim can potentially cause adverse long-term health effects. The UltraClarityPro™ is so efficient at filtration that it is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), a leading regulatory agency. Once filtered, clean water is easily accessible via a hidden, dual-dispensing interior water dispenser. Simply tip your bottle against the dispenser to activate it or press a button to fill large pitchers. For added convenience, the refrigerator will notify you when the filter needs to be changed.

Smart Appliance Capability

Home Connect™ App Overview

With your list of chores increasing and your free time waning, remote capabilities have become standard issue with luxury appliances. The Home Connect™ App lets you control and monitor all your Bosch smart appliances easily from your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust your freezer temperature, increase the humidity level of your VitaFreshPro™ drawer, and even receive remote diagnostics from the Bosch service team for quick solutions to refrigerator problems. Additionally, you will receive notifications for issues that easily go unnoticed, such as when your door is left ajar or when the water filter needs to be replaced. Finally, for those needing to adhere to religious observances, these refrigerators are Star K certified and Sabbath Mode can be activated remotely.

SuperCool and SuperFreeze

Constant opening of the refrigerator door and/or freezer drawer(s) causes sudden increases in internal temperature, resulting in suboptimal food preservation conditions. Use the Home Connect™ App to prevent this issue with two powerful rapid cooling features. The SuperCool feature lowers the fridge’s temperature to 34°F, maintaining ideal conditions to existing food and cooling new groceries faster. After two hours, SuperCool automatically shuts off to reduce energy consumption. Similarly, the SuperFreeze feature lowers your freezer’s temperature to -8°F to prevent defrosting and helps new purchases freeze quickly. Like Supercool, SuperFreeze automatically shuts off to reduce energy consumption after six hours.

It’s certainly bothersome to have to discard perfectly good food because it couldn’t retain its quality just a bit longer. If you want to maximize your food’s longevity while minimizing trips to the grocery store, Bosch French door bottom freezer refrigerators are what you’re looking for.


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