Appliances make life easier, but they can be budget busting. Luckily, there are a few times a year where prices are through the floor, particularly on the start of the Christmas Shopping season.

As a season, Fall is undoubtedly the time for low prices and with added rebate savings, those prices keep falling (see what I did there?). Seasonal sales like Fall Doorbusters and Summer Blowouts are a good time to buy, yes, but they’re not the best time. 

Save money on appliances and look for the best time to buy!
Saving money on appliances is great, but there are so many opportunities to do it that it’s hard to choose the best time to buy!

As consumers, we’re confronted with tons of savings opportunities that all sound lie they’re the best one yet. It’s hard to weed through the discounts to pinpoint the best time to buy, so we’ve done the hard work for you to find the answer, and we’ve settled on a fan favorite.

We don’t want to keep you in suspense for too long so we’ll just put it plainly: Black Friday is currently the best time to buy appliances, no contest. No matter what industry you’re looking to shop in, chances are they’re gearing up for Black Friday with deals that you won’t get any other time of the year.

Shopping for appliances can be time consuming and difficult; use our product comparison tool to compare features, prices and reviews and get the best item at the best time to buy!
Shopping for appliances can be an all day affair, add to that an overpriced purchase and you’ve got a recipe for buyer’s remorse. (Click to view our Top-Freezer Refrigerators and see how much easier it is to shop online!)

Black Friday is perfectly situated to be a one-day only sale that we use to clear their holiday gift lists, home improvement shopping lists, and to justify getting those personal purchases you’ve been waiting all year for.

Click through for our Appliances Clearance Page, another great place to look regardless of sales or buying times for great prices!
Click through for our Clearance Page, another great place to look regardless of sales for great prices!

Over the years, stores have been opening earlier and earlier with sales starting at midnight on Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is the more-convenient equivalent of Black Friday because the sales happen online so you can shop from your own home. We listen to what would be best for our customers, so naturally we’ve applied this knowledge to our own business. That’s why we’re combining the two and extending them.

As an online retailer, we can use both holidays to get the best deals to our customers with the addition of free delivery nationwide. That takes care of the threat of being trampled, the long lines and waster hours waiting, but there’s that urgency of a one-day only sale that’s still a problem for some, so we did something about that too.

Welcome to Black November at Appliances Connection, where everyday is Black Friday.

Click through to see out Black Friday deals-- the best time to buy appliances!
Click through to see out Black Friday deals– the best time to buy appliances!

Black Friday is the absolute best time to buy appliances because you’re getting manufacturer, distributor, retailer and rebate discounts all at the same time. Everyone is lowering their prices now for a combined discount that’s not worth passing up on the items you need and want. The hassles of the event, however, are the possible safety concerns given how riotous these shopping trips can become, huge crowds to wade through, limited stock per location, and the long waits to buy the items if you manage to get your hands on them– not to mention the horrific traffic you’ll encounter trying to get to and from stores!

Shop for appliances the smart way on Black Friday-- all November long at Appliances Connection!
Online shopping offers no hassle and all comfort in your buying experience– product comparisons, great prices and in-depth descriptions.

Online shopping events, like our Black November appliance sale, take all the pressure off you and make shopping a breeze. Just pick, click, and buy! So skip the lines and stay home this year. Particularly with the introduction of the month long sale, you’ll have plenty of time to make a choice and you’ll feel less pressured so there’s no chance of buyer’s remorse!

Our advice: Buy now, save big and stay home! Enjoy the holidays with your family, not wrestling strangers for a new microwave. Get great deals all month long– skip the 24-hour sale and shop on your own time.


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