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7 Best Smart Washer and Dryer Sets of 2020

7 Best Smart Washer and Dryer Sets of 2020

Some things in life are always going to need to be done; taxes, mowing the lawn, paying the bills...and doing laundry. And with all recent the technological advances, washing machines and dryers have advanced also, making the chore of laundry easy, efficient, and now, Wi-Fi compatible! Here, we give you the 7 best washer and dryer sets you can program and control with your phone or other smart device.

Which brands offer the best smart washer and dryer sets?

GE 1105614 Laundry Pair


GE's smart washer(GTW840CSNWS) and dryer(GTD84ECSNWS) set retains the simplicity and durability of GE backed by the latest in technology and W-Fi connectivity. Both are 27 inches in width, Energy Star efficient, available in White and Diamond Gray, and work with both Google Assistant and IFTT-a free way to connect all your services together so all your tasks are completed automatically.


Washer features include:

  • Stainless steel wash basket resists rust and stains.
  • Four preprogrammed settings to help you pretreat stains.
  • SmartDispense technology can hold about a two-month supply of detergent and fabric softener, dispensing the right amount automatically with each load.

Dryer features include:

  • GE SensorDry technology keeps your clothes in tip-top shape with dual thermistor sensors to measure temperature and moisture to avoid over-drying.
  • An extended tumble option without heat to prevent wrinkling.
  • Aluminized alloy drum resists rust and improves energy efficiency.

LG 937490 Laundry Pair


With LG's smart washer(WM3500CW) and dryer(DLE3500W) set, the latest technology has been combined with classic dependability to deliver years of use. Both washer and dryer are 27 inches wide, available in white, Energy Star efficient, and feature SmartThinq technology, allowing you to connect with your appliances through a simple smart phone app.

LG Smart Laundry Pair

Washer features include:

  • NeverRust™ stainless steel drum made to take whatever your laundry can dish out for years to come.
  • LG's ColdWash uses cold water and washing motions give you economical cold water savings with warm water wash performance.
  • 6Motion technology uses up to six different motions per wash load, providing a revolutionary cleaning experience.

Dryer features include:

  • Sensor Dry automatically adjusts the drying time depending on moisture levels.
  • A FlowSense duct clogging indicator lets you know when to clean out the dryer ducts, which means better performance and efficiency.
  • Wrinkle Care keeps your clothes smooth and tidy.
  • A Quick-Dry cycle for when you're in a rush.

Maytag 975938 Laundry Pair


Maytag's smart washer(MHW8630HW) and dryer(MED8630HW) set is built with Maytag Commercial Technology for long life and reliability. Both front-loaders are 27 inches wide, offering Wi-Fi connectivity, Energy Star efficiency and are ADA compliant. Available in white and metallic slate.

Maytag Smart Laundry Pair

Washer features include:

  • Stainless steel drum resists rust and maximizes performance.
  • An overnight wash and dry cycle that quickly washes clothing then intermittently fan-dries the clothes so they are ready by morning.
  • An Optimal Dispenser releases detergent, fabric softeners and additives at exactly the right time for optimal cleaning.
  • A Sanitize cycle rids clothing of 99.9 percent of household bacteria with extra hot water temperature.

Dryer features include:

  • A wrinkle prevent option tumbles clothing when you can't unload the dryer right away.
  • Advanced Moisture Sensor measures heat and moisture for perfectly dry clothes every time.
  • The Steam Refresh feature revives lightly worn clothing, ridding them of any wrinkles or odors.

Whirlpool 979187 Laundry Pair


Whirlpool's smart washer(WFW9620HW) and dryer(WED9620HW) are front-loading, 27 inches wide, and programmable from your smartphone with the easy-to-use Whirlpool app, reversible doors for convenience of use, and available in white.


Washer features include:

  • The Load & Go XL Dispenser dispenses detergent automatically, holding enough to wash 40 full loads.
  • Use the correct cleaning mode for specific washables like activewear and bedding by downloading the Download & Go option to your phone.
  • Customize up to 35 washing options and cycle combinations.
  • A Steam Clean option with extra wash time and hot water to get out stubborn stains.

Dryer features include:

  • The Wrinkle Shield Plus option keeps wrinkles from setting into clothes for up to 150 minutes.
  • Includes a dryer rack that attaches inside drum for tumble-free drying of bulky or delicate items.
  • Energy Star efficiency saves helps save you money.
  • Interior drum light.

Bosch 851993 Laundry Pair


Bosch's smart washer(WAW285H2UC) and dryer(WTG865H2UC) set are designed and built with German precision and high performance in mind. Each is a compact 24 inches in width and stackable for saving even more space. They are Energy Star efficient, UL certified for safety, and can be controlled and monitored through Home Connect on your smartphone. Available in white.

Bosch Smart Laundry Pair

Washer features include:

  • 14 wash cycles to select from including permanent press, delicates, hand wash/wool, cotton, whites, 15 and 30-minute cycles, and more.
  • Extra high RPM means a better clean and a less water retainage after spin cycles.
  • ActiveWater technology gauges the condition of a load and uses only the amount of water necessary.
  • A wave-structured drum cleans clothes thoroughly without wearing them out over time.
  • An EcoSilence motor to keep operating noise to a minimum.

Dryer features include:

  • 14 drying cycles including permanent press, cotton, towels, anti-shrink, sanitize, 15 and 40-minute quick-dry, and more.
  • The EcoPerfect cycle reduces energy usage by using only the necessary heat to dry clothing.
  • A Wrinkle Block feature reduces creasing if you can't remove the load right away.

Samsung 754122 Laundry Pair


From one of the world’s most popular home appliance and electronics manufacturers comes this Samsung smart washer(WV60M9900AW) and dryer(DVE60M9900W) set. Available in black stainless steel and white, these 27-inch wide front-loaders have a host of Wi-Fi features at their disposal.

Samsung Smart Laundry Pair

Washer features include:

  • The remarkable FlexWash design allows you to do two separate loads at the same time or individually, with two laundry compartments within the same washer unit.
  • PowerFoam technology uses an innovative mixture of water, air and detergent to penetrate deep into the heart of fabrics.
  • SuperSpeed option saves you time, washing a full load that would normally take an hour in 36 minutes.
  • A SteamWash feature that releases steam from the bottom of the wash compartment for a deep clean.

Dryer features include:

  • Exclusive FlexDry feature allows you to dry delicates and normal items at the same time.
  • Multi-Steam technology reduces and removes wrinkles, odors, bacteria, and static.
  • The patented Eco-Dry system uses up to 25 percent less energy on every load, which adds up to big savings for you.
  • Interior lighting.

Miele 1005777 Laundry Pair


This Miele smart washer(WWH860WCS) and dryer(TWB120WP), both coming in at 24 inches wide in white, are WiFi-connected through the Miele app on your phone, and have the exclusive Miele enameled front panels, which are scratch-proof, corrosion-proof, easy to clean and color-fast.

Miele Smart Laundry Pair

Washer features include:

  • QuickIntenseWash cleans thoroughly and efficiently in under an hour.
  • The TwinDos dispensing system adds the perfect amount of detergent in a two-phase system for the ultimate clean.
  • Automatic Load Control matches the amount of water used to the load size for optimum washing and rinsing.
  • In the unique honeycomb washer drum, laundry floats on a cushion of water for gentler cleaning.

Dryer features include:

  • Heat-pump technology for efficient drying whether you're doing a full load or delicate items.
  • Miele EcoDry technology guarantees short drying times and long-term low energy consumption.
  • Miele's FragranceDos gives you the option of using small pods to add a long-lasting, fresh fragrance to your laundry.
  • Anti-wrinkle feature tumbles clothing intermittently if you can't unload your dryer right away.

We hope this list will help you decide which smart washer and dryer best fits your needs, so you can make not just the right purchase, but a smart investment.