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The Best Smart Washer and Dryer Sets of 2021

The Best Smart Washer and Dryer Sets of 2021

As the world becomes increasingly connected, it only makes sense that our appliances follow that trend, and washer and dryer sets are an obvious candidate for Internet integration. Having a smart washer or dryer can let you download custom cycles from the Internet, control the machines remotely, and even troubleshoot issues that may come up. If you're looking for a smart washer and dryer set, here are five of our favorites of 2021.

Miele 1418903


As a brand, Miele has a reputation for making professional-quality appliances that are chock-full of modern, precision-engineered features. Their German-engineered 1418903 washer and dryer set, part of their Little Giants series, is no exception to this rule. They aren't just "smart" in the sense of connecting to your smartphone (though they do that seamlessly using WiFiConn@ct technology and the free Miele@home app). Instead of buttons or knobs, this set has M Touch Flex controls on a full-color display. This means that whether you're on your phone or in the laundry room, you can swipe through the entire list of cycles as easily as checking your text messages. The MultiLingua interface even lets you choose between 32 different languages.

In terms of performance, these machines come from Miele's Professional line, and it shows. Because they're constructed with commercial-grade parts, they last at peak efficency much longer than normal residential washers and dryers. Though they are only 24 inches wide, both machines have dozens of cycles, including a wash cycle that sanitizes and disinfects your clothes. The CapDosing automatic dispensing system inserts the detergent and fabric softener at exactly the right time in the cycle. The honeycomb dryer drum utilizes axial airflow that speeds drying time while greatly reducing your energy usage.

Bosch 1329599


The Bosch 1329599 is a German-engineered smart washer and dryer pair, part of their 500 Series, that turns laundry from a half-day chore to a small part of your life. Using Bosch's Home Connect system, you can control this washer and dryer set from anywhere: select between the 14 cycles on each machine, monitor the time remaining on each load, and more from your phone or tablet. Their EcoSilence Drive™ motors use magnets to spin the stainless steel drums, meaning that not only is your laundry done quietly and efficiently, there's less friction to break down the moving parts. The parts are further protected from water damage thanks to Bosch's AquaShield system, which includes a special double-walled feed hose and a safety valve. They have a SpeedPerfect™ mode that cleans your clothes 65% faster than a standard cycle, and the one-piece stainless steel drum keeps your clothes looking fresh and clean without damaging them.

Samsung 1154680


With their large, tinted doors, feature-rich design, and platinum-colored finish, the Samsung 1154680 pair wouldn't look out of place in a laundromat, but instead it's the most budget-friendly choice on this list. Its Smart Care technology communicates with your smartphone to help you diagnose and even solve issues with the machines — they can tell you about anything from a dirty lint filter or unbalanced load to a water leak. The washer's VRT Plus™ technology reduces vibration 40% more than previous models, ensuring super quiet operation, and its Steam Sanitize+ function neutralizes nearly all bacteria, dust mites, and pollen that accumulate on your clothes. The dryer's Eco Dry technology optimizes its energy usage, resulting in an estimated $4500 of savings over its lifetime.

LG 1289261


The LG 1289261 washer and dryer pair connects to your smart home on multiple levels. You can use their SmartThinQ™ technology to connect them with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, controlling them with only your voice or using the WiFi Connect system to start and stop loads with the swipe of a phone screen. The Smart Diagnosis™ feature warns you of abnormalities before they become catastrophic and can even connect you directly to a service center when needed.

In terms of functionality, this set is no slouch either. The washer's ALLERGEINE™ cycle breaks down most common allergens, including pet dander, and its ColdWash™ feature makes sure that even at the coldest temperatures, your clothes are thoroughly cleaned. The Sensor Dry function measures the humidity in the dryer and adjusts the heat and airflow levels accordingly as well, for optimum power savings.

Maytag 1188968


The Maytag 1188968 combination is a heavy-duty washer/dryer set. While they can adjust to fit even small loads, they have the largest capacity among the pairs on this list, making them a great choice for people who generate a lot of dirty clothes. Using the free Maytag app, you can start and stop your laundry, get notifications when a load finishes, and troubleshoot technical issues with the press of a button. The washer's direct drive motor provides enough power to handle even a completely full tub, and the Power™ agitator keeps your clothes moving smoothly through the water. It even recirculates the detergent using PowerSpray technology to enhance its cleaning abilities. Meanwhile, the 8.8 cubic foot dryer uses steam to prevent wrinkling and has an extra interior fin to prevent your clothes from bunching together.

Related Questions

Are smart appliances worth it?

Smart appliances can definitely be worth the investment, especially if you already have smart home technology (such as Alexa or Google Assistant). Their ability to inform you of the status of each load lets you do more with your day, and their ease of use reduces the amount of time spent in the laundry room.

What are some benefits of smart washers and dryers?

In addition to the obvious time savings and convenience, smarter appliances can often use less energy than their counterparts, and the ability to perform technical diagnosis remotely means you can get longer use out of your washer and dryer without even paying for a service call.