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Dual fuel ranges refer to ranges that have gas cooktops and electric ovens and so we classify them separately from gas ranges. There are a lot of advantages to using an electric oven over gas. It cooks evenly because it maintains a consistent temperature better than a gas oven. This means more predictable cooking results. Moreover, models with a pro-style aesthetic, with their ergonomic cylindrical handles and gleaming finishes lend the feel of a restaurant kitchen right in your home. It seems this look gives many customers the confidence to be bolder in their culinary endeavors. Here are some of the brands manufacturing what I’ve seen as being Appliance’s Connection’s best selling pro-style dual fuel ranges for 2019.

Best Selling Pro-Style Dual Fuel Ranges for 2019

Best Selling Pro-Style Dual Fuel Ranges for 2019: Wolf df606cglp

Our top three, purely in terms of sales, are Viking, Wolf, and Monogram. Viking dominates the market with a plurality of our sales attributed to them. We sell a large amount of Wolf ranges in the New York metro area, often to high-end developers. Monogram sells well throughout the country. The numbers are hardly surprising. These brands are among the best known in the industry and often the first names come to the minds of customers looking for quality kitchen appliances.

Best Selling Pro-Style Dual Fuel Ranges of 2019

It gets interesting, though, when we look at some of the other brands that have been racking up large sales. Just outside the top three is Fulgor Milano, which has grown in popularity in the US over the last 12 months.

Best Selling Pro-Style Dual Fuel Ranges for 2019

Our sales of ranges from the Dacor Modernist have also increased, particularly in California, where the company is best known. Bertazzoni too has steadily been increasing sales since the release of their new Professional and Master series with their distinctive design. Both of these brands appear to be in tune with customers’ preferred price points.

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