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Undoubtedly one of the questions I get asked most concerns which are the best pro-style ranges. There are so many on the market and customers are spoiled for choice. I understand that these are often costly and the number of features can be overwhelming. Of course, when it comes to cooking, if you’ll excuse the pun, there is no secret sauce.

Best Pro-Style Ranges

Grandmothers in developing countries preparing the family meal over a primitive gas flame are capable of creating delicious meals that can stand alongside those prepared using a $10,000 range. The combination of spices, foods, cooking time and good old fashioned know how cannot be beaten. However, for those who know what they’re doing, a great cooking appliance can bring a meal to the table quickly and efficiently without the toil associated with other less expensive brands.

Best Pro-Style Ranges

While I don’t have the definitive answer as to which appliance is the best as it often comes down to personal taste. What I do have are around 100,000 buyers and a customer service team that fields the feedback from many more.

Best Pro-Style Ranges

Based on this data, certain brands always seem to get a great customer response and the fewest repair calls. Our top three performers would have to be the following:

  1. Miele
  2. Dacor
  3. Viking

Best Pro-Style Ranges

Of course, we have different sales numbers for each of these brands, with Viking consistently being a top seller. They are one of the best-known appliance products in America. However, Miele has earned a stellar reputation, particularly with many of our New York customers who are used to seeing them in luxury condos. It’s rare to get a repair call for a Miele pro-style range and equally rare to have any complaints about Dacor. Though a relatively new name to many, especially on the East Coast, Dacor’s new Modernist Series is being purchased by clients who have fallen in love with their sleek aesthetics and cutting-edge features. When they see how well the ranges work, they tend to fall in love all over again.

The good news for many of our customers is that other brands have released less expensive pro-style ranges that also perform well. Bertazzoni and Monogram have been two high sellers recently. They’re also known for their versatility and dependability.

If you want to discuss which pro-style range is right for you, feel free to give me a call. Better still, come to our office so I can take you on a tour of our showroom and give you a comprehensive rundown in person.

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