The pellet grills combine the aspects of a standard grill with everything there is to love about a smoker. If this sounds like something you’d want for your kitchen then you are in luck. This guide presents you with five best wood pellet grills to choose from.

1. Pit Boss 71340

Best Pellet Grills: Pit Boss 71340

Price: $429.99


Here is a freestanding Pellet Series grill with 340 square inches of grilling surface for your small family’s food. The grill features Pit Boss’s proprietary oven temperature control which you only need to set once and the grill takes care of the rest. The clear LED display makes it a breeze to operate the dial-in digital control on this unit. You’ll love the way it shows you how things are heating up inside.  

This PB 340 has an ample cooking temperature range of 180F to 500F. This means you can grill using the most appropriate heat setting. For moving the grill around to wherever you want to do your grilling, there are 2 large metal wheels and side handles designed just for that purpose.

Also, you can be sure to enjoy using the unit for the longest time as it is made of porcelain coated cast iron for longevity.


  • Clear LED Read-Out – makes it easy to operate the grill. 
  • Dome Thermometer – built in to the hood to help with maintaining and monitoring the ideal cooking temperatures.  
  • Real Steel, Heavy Duty Construction – ensures that the appliance is sturdy enough to keep you grilling with it for years.
  • Chrome Bezel on the Thermometer – included to add visual appeal.

Pros:  Because the unit features a 16-gauge heavy duty steel construction, it saves you money in the long run due to minimal cases of breakdown. Cons: Uses wood pellets that produce smoke, so it may not be convenient to use indoors.   

2. Louisiana Grills LG1100

Best Pellet Grills: Louisiana Grills LG1100

Price: $999.00


The LG1100 is the best addition to your backyard if you are looking to smoke, grill and bake like a pro. It revolutionizes grilling in a couple of different ways. For starters, the Digital Control Center and thermometer on this unit allows for precise temperature control, which means you can rely of even heat for excellent grilling.

Then there is the Meat Probe, a full function feature that allows you to program it accordingly to cook your meats to perfection. This feature works alongside the Digital Control Center to automatically adjust the temperature when your food reaches the desired internal temperature.

Since you’re using 100 percent wood pellets for energy, you’re able to enjoy the amazing wood flavor with a single push of a button.


  • Adjustable Side Plate Flame Broiler – lets you sear steaks or fish with ease.
  • Proprietary Exhaust System – makes for even grilling and smoking.
  • Removable Upper Rack – allows for creating of more cooking space when that is needed, making the grill even more versatile.
  • Convection Heat – this comes handy for baking your favorite desserts on the upper rack conveniently while cooking your main dish on the bottom.
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel – offers superior heat retention which makes searing a snap, with up to 48,000 BTU heat output.

Pros: Extremely versatile, with options for smoking, convection baking and grilling to perfection.  The heavy duty 14 gauge steel construction is also there to guarantee durability and long lasting usage.

Cons: Has no grill light for use after dark.

3. Memphis VG0002S

Best Pellet Grills: Memphis VG0002S

Price: $5,399.00


From performance to its beautiful finish, the 69 inch Elite Series freestanding pellet grill by Memphis is truly a high end piece. Of course you’ll pay more money upfront, but what you’re getting is worth every penny.

The grill features a digital temperature control system called the Intelligent Temperature Control. This feature allows you to monitor and control your cooking temperatures remotely via Wi-Fi. There is a separate probe that goes all the way in to give you a reading of the interior of your meat.

The unit is all 304 stainless steel. The construction is quite heavy duty, which sings superior quality and longevity from the get go.    


  • 862 Square Inch Grilling Surface – wide enough to accommodate all your cooking needs.
  • Double Walled, Insulated Lid – helps reduce energy loss to the outside environment, which translates to reduced amount of wood pellets used (reduced cost of energy).
  • Removable Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Grates – great for smoking and allows for convenient grilling of larger meats such as turkey because they’re removable to create more room inside the BBQ oven.
  •  Double Doors Beneath the Grilling Area – offer ample storage space for use while cooking.
  • True Convection Cooking – the grill has built-in 4-inch convection fans for even circulation of convection heat across the oven.

Pros: Has an ample warming rack that is useful for toasting hamburger buns, and even grilling and roasting meats and vegetables. Meanwhile the side table provides the much needed platform for keeping your stuff while barbequing.

Cons: Does not come with any rotisserie, though the company claims you won’t need it anyway.

4. Holland Grill BH421PF1

Best Pellet Grills: Holland Grill BH421PF1

Price: $879.00


If you want some truly delicious food with excellent smoke flavor then this freestanding piece by Holland is for you. The pellet grill comes with a stainless steel drip pan that provides a moist cooking space with indirect heat for cooking. It does this by effectively blocking direct heat from the 421 square inch grilling surface. The resulting moist food surface holds smoke better and helps improve flavor.

This wood pellet powered grill features automatic pellet ignition for reliable starting. It also boasts a digitally controlled pellet hopper and stainless steel cooking grid, plus stainless drip pan fasteners to keep the drip pan securely in place.


  • Digitally Controlled Pellet Hopper – makes it easy to operate.
  • Aluminized Steel Body And Lid – are sturdy to ensure the grill will serve you for longer.
  • Convection Heating System – offers 180 degrees – 500 degrees Fahrenheit of pure cooking heat.
  • Extreme Cold Weather Dampers – designed to help keep the heat in.

Pros: The unit is versatile in functionality and allows you to smoke, sear, char-grill, roast, bake, steam, and even braise.

Cons: Has no side table or ample storage so you may have to make a few trips to the kitchen to use the counter there.

5. Fire Sense 62434

Best Pellet Grills: Fire Sense 62434

Price: $369.99


This is a 40 inch freestanding pellet grill with 300 square inch grilling surface which is perfect for a small family. 

The digital temperature controller on this unit makes it easy to control your grilling heat, while the heavy-duty wheels ensure that you can move the grill around with ease.

There is also the one-piece drip pan to helps reduce flare-ups and let you cook to perfection. And, with temperatures ranging from 180 degrees to 400 degrees F, you can choose the best temperature for cooking your food.  


  • True Convection Heat – offers the best environment for slow-roasting and smoking your food.
  • Digital Temperature Control and Hands-Free Thermometers – help automate temperature control.
  • Catch Pail – ensures easy cleanup.
  • One-Piece Drip Pan – designed to help minimize flare ups.

Pros: The compact size of the grill makes it quite suitable for tailgating so you carry your healthy, delicious food culture with you on the road.

Cons: The unit is not ADA certified, it may not be perfect for disabled users.

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