The Best Outdoor Televisions of 2021 | Top 5 Review
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The Best Outdoor Televisions of 2021 | Top 5 Review

As luxury living goes, there’s not a much more impressive mark of complete and utter success than having an outdoor television in your outdoor entertainment or kitchen area.

Just imagine it, lounging around solo or hosting guests with all the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle enhanced by the instant entertainment options offered by an outdoor TV. Because these are no indoor TVs simply transported outside. They are specifically made to work outdoors with the proper insulation to withstand heat cold, rain, snow, as well as insects and other elements. And just because they’re built tough doesn’t mean they skimp on high-tech innovation. In fact, many feature some of the latest breakthroughs in television technology. So, if you’re looking to add an outdoor TV to your leisure time repertoire, Appliances Connection has what you’re looking for.

Here, we offer a shortlist of the best outdoor televisions of the year…




Samsung’s 65" The Terrace Outdoor 4K UHD QLED TV will let you enjoy an incredibly vivid and bright picture in any environment. It operates with a powerful quantum processor that utilizes deep-learning Artificial Intelligence to transform everything you watch into a stunning 4K viewing experience. Samsung’s trademark Adaptive Picture technology actually reacts and adjusts to the lighting conditions around the TV for a consistently perfect picture. And for the ultimate in realistic imaging, the unit’s nan-tech Quantum Dots produce over a billion shades of color that stay true to life, even in bright scenes.

Favorite Features:

  • Wide Viewing Angle – engineered to reduce glare for a great picture from every seat
  • Motion Rate 240 – minimizes motion blur on-screen so fast onscreen action and sports stay smooth and clear
  • Direct Full Array – precision-controlled backlights offer deeper contrast for richer blacks and brighter whites
  • Weather-Resistant Durability – resistant to extreme temperatures, water and dust
  • Universal Guide – simple on-screen guide organizes content while also making recommendations.
  • Wi-Fi and Smart Tech – connect and control the TV with a host of enhancements and updates
  • Active Voice Amplifier – detects exterior noise disturbances and amplifies onscreen dialogue as needed
  • Multiple Voice Assistants – built-in Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby let you control your TV vocally

Weatherized TVs 55L7WT


PRICE: $2,749.00*

Weatherized was founded with the goal of retrofitting high-end televisions into outdoor TVs, and you can see the quality results in their 55" Outdoor 4K Smart UHD converted LG brand TV which will withstand the elements with aplomb thanks to an interior that’s been treated with a hydrophobic water-repellent technology that prevents moisture, and humidity damage, along with being corrosion resistant. And the unit also delivers incredible picture clarity with four times the resolution of typical HD. And the virtual surround sound creates an immersive entertainment experience letting you hear the slightest sounds, voices, and music.

Favorite Features:

  • Wide View – displays almost 100% color accuracy, even from a 60-degree angle
  • Quad-Core Processor – improves images, action and color, reducing distracting video noise and motion blur
  • AI ThinQ – LG TVs with AI ThinQ have the Google Assistant built in, making it future ready and the center for your smart home
  • Wi-Fi/Smart TV – easy programming and connectivity for apps, updates, and interactive use
  • Bluetooth – for a wireless audio connection if you prefer using headphones
  • Amazon Alexa – for easy voice control
  • WebOS – makes it easy to navigate from one app to another for streaming content or smart home connectivity

SunBriteTV SBS2754KBL


PRICE: $9,999.00*

As the outdoor TV choice for Yankee Stadium, Gillette Stadium, and many others, SunbriteTV has certainly earned their place at the top of the outdoor television market. And you can experience it for yourself with their 75" Signature 2 Series 4K UHD Outdoor TV protected by an aluminum casing to protects against the harshness of nature while their innovative weatherproof cable entry system offers thick gaskets to seal out moisture. This unit is specially designed for use in partial sun and high ambient light areas such as a patio, deck, or yard, with up to three times the brightness of an indoor television.

Favorite Features:

  • TruVision Anti-Glare Technology – commercial-grade anti-glare screen to deliver an ultra-bright image
  • 4K Ultra HD – four times the high definition of a standard TV
  • High Dynamic Range – provides amazing contrast and vibrant colors
  • Extreme Temperature Functionality – allows operation in low temperatures from -24°F to high temperatures up to 122°F
  • OptiView Technology – preconfigured settings for brighter daytime or darker nighttime environments
  • Commercial-Grade Anti-Glare Screen – provides a glare-free picture from any angle
  • Built-in HDBaseT Receiver – allows ultra-high-definition video, audio and control

Furrion FDUP65CBS


PRICE: $3,198.99*

Furrion televisions are stocked with powerful soundbars and super secure mounts designed to deliver the very best outdoor entertainment experience. This 65" Aurora Series Partial Sun 4K LED Outdoor TV has a 4K HD picture with a weatherproofed TV unit and remote for high performance no matter the environment, with a glare-free screen primarily designed to operate in a shaded environment. And to ensure a clear, consistently vivid picture, an ambient light sensor with auto-brightness control automatically changes the screen’s brightness levels for optimal viewing.

Favorite Features:

  • Extreme Environments – TV can operate in temperatures from 4ºF to 122ºF
  • Weatherproofed – resists UV rays, wind, rain, insects, and dust
  • Compatible Soundbar – add this sound-boosting speaker for perfect sound and music
  • Ultimate Clarity – 350-nit anti-glare LCD delivers an incredibly vivid picture

Weatherized TVs 43S7WT


PRICE: $2,549.00*

Weatherized specializes in re-purposing standard flatscreen televisions for outdoor use so you can experience outdoor TV entertainment at a friendly price. Here, they have weatherproofed a Samsung Outdoor Smart 4K TV with interior hydrophobic water-repellent technology that prevents moisture, humidity damage, and corrosion. The TV itself is packed with innovations such as smart speakers that work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for ultra-convenient voice control, and a quad processor that provides faster web browsing and allows you to switch between content fast and simply.

Favorite Features:

  • 4K UHD Processor – optimizes your TV’s performance with 4K picture quality
  • Dolby Sound – high-quality and clarity for the outdoors
  • Wi-Fi Connection – connects with the internet for onscreen online content
  • Bluetooth – connects with accessories such as headphones
  • Edge-Lit LED backlight – for an enhanced viewing atmosphere at night
  • SmartHub – connects you to your favorite digital content
  • HDMI – enjoy higher quality audio and video with a single HDMI cable connection

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An outdoor television offers a fantastic and fun option in home entertainment, and at some surprisingly budget-friendly prices. And if you already have an outdoor space you like to relax and entertain in, why not add a television to complete the ambience? Once you experience the luxurious feel of viewing TV outside, you’ll be surprised how little you want to stay indoors.

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Can a regular TV be used outdoors?

Technically speaking, a regular TV can be used outdoors. However, this is extremely inadvisable unless the unit is shielded from the elements, dust, and insects, which will most certainly have a deleterious effect on the television.

What is the best TV to put outside?

The best TV to put outside is a television specifically made for the outdoors to resist inclement weather and other natural elements. You can see some of the best models in the blog above or find a wide selection on our website.

Are outdoor TVs worth the money?

Outdoor TVs are certainly worth the money if your home and lifestyle allow you the luxury of one. They will add a whole new dimension to your outdoor lifestyle.