4 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens of 2019

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens
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Although summer is on the wane, warm nights are sure to stick around for quite a while longer. There’s still time to entertain guests outdoors. A backyard cooking tool that would distinguish your soiree is an outdoor pizza oven. Whether you want fast, powerful results with gas and propane, or you prefer a classic wood-fire taste, there’s an oven to satisfy everyone’s needs. Let’s take a look at the four best outdoor pizza ovens of 2019 from Lynx, Chicago Brick Oven, Kucht, and Alfresco.

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Lynx LPZAFNG 30-Inch Napoli Natural Gas Pizza Oven with 54-Inch Cart

Lynx Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

This Lynx model from their Professional Series is an all-in-one stainless steel pizza oven, preparation space, and storage unit. With three drawers and a pair of cabinets, you’ll have plenty of storage capacity for all your pizza preparation tools such as ladles, sauce pots, and flour bags. There’s a flip-up shelf that gives you a total of 40 inches wide prep space. You’ll have more than enough room to knead dough, chop vegetables and slice meat. Once your pie is ready to be cooked, utilize the sliding shelf to safely insert your pie into the oven. Thanks to the following unique design features, the hard part is over.

With a heat-retaining dome and an energy-saving variable infrared heating system, this model quickly preheats to 700 degrees F for fast, powerful cooking. Even a large, 18-inch pie will be evenly crisped without much wait time. In addition, a reversible top chimney lets you control the direction of heat expulsion. On a hot day, you can shunt hot exhaust away from you. Conversely, you can use this oven even in the dead of winter by using the chimney’s radiant heat to keep warm. Cooking after the sun goes down and don’t want to strain your eyes? Blue LED knobs and an interior halogen light take the guesswork out of nighttime cooking, illuminating your food and your oven’s controls.

This model uses natural gas and needs to be plumbed, but there’s also a liquid propane model available.

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Chicago Brick Oven CBOOMBL750CV 36-Inch Woodfire Mobile Pizza Oven

Chicago Brick Oven Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

This model from Chicago Brick Oven is ideal for those who want a classic approach to cooking pizza. Utilizing wood fire, the low-height Neopolitan dome design can cook in excess of 1000 degrees F thanks to a proprietary blend of commercial-grade refractory cement. This construction prevents it from cracking in harsh climates, making it suitable for any environment. An efficient flue system prevents you from being inundated by heat and woodsmoke when the door is opened. Additionally, heavy-duty casters make the unit highly mobile in case you need to reconfigure your outdoor layout.

Chicago Brick Oven’s FlameRoll design employs stainless steel reinforced refractory brick molded into a low-slung dome. This enables the oven to produce and retain intense temperatures. It creates a natural funneling effect, evenly circulating hot air throughout the interior. Roaring fire is rolled across the top and creates a vacuum-sealed cooking environment. As a result, you can grill meats, roast vegetables, and create flaky pizza crusts all infused with rich smoky flavor in a matter of minutes.

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Kucht K186PO 33-Inch Professional Woodfire Pizza Oven

Kucht Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

When you want a no-nonsense pizza oven, this stainless steel unit from Kucht is your choice. Woodfire is used to heat the interior which has a robust stainless steel ceiling and a floor consisting of firebricks. These firebricks have low thermal conductivity, preventing heat loss and concentrating scorching air within the dome, giving you your desired temperature within six minutes. Like the previously mentioned Chicago Brick Oven model, heavy-duty casters make this Kucht oven easily portable. However, this model is comparatively much lighter, weighing in at an easily maneuverable 233 pounds. As a result, you won’t need an inordinate amount of strength to position it where you need it.

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Alfresco AXEPZALP 30-Inch Liquid Propane Pizza Oven

Alfresco Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

This Alfresco model is one of the most durable pizza ovens on the market. The exterior of this unit is composed of 304 18-8 welded stainless steel. The 18-8 refers to the percentage of the steel’s chromium and nickel content respectively. Chromium protects stainless steel from rusting, while nickel improves impact resistance and further staves off corrosion. As a result, it can certainly stand up to the elements. Alfresco is so confident in the workmanship of this oven that all stainless steel parts are covered by a limited lifetime warranty*.

Moving inside, the oven’s 0.75-inch thick high-quality ceramic slab hearth even circulates over 40,000 BTUs generated by its infrared hearth heating system. This allows the internal temperature to surpass 1,000 degrees F over its 456 sq. in. cooking surface. Such intense heat can cook a Neopolitan pizza in three minutes flat. Additionally, internal halogen lights give you clear visibility of your pizza, so you’ll see when it’s crisped to your liking. Worried such intense heat will make your Alfresco a burn hazard? There is no cause for concern. Alfresco’s exclusive natural air-cooling plenum keeps your oven’s control panel cool to the touch, ensuring safe usage and preventing damage to its electronic components.

*Review full warranty for terms and conditions of coverage.

This is the liquid propane model. There is also a natural gas model available.


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