Natural gas grills are frequently mistaken with their liquid propane cousins. There is a difference between the two categories, with natural gas grills making use of a home’s gas line while liquid propane grills normally have the liquid gas in a container. This makes the latter a more portable option.

If you are looking for something for your patio BBQ though, the natural gas grills are the option to go for as they will usually be stationary. Note however that some propane grills can be made to use an available natural gas line.

Nonetheless, here are the best natural gas grills to choose from.

1. Lynx L500RNG

Price: $2,639.00


The 30 inch Sedona Series built-in gas grill from Lynx has all the amazing features that you could want in a premium quality barbeque oven. Of these features, the rotisserie in this grill is a really remarkable addition. It has a dedicated burner, selectable speeds and selectable positions to give you a complete range of choices to ensure your chicken cooks to perfection.

Because you have the optional Lynx rotisserie basket, you can prepare sides and cook smaller dishes while preparing a main.

The Lynx L500RNG features a spacious 733 square inch cooking surface powered by 2 stainless burners for preparing mouth-watering dishes fast and efficiently.  


  • Lynx Hood Assist – makes the stainless steel hood weightless to open and close.
  • Built-in Ceramic Briquettes – save fuel by diminishing the amount of heat energy required to evenly heat the grid.
  • Stainless Steel Burners – provide the needed heat.
  • Halogen Lights – provide illumination for the grilling surface.

Pros: Robust stainless steel construction for greater quality, strength and durability, and beauty. 

Cons: The grill is not ADA Compliant.

2. FireMagic E1060S4L1N51W

Price: $12,509.45


FireMagic have a reputation for making grills that tick all the boxes in terms of grilling technology, beauty and performance. The massive 117 inch Echelon Diamond Series natural gas grill is no exception. It features a contoured control panel with sleek styling that you’re bound to love, beautiful factory-installed infrared burner to the left, and built-in storage brackets for rotisserie spit rod.

60,000 BTUs of pure grilling heat on the burner makes this grill a true powerhouse. All 304 stainless steel trapezoid cooking grids help distribute this heat evenly across the 1056 square inch grilling surface, while heat zone separators are keen to isolate cooking zones for perfect outcomes – every, single, time.


  • Casters – make it easy to move the grill around.
  • Quantum Backburner – uses less BTUs to generate high heat for efficient, versatile rotisserie cooking.
  • Infrared burner – for quick searing and high temperature cooking.
  • Hot Surface Ignition – reliable and easy to use for lighting the grill.

Pros: Offers you the flexibility to get either a grill with Fire Magic`s E-Burners or all-infrared burners.

Cons: Expensive grill.

3. Delta Heat DHBQ38RCN

Price: $2,793.66


Here is a 38 inch built-in Premier Outdoor barbeque oven from Delta Heat, with direct heat and ceramic radiant grilling system to cook your food excellently. The 304 stainless steel construction in this unit guarantees long lasting usage and value for your money.

The DHBQ38RCN has 625 square inches of grilling surface, powered by stainless steel U-burners designed for even heating across this large surface. In addition, this gas grill comes with a rotisserie for your chickens and turkeys.


  • Angled interior halogen lights – illuminate the cooking surface, eliminating the need for external lights for evening grilling.
  • Mirror Polished Accents – create an exquisite look and adds a luxurious touch to the grill.
  • Temperature gauge – indicate the temperature when the lid is closed.
  • LED lit control panel – illuminated control knobs makes the grill more beautiful and easier to use after dark.

Pros: The combination of direct heat & ceramic radiant grilling system, and rotisserie makes this grill the perfect unit for perfect cooking.

Cons: Requires a platform (such as table) to rest on.

4. Lynx L700PSNG

Price: $3,429.00


This 42 inch natural gas grill belongs to the Sedona Series by Lynx. It boasts standard as well as infrared burners designed to take your grilling to perfection levels. The 1049 square inch grill space is large enough to ensure you can do more grilling within a short time.  

Whether you have a small or large patio, the Sedona L700PSNG ensures that you’ll enjoy grilling with its superior craftsmanship and next-level grilling technology.

This built-in barbeque oven from Sedona features a ProSear infrared burner that’s fully variable unlike other sear burners. It has instant response and cranks out a whopping 23,000 BTUs of pure heat.


  • Flavor grids engineered for durability – distributes heat evenly and helps reduce or prevent flare-ups.
  • Hot surface electronic ignition – provides reliable lighting for every meal.
  • Rounded double walled oven hood – ensures the best convection cooking.
  • Contoured face with back-lit knobs – fully illuminated, comfort touch safety control knobs with flame that turns red when the appliance is on.
  • Recessed Quantum backburner – uses less BTU’s to generate efficient high heat for rotisserie cooking.

Pros: Has halogen interior lights that make it easy to grill after dark. Polished stainless steel hood offers protection to the interior elements.

Cons: Stainless steel requires frequent thorough cleaning.

5. FireMagic E1060I4EANW

Price: $7,739.25


Professional chefs love the Echelon Diamond E1060i by Fire Magic for its boundless features that give it an enhanced look and unbeaten performance. Although you’ll be paying more for the purchase, you’ll be glad you did.

This built-in grill features a robust stainless steel construction both inside and out. There is the option to have factory-installed infrared burners that use high-heat radiation for fast and efficient searing. The recessed Quantum backburner is made of sturdy stainless steel foam that uses less BTU’s to generate more heat for rotisserie cooking.

As if all that tech goodness is not enough, FireMagic has included angled halogen lights right inside the protective, polished stainless steel cover to illuminate the grilling surface so you can conveniently barbeque at night.

If you want to simultaneously fry some chicken while grilling your turkey, there are enough accessories to help with that.


  • 1056 square inch grilling surface
  • Magic view window – lets you check the food without lifting the protective hood.
  • Flavor grids – ensure even heat distribution and reduce flare-ups.
  • Heat zone separators – allow for cooking of different foods at different temperatures simultaneously without one interfering with the other.

Pros: Has a beautifully contoured control panel with back-lit knobs that make evening grilling a breeze. The angled interior halogen lights take the illumination to a whole new level.

Cons: The unit is expensive.

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