6 Best Maytag Washers to Consider in 2019

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Maytag got their start as a dedicated washing machine manufacturer in 1893 and has continued to improve upon the life-improving appliance 126 years on. Their trademark dependability and power has helped them stay in business despite stiff competition from the likes of Whirlpool, General Electric, and Frigidaire, and continues to drive their machines to the front of the pack. Maytag washers get more of your laundry clean, faster, while still being gentle on your clothes. These are 6 best Maytag washers.


Maytag MVWB965HC 30-Inch Top Load Washer

Best Maytag Washers to Consider in 2019: The MVWB965HC

This massive top load washer has a whopping 6 cu. ft. capacity. This translates to over 25 pounds of laundry! The PowerWash® agitator thoroughly yet gently messages dirt and stains loose from clothing by pushing water and detergent through fabric for concentrated cleaning. The PowerSpray feature then recirculates that water and detergent from the bottom of the drum to the top, so you get the most out of every soapy drop.

Also helping you get the most out of your detergent are the machine’s optimal dispensers, that release detergent, fabric softener, and other cleaning solutions at specific times during the wash cycle for enhanced performance.

The MVWB965HC has 10 wash cycles including PowerWash, a self-cleaning Affresh® Cycle, and the Sanitize Cycle with Oxi which removes 99.9% of household bacteria. This washer also has 9 option selections including a deep clean with steam to lift stubborn stains, a Deep Fill option that adds more water, and a customizable wash cycle Maytag calls My Cycle.

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Maytag MVWB865GW 28-Inch Top Load Washer

Best Maytag Washers to Consider in 2019: The MVWB865GW

If you want all the features of the last model in a slightly smaller form, we recommend this slimmer model with a 5.2 cu. ft. capacity. It’s still nothing to scoff at! Like its bigger brother, it includes the vigorous PowerWash agitator and identical wash cycle, as well as the bacteria-killing Sanitize, and self-cleaning Affresh cycles.

It shares the Deep Fill option but also offers an Auto Sensing option that adjusts the water level for each load for more efficient and concentrated cleaning. And while it lacks a steam option, the washer replaces it with a cold wash option for better energy savings. Overall, it boasts 11 wash cycles with 8 options so you can still have a customized and targeted clean.

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Maytag MVWC465HW 28-Inch Top Load Washer

Best Maytag Washers to Consider in 2019: The MVWC465HW

When you can’t justify getting yourself a washer with over 4 cu. ft. capacity, Maytag is there for you with this 3.8 cu. ft. top load washer with agitator. This has the smallest capacity and is the least expensive choice on our list, but still gets the job done with 12 wash cycles – including the trademark Maytag PowerWash, and a quick wash cycle that can launder your lighter loads in 30 minutes.

The Colors or Whites with Soak Cycles combine two cycles – soaking your colors or whites for 10 minutes before running the wash cycle. The Deep Rinse options let you control the water based on your laundering needs. This washer was engineered and assembled in the USA inspired by high-performance Maytag® Commercial Technology.

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Maytag MHW8630HW 27-Inch Front Load Washer

Best Maytag Washers to Consider in 2019: The MHW8630HW

We’re now switching to front-load machines. This model is a 5 cu. ft. capacity smart washer. Maytag’s front load washers trade in the PowerWash for the Extra Power Button. A setting you can add to any wash cycle, Extra Power combines cold and hot washes to fight stains that dissolve best in either. Combine it with the Heavy Duty wash cycle for what Maytag boasts is the “most powerful cleaning in the industry.”

More of this machine’s 14 wash cycles include the Sanitize and Affresh cycles, as well as a 15-minute Quick Wash, and its opposite, the 12-hour Overnight Wash & Dry that cleans a small load of laundry and dries it overnight so it’s fresh the next morning. Another extended time feature is the Fresh Hold® Option, which intermittently tumbles and fans clothes for over 24 hours after a cycle ends to keep them fresh in the machine.

As a smart appliance, this washer can communicate with Alexa, Google Assistant, and your other smart devices for remote control, monitoring, troubleshooting, and more.

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Maytag MHW6630HC 27-Inch Front Load Washer

Best Maytag Washers to Consider in 2019: The MHW6630HC

This model has a slightly smaller capacity than the previous at 4.8 cu. ft. and 2 fewer wash settings, which results in a commensurate dip in price. However, you still get the best of what Maytag front load washers have to offer: the dual-temperature Extra Power Button option and Heavy Duty wash cycle. The Fresh Hold option remains, but has been reduced to a still impressive 16 hours. You can still run the Sanitize cycle, or get a small load done in the 15-minute Quick Wash.

While not a smart appliance, Cycle Memory lets you customize each wash cycle to your needs, and stores your previous choices to apply to future washes. And like the last model, this one also comes with a steam option for gentle but powerful stain removal, and a Late Add Feature that lets you pause a wash to add in last-minute items.

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Maytag MHW5630HW 27-Inch Front Load Washer

Best Maytag Washers to Consider in 2019: The MHW5630HW

The most affordable front load washer in our Top 6 is this 4.5 cu. ft. model with 10 wash cycles, including Heavy Duty. Of course, this model also comes with the Extra Power Button, and a Fresh Spin™ option that works like the Fresh Hold, minus the fan, for 12 hours. Remarkably, considering the savings, this washer still comes with a steam option.

Like the previous front load Maytag washers, this one is powered by a commercial-grade Direct Drive Motor to handle large loads, and durable stainless steel wash basket, both backed by a 10-year warranty. Like every other model in our Top 6, this washer is ENERGY STAR® Qualified, and like the previous two front-load models, is ADA Compliant for ease-of-use by people with disabilities.

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Related Questions

Should I get a Top or Front load washer?

Front-load washers are generally more popular due to water/energy savings and stackability with compatible driers. However, top loaders can generally safely handle bigger loads, require less maintenance, and don’t require bending over to load/unload.

What does a Steam Cycle do?

A steam cycle uses steam to loosen fabrics during a wash, allowing greater permeation of water and detergent to flush out dirt and stains. Steam also sanitizes items, killing most allergens, bacteria, and other unwanted organic material.


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