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Liebherr knows refrigeration. When it comes to manufacturing residential appliances, it’s all they do. Liebherr has pioneered some of the most forward-thinking innovations in refrigeration technology. They were the first to use separate compressors for refrigerator and freezer compartments. They developed SmartSteel for a sleek finish that resists fingerprints. They were 17 years ahead of the game when they began using isobutane as a refrigerant, catapulting their refrigerator to the top of energy efficiency. All these revolutionary advances over six decades have now culminated in their crown jewel as they are introducing the best of luxury column refrigeration – Liebherr Monolith.

Best of Luxury Column Refrigeration - Liebherr Monolith - Custom Panels

Monolith is a line of refrigerator columns and freezer columns. The former are available in 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch widths (the last one coming in Q3 2019 while the latter are available in 18-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch widths (the last two coming in Q3 2019). This means that this line is highly customizable depending on the space you’ve got to work with. These are also aesthetically extremely versatile because though Liebherr makes available stainless steel panels, all of these are panel ready. Whether you want an imposing look in your kitchen or if you’d like your refrigerator to subtly and seamlessly blend into surrounding cabinetry, you’ve got an array of stylistic choices. Let’s see what’s also on offer with Liebherr Monolith by taking a closer look at this refrigerator column/freezer column set.

Best of Luxury Column Refrigeration - Liebherr Monolith - Infographic

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