Choosing the best barbeque oven can be challenging given there are several brands and models to choose from. But once you pay attention to personal pointers like the amount of outdoor space you have, budget, and more; the decision becomes easier. It is even much easier to choose the best grill if you have a guide or reference material to fall back to.

That said, here are the liquid propane grills that made it to our top 5 list.

1. Napoleon PRO825RSBIPSS2

Price: $4,299.00


The PRO825RSBIPSS2 is a 95 inch liquid propane grill from Napoleon’s Prestige PRO series. It boasts a spacious 1245 square inch cooking area and an infrared rear burner for the ideal grilling experience. There are also safety glow control knobs that make it a breeze to cook safely at night on this BBQ oven.

If you are a fan of exquisite designs, then you’ll love the Prestige PRO 825.


  • Smoker Pipe – gives you the added option of smoking your food!
  • Dual Grill Heads – designed to gracefully handle everything that can be grilled.
  • Rear Burner – for a rotisserie meal preparation.
  • LIFT EASE Roll top lid – can be easily lifted up or closed.

Pros: Premium look and finish in stainless steel

Cons: Expensive

2. Broil King 956344

Price: $1,199.00


Broil King grills are usually popular for their Dual-Tube burners, and the 57 inch Regal 490 PRO isn’t any exception. It has powerful tube in tube burners that generate efficient heat through more than 120 ports. Every one of the stainless steel burners has 2 ribbons of flame, creating more flame and heat per square inch for excellent heat distribution and grill performance.

This liquid propane grill comes with 4 main burners emitting 50000 BTUs of heat for grilling. There is also a side burner with some 10000 BTU for simultaneously preparing the sides while grilling fish, turkey, hamburger or chicken.


  • 15000 BTU rotisserie burner on the rear – offers the perfect spot for slow roasting turkeys, chickens, and roasts.
  • Sure-Lit electronic ignition system – guarantees starting the burner on the grill easily and effectively.
  • Deluxe Accu-temp thermometer – provides accurate temperature reading each time.
  • Level Q Leg Levelers – quickly and firmly stabilize the Broil King on uneven surfaces.

Pros: The grill heats up instantly, and is powerful with great heat output.

Cons: Requires thorough cleaning on the stainless steel parts.

3. Napoleon TQ2225PO

Price: $199.00


Who said being away from your patio should mean being unable to grill your favorite meats?  Napoleon has a different opinion (and solution for that matter). With the TravelQ from Napoleon, you have the ultimate portable barbeque to carry with you wherever you go.

Whether you are tailgating, boating or camping, you can bring the TravelQ and carry your BBQ culture with you. The unit features fold-out legs and ergonomic design that makes it set up in seconds. It comes with an optional travel table that is just as easy to use, and a utensils storage case for added convenience.


  • Solid cast iron cooking area – has porcelainized cast iron reversible WAVE grids so you can choose which side to use depending on your grilling needs.
  • Stainless steel construction – superior grade stainless steel designed for maximum rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Locking lid – provides easy access to the 225 sq. inch grilling surface.
  • Push button ignition – for ease of starting the liquid propane BBQ burner.
  • Removable grease tray – makes cleanups easy.  

Pros: Very low cost and conveniently portable.

Cons: Small compact size; unsuitable for a large number of people.

4. FireMagic E1060S4EAP62

Price: $9,469.00


If you are willing to go overboard with your barbeque purchase fee then here is a real high end appliance for you. The 93 inch Echelon Diamond Series grill tick all the right boxes, combining the very best in beauty, performance and innovation.

This Fire Magic barbeque features four powerful cast stainless steel E burners producing a scorching 112,000 BTUs of pure heat. This power is perfectly distributed on a broad grilling area measuring 1056 square inches in size.

A recessed Quantum Backburner that has been cleverly engineered to use less BTU to produce a lot of heat makes this grill ideal for versatile and efficient rotisserie cooking.


  • Heavy stainless steel cooking grids – provide even heat and ensure excellent heat retention for greater searing performance.  
  • Contoured control panel – has a modern styling and sleek appearance.
  • Flavor Grids – ensure reduced flare-ups and even heat distribution.
  • Heat zone separators – stand between each burner, cooking grid and flavor grid so you can cook various foods at different temperatures simultaneously.
  • Charcoal basket – a free added tool for charcoal grilling and smoking.
  • Rounded Oven Hood – has a double wall, engineered for best convection cooking.

Pros: Superior 304 stainless steel construction for lasting quality, durability and cooking versatility.

Cons: High cost of purchase

5. Broil King 958244

Price: $1,299.00


Products with the word “Pro” somewhere in their names always have something extra or amazing about them, and this Regal 590 PRO grill is no exception. It packs 5 standard burners with a massive 55000 BTUs of power output, enough to prepare hamburgers for a standard large family in just a matter of minutes.

Additionally, there is a 10000 BTU side burner where you can prepare the sauces and side dishes while grilling the meats so that everything cooks at the same time. This way, the Regal 590 PRO from Broil King not only makes you cook efficiently, but also quickly.


  • Dual-Tube Burners – have more than 120 ports that provide efficient heat for the ultimate and even heat distribution.
  • Flav-R-Wave – offers superior heat distribution across the surface of the grill while also protecting the burners.
  • Built-In Control Knob Lights – illuminate the control knob for use after dark.
  • Rear rotisserie burner with 15000 BTU power output – creates an excellent spot for slow roasting turkeys, roasts and chickens.
  • Sure-Lit electronic ignition system – creates dependable source of ignition to start the grill each time.

Pros: Has Deluxe Accu-temp thermometer that provides accurate temperature readings and is easy to read.

Cons:  Some customers complain of unsatisfactory customer support.

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