Fashion and function are the cornerstones of Milo Italia. The company encompasses a broad scope of furniture appealing to a large audience. There are numerous curated series under the brand covering all furniture designs. This includes taking bold stylistic leaps as is the case with these LED beds.

As an idea, LED beds sound like they would be kitschy gimmicks straight out of a bad sci-fi movie. However, the designers at Milo Italia have brought their keen aesthetic senses to bear to present these tasteful pieces. Have a look.

CAMBRIQNBK01 Cambridge Collection Queen Size Platform LED Bed

cambriqnbk01 LED Beds

This understated bed is from the Cambridge Collection. No need to worry about bruising should you accidentally walk into it at night when the lights are off. It is clad in a stylish and comfortably soft and durable leatherette. Its cool, contemporary chaise-like design is perfect for a modern bedroom look. The adjustable LED light strip lets you set the atmosphere accordingly. Dimensions: Length: 91 inches Height: 30 inches Width: 69 inches. Also available in King size.

SERENEQNWH21 Serene Collection Queen Size LED Bed

sereneqnwh21 LED Beds

From the Serene Collection, this bed is calmness exemplified. Imagine walking into a dimly lit room after a long day with the iridescent LED glow around the base of your bed inviting you to unwind. This almost stark design and low profile make this unobtrusive while still being the star of the bedroom.  Dimensions: Length: 87 inches, Height: 32.5 inches, Width: 65 inches. Also available in King size.

MADELNQNWH21 Madeline Collection Queen Size Platform LED Bed

madelnqnwh21 LED Beds

From the Madeline Collection, the clean elegance of this bed is complemented by the LED light on the headboard which gently infuses light into the immediate vicinity. The remote control for the LED allows you to easily set colors and brightness to match your mood. The sumptuous, soft leatherette is durable, eco-friendly and easier to maintain than leather. Dimensions: Length: 87 inches, Height: 33 inches, Width: 64 inches. Also available in King size.

AURORAQNWH21 Aurora Collection Queen Size Platform LED Bed

auroraqnwh21 LED Beds

From the Aurora Collection, this bed sports a sinuous look that evokes an exotically futuristic feel while the tufted upholstery lends a touch of elegance. When the base lights are illuminated, you almost expect the bed to take off. The overall result is an eminently unique and sophisticated bedroom centerpiece. Dimensions: Length: 95 inches, Width: 73 Inches, Height: 23 Inches. Also available in King size.

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