The Most Popular GE Gas Ranges on the Market
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The Most Popular GE Gas Ranges on the Market

GE gas ranges are one of this iconic company's most popular products. Though GE's parent company was founded by Thomas Edison, famous inventor of devices that operate on electricity, GE evolved to specialize in many popular types of kitchen appliances - including some of the best gas stoves and gas ovens, in the opinion of many consumers.

Customer satisfaction was instrumental in keeping GE one of the most popular companies in the US for over a century. GE ranges and other appliances have served as instruments vital to the preparation of meals in many homes in America and around the globe.

Their popularity was earned by the diverse designs they offered, which include features appreciated by consumers with varied budgets and needs. Here, we highlight several of today's most popular GE gas stoves, categorized by cost and features.

GE Ranges Provide the Essentials at a Reasonable Price

GE Ranges Provide the Essentials at a Reasonable Price

If you don't have a lot to spend, but you still want a gas range that's reliable and versatile, GE can fulfill your wishes. You can find a gas stove for less than $1,000, yet still get all the essential features you need, like simmer burners for keeping foods hot without overcooking, sealed burners for ease of cleanup, durable steel grates, storage drawers for a clutter-free kitchen, and ADA-compliant, easily accessible, front controls.

A GE model which includes such features at this cost level is this 30-in. freestanding all gas range. This cooking unit's design includes special features like a powerful 13,000 BTU burner. The large viewing window allows you to check on your dishes without opening the oven door and lowering the interior temperature.

If you're on a budget, this could easily be your best choice. This model can provide basic, reliable service. Black, gloss steel grates and sealed cooktop facilitate easy cleanup. 4.8 cu. ft. oven capacity is large enough to accommodate oven preparation of a full-course meal.

For Style and Convenience - This Model has What it Takes

For Style and Convenience This Model has What it Takes

If your budget will permit you to spend a bit over $1,000., you could purchase a slide-in range with features like integrated griddle attachments plus burners, for versatile meal preparation options. Continuous grates, electronic controls, self-cleaning capabilities - and more up-to-date features are available for a slightly higher budget.

This 30-in. slide-in all gas range is a good choice for those with mid-range budgets who value the addition of these specialized features in a range that's still priced reasonably.

This range also features a fit guarantee - just slide it into the space created for a 30-in. range. The edge-to-edge cooktop features two 15,000 BTU Power Boil burners.

This is a quality, attractively designed, mid-priced, better than basic kitchen range you can rely upon.

Top of the Line Versatility and Function are Available - With GE Profile Line Ranges

Top of the Line Versatility and Function are Available With GE Profile Line Ranges

If you are able to raise your budget to the $3,000 or more price range, you can obtain one of GE's innovative ranges with high-tech features like: dual oven cavities, multiple cooking modes, Smart app compatibility for remote control, power burners - over 20,000 BTUs, and Scan to Cook Technology. You can take meal preparation seriously, while expending less energy, by investing in a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance.

This GE Profile™ 30-in. smart slide-in double oven gas convection range includes up-to-date features for those who want the latest in kitchen range technology.

This range is equipped with an edge-to-edge cooktop. tri-ring burners, a dual-purpose center burner, a Power Boil burner, and a reversible grill and griddle.

Along with the basic convenience of self-cleaning features, this kitchen stove features modern options like no preheat air frying, built-In WiFi, powered by SmartHQ App., and GE Profile Connect +.

The $3,000 plus price is reasonable when you consider the level of reliable, practical function, fresh technology, and attractive design features. - Like backlit glass touch sensitive controls that disappear when not in use, enhancing the oven with a high-tech look.

The True Convection oven is equipped with an advanced convection system that uses a third heating element and a fan, resulting in highly efficient heat and air circulation.

General Electric continues to produce some of the best kitchen appliances including gas stoves and ovens. Considering the purchase of a new kitchen range? We've prepared a helpful buying guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the difference between a free-standing range and a slide-in range?

A. A free-standing range is the most common type. This type of range gives you the option of installation between cabinets, at the end of a cabinet against a wall, or freestanding on its own.

A slide-in range is designed to fit flush with your countertop and seamlessly blend in with the surrounding cabinetry.

Q. How can I tell whether a free-standing or slide-in range is best, when remodeling my kitchen?

A. We can help you make an informed purchase. Here is a more in-depth look at the topic.