Best Front Load Washers of 2019 (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Best Front Load Washers
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Front load washers frequently deliver excellent cleaning and are extremely energy and water efficient. Unlike top load washing machines that use a central agitator to clean clothes, front load washers use rotational force and gravity to move clothes in and out of the water at the bottom of the tub and rub them against each other to clean them. A central agitator is a centrally placed post inside top load washers that rubs against clothes while twisting back and forth to help break stains. While this mechanism of cleaning is often quicker, it can have a toll on your clothes in the long run.

Front loaders preserve your clothes for longer. Also, because of their comparatively greater efficiency, front-load washing machines are typically more expensive than top load washers. Notice however that because of their efficiency, they help cut your utility bills and save you money in the long run.

1. Electrolux EFLS627UTT

Best Front Load Washers: Electrolux EFLS627UTT

Price: $983.00


Electrolux EFLS627UTT is a 27-inch front load washer with a capacity of 4.4 cubic feet, which is big enough to hold a regular amount of clothes for a fairly large family. The washer makes good use of this medium-sized space with up to 9 wash cycles, including one 15-minutes fast wash option and a steam function, to cater for every type of fabric you have.

The unit has a beautiful Titanium finish and an impressive display panel with an easy-to-use dial that doubles as a digital screen. It features a dedicated dispenser for detergent pods. This is quite a standout feature as most washing machines don’t have it.

Electrolux has given the rest of the dispenser drawer a design overhaul with a layout that makes it easier than ever to add liquid soap, bleach and fabric softener. On the whole, the EFLS627UTT is a washer that ticks all the boxes: it’s easy to use, performs great, looks great and is loaded with features to help customize your cleaning cycles.


  • SmartBoost™ technology – premixes water and detergent before beginning a cycle, effectively maximizing the detergent’s cleaning power.
  • Steam Cycle – the Perfect Steam feature means the steam rises from the bottom to gently lift dirt and stains from fibers.
  • LuxCare Wash System – offers a thorough clean with improved temperature control, wash actions, and intelligent load sensing.
  • Sanitize Option – certified to kill and remove 99 percent of bacteria and 95 percent of allergens.

Pros: Has the most effective stain-removing capability with SmartBoost

Cons: Like all front loading machines, you cannot toss in additional garments after starting a wash cycle.

2. LG WM8100HVA

Best Front Load Washers: LG WM8100HVA

Price: $1,094.90


The 29 inch WM8100HVA is a large, smart front load washer by LG. It packs a whopping 5.2 cubic feet capacity suited for particularly large families. The large capacity also means fewer loads. With up to 14 wash cycles and 1300 revolutions per minute (RPM) in spin speed, this machine is powerful enough to clean any fabric quickly.

Despite its huge size, the washer runs quietly and pairs with your other smart devices so you can control it remotely. The large size will also allow you to do fewer loads overall, and it has great sanitize and allergy modes.


  • Built-in pause button – lets you pause an already started wash and drop in a piece of clothing that was left out.
  • TurboWash technology is powerful with high-pressure nozzles that cut wash time per load by half.
  • Steam technology – gently but powerfully penetrates fabrics to eliminate all dirt, odors, and wrinkles.
  • 5 Temperature Settings – include extra hot, hot, warm, cold, tap cold

Pros: Large laundry capacity to accommodate more in every load.

Cons: Too large to fit in the same space as most other washers. No soak option.

3. Bosch WAT28402UC

Best Front Load Washers: Bosch WAT28402UC

Price: $1,299.10


This white 24-inch front load washer belongs to the 800 Series by Bosch. It has a 2.2 cubic feet capacity, giving it a compact size that perfect for smaller apartments where space is at a premium. Despite its small size, the unit has 15 wash cycles to ensure you have all the options to choose the right cycle. This can go a long way in keeping your clothes in shape and retain their colors. More wash cycles also mean you can speed up your laundry process and save some much needed time and money.


  • 1400 RPM – powerful spin speed to ensure quick results
  • SpeedPerfect technology – this offers up to 40-percent faster washing time
  • AquaStop Plus system – protects your floor by providing extra protection against water damage.
  • EcoSilence Motor – delivers efficient, long-lasting and quiet performance.

Pros: Great energy efficiency; designed to save on water and power costs for many years.

Cons: Small laundry capacity means you may have to load several cycles.

4. Whirlpool WFW85HEFW

Best Front Load Washers: Whirlpool WFW85HEFW

Price: $894.10


In addition to being a relatively large front load washer with 4.5 cu. Ft. capacity, Whirlpool WFW85HEFW has the Smart Dispenser feature that detects the right amount of detergent and automatically sends it into the wash. The adaptive wash technology in this washer means that it will keep your clothes looking newer for longer by sensing and adapting wash actions, time and temperature accordingly.

You can save much time with the Quick Wash Cycle, which washes a small, lightly soiled load in just 25 minutes. Still, if speed is not the objective, you still have ten other wash cycles to choose from with this 27-inch front load washing machine.


  • Steam Clean Option – has increased wash action that penetrates fabrics and heat for even more help in removing everyday stains.
  • Undercounter Installation – designed to be installed under a standard countertop, and you get to choose from various installation options to fit in your laundry space with ease.
  • Sanitize cycle – the cycle has a heater, able to eliminate 99.9 percent of common household bacteria.

Pros: Quick Wash Cycle helps save time by washing a load in just 25 minutes.

Cons: Stacking kit is sold separately so it will mean additional cost.

5. Samsung WF50K7500AV

Best Front Load Washers: Samsung WF50K7500AV

Price: $1,049.00


Here is one of the few washing machines that perform as great as they look, and have a massive five cubic feet capacity. The washing machine is 27 inches wide and has 14 wash cycles, including a SuperSpeed option that reduces the wash time of a cycle so you can finish cleaning a load faster.

At 1300 RPM spin speed, the drum rotates faster during each spin cycle, making the washer powerful enough to take on any dirt. The Steam Cycle further ensures that no dirt or stains will survive the cycle.


  • Stainless Steel Drum – is durable and looks appealing to the eye as well.
  • AddWash feature – lets you add a forgotten piece of clothing even after a cycle has started running.
  • Stackable design – lets you match the washer with a stacking dryer and free up some much-needed floor space.
  • Super Speed option – reduces the time each cycle takes to finish a load faster

Pros: Generous 5.0 cubic feet laundry capacity means you could finish your laundry work in just a single load.

Cons: The vast size requires more floor area, which is unsuitable for smaller living spaces or apartments.


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