In a neighborhood where open fires are not an option, electric grills are generally the go-to BBQ option. They help strip fat away from your meat to make it healthier while affording you the convenience of using them even indoors. To help you choose, here are the best options available at AppliancesConnection.

1. Kenyon B7008226

Price: $1,160.99


The B7008226 is a 21 inch portable electric grill from the Floridian Series by Kenyon. It comes with a convenient cart that you can mount it on and take it with you wherever you need it. The insulated lid never gets hot on the outside. This means there are zero chances of someone getting burnt accidentally by the grill.

Because much of the food you’ll be grilling is likely to be juicy, the non-stick grates come in handy. They ensure that cleaning is a snap and you can use a dishwasher for that.  

You’ll love how compact this appliance is, and how easily it detaches from the cart when needed. This easy detachment further simplifies cleaning of the grill.


  • No Flare-Ups or Smoke – the heating elements are well concealed beneath the grates to prevent flare ups. This makes it stress free to use the grill indoors.
  • Non-Stick Grate – allows for easy turning over of your food while imparting the characteristic barbeque grill marks.
  • Waterproof Digital Touch Control Panel – allows you to operate the grill even when there is water on the control panel.
  • Stainless Steel Construction – is sturdy and ensures longevity.  

Pros: Insulated lid prevents accidental burns and is easy to remove for quick clean up.

Cons: Has no grill light, so you’ll need external lighting for illumination when grilling after dark.

2. Crown Verity CV3WHS

Price: $3,651.25


If you need an electric grill that is built to last, that is going to offer you maximum bang for your buck then this Crown Verity model is a perfect pick. It features a sturdy stainless steel construction that is sure to serve you for years. In fact, the manufacturer is so confident in the longevity of this appliance that they’ve given it a 10 year warranty on the burner and cooking grids, plus a lifetime warranty on the body of the grill.

For outdoor parties or other similar events, the CV3WHS will let you cook hotdogs and up to 4 dozen buns on the center bun warmer. This means you have more variety with this electric grill rather than just restrict you to traditional barbeque food.  


  • 4 Adjustable Legs – perfect for outdoor use.
  • Pans On Both Sides – each side holds up to 24 lbs.
  • Custom Pan Package – consists of roll dome, steaming baskets, 8 inch deep shoulder pans, perforated pans, brackets and lids.
  • Stainless Steel Construction – ensures durability.

Pros:  When you buy the unit, you get it fully assembled and complete with a custom pan package consisting of perforated pans, roll dome, steaming baskets, lids, 8-inch deep shoulder pans and brackets for preparing a wide range of foods.

Cons: The unit is fairly expensive.

3. Kenyon B70082

Price: $861.99


This 21 inch electric grill is one of the best in terms of energy efficiency. The heating element is in direct contact with the cooking surface, which means there is little heat loss.

Cleaning up the unit is a breeze as both the lid and non-stick grill grate are dishwasher safe. All you have to do is throw them into your dish washing machine alongside other dishes and start a cycle.

There is a 155 square inch grilling surface on this portable grill by Kenyon, which is quite large considering it is an electric grill. A single burner supplies this surface with searing heat that that exceeds 500 degrees F for fast cooking.


  • Powerful Performance – the 1300-watt element pre-heats in less than 7 minutes and provides cooking temperatures exceeding 500F perfect for searing.
  • Visual Display of Heat Settings – controls are easy to understand for precise heating.
  • Automatic Shut-down – shuts off when not on use for about 60 to 90 minutes for safety and energy efficiency.
  • Oval Shaped Lined Lid – effectively locks in heat to cook your food while keeping the exterior of the lid from becoming hot so it won’t cause accidental burns.

Pros: Comes with a 3-Year product replacement warranty to eliminate any worries.

Cons: It has no rotisserie so the unit will restrict how you prepare your chicken.

4. Kenyon B70081

Price: $780.99


Another masterpiece from Kenyon, with just about the same bells and whistles as the B70082, but at a slightly lower price level.

The 21 inch appliance has up to 8 heat settings to choose from and select the perfect temperature each time depending on what you’re cooking. Because it is designed for both outdoors and indoors alike, the appliance lets you bring the BBQ adventure of the great outdoors right inside your kitchen.


  • Even Heat Surface – has not hot and cold zones like most grills, so you can use the entire grilling surface.
  • Concealed Electric Element – the grate fits over the heating elements in a manner to prevent flare ups.
  • Automatic Shut-Down – the unit shuts off when not in use for 60 to 90 minutes to conserve energy.
  • Stylish Muted Graphics – designed to enhance the décor of any kitchen.

Pros: The unit has a disposable drip tray that lets you add flavor to your food by simply adding a variety of liquids to enhance the flavor of your food.

Cons: The single burner and corresponding grilling surface may be time consuming when grilling a lot of food.

5. Kenyon B70080

Price: $719.99


Here is the cheapest unit in our list of feature-rich, bestselling Frontier Kenyon grills. Like its cousins it is 21 inch, built-in, with 155 square inches of grilling surface. It also features a disposable drip tray that lets you add any unique flavor to your food by putting the flavor such as wine, juice and even soda to the drip tray.

The unit is quite energy efficient as it shuts off automatically when not in use, and has the electric element perfectly concealed to eliminate flare ups and smoke. In essence, this makes it a suitable option for indoor BBQ.


  • Powerful Built-In Electric Grill – has a 1300-watt element that pre-heats in less than 7 minutes and produces a scorching 500+F searing heat.
  • Non-Stick Surface – makes it easier to wash, and is dishwasher safe.
  • Robust Stainless Steel Construction – weather and rust resistant marine grade 304 stainless steel is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • 8 Heat Settings – allow you to choose the best setting for cooking to perfection.

Pros: The surface heats evenly without hot and cold zones, meaning that you can use the entire grilling surface indiscriminately on any part of the surface without having to choose.

Cons: There is no searing or side burner, so your options are limited to the main burner and the single grill space available.

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