A freezer unit is a vital piece of technology in any modern home. These equipment pieces give you the opportunity to buy food and other items in bulk, and to store these until you are ready to use them. You’ll also be able to plan your food purchases carefully, getting the most out of your meals and making food preparation that much easier.

To get the best out of your freezer, you need to find the model which best suits you and your needs, as well as the configuration of your interior space. This is why we prepared this handy buying guide, to help you find the perfect chest freezer, with minimal hassle or trouble. Over the coming sections, we’ll be exploring everything you need to consider during your search for the best chest freezer, as well as some other handy tips which are worth considering. When you’re ready, dive in and let’s get started.

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What is a Chest Freezer?

A chest freezer is arguably the most basic of all the different types of freezer units available to today’s buyers. The freezer type takes its name from the layout of the unit, which is basically an old style chest, which sits on the ground and is accessed via a hatch at the top.

This is a popular choice among freezer buyers, thanks to its numerous advantages over other unit types. We’ll be exploring these in more detail in the next section. Also, it is worth noting that even though these units are at the simpler end of the freezer spectrum, there are still plenty of options and features available to you as a buyer. How many of these you take advantage of depends on how much you want to spend.

What Makes Chest Freezers a Great Choice?

There are many reasons why people choose a chest freezer as their ideal piece of freezing equipment. To help you make a more informed choice when it comes to your freezer device, we’ve covered some of the key plus points below.

Chest freezers can handle more

If you have a big family or need to use a freezer to store food for a communal space, then you need a lot of storage capacity, and you can’t afford for any possible storage space to be wasted. Chest freezers are an ideal choice in this situation, as they are simply able to hold more food per square foot than any other type of freezer.

Consider your storage needs before you buy. If you think you could use that extra bit of storage space, this is the unit for you.

Chest freezers are more efficient

As the door of a chest freezer opens and closes vertically, the weight of the door itself helps to create a tighter seal than you might achieve with another type of freezer. This makes the seal itself more reliable and reduces the chance of any cold air escaping – a potentially expensive mishap which can add to your utility bills.

Because cold air sinks rather than rises, and the hatch is at the top of the unit, cold air is less likely to escape when you open the door to access the contents of the freezer. This is another important factor which makes the unit more efficient to run than other types of freezer.

Chest freezers are kinder to users

Chest freezers are less likely to frost up around the hatch entrance, which makes them kinder to the hands of users when it comes to reaching in to access the contents stored inside. 

You may also have experienced the horrible realization that you have left the freezer door open, causing damage to the freezer mechanism and any of your stored food inside. With a chest freezer, it is very difficult to leave the freezer door open by accident without intentionally blocking or wedging it open with another object. This translates to increased peace of mind when using the equipment in your home.

Chest freezers are less likely to damage food

You are looking to purchase a freezer unit because you want to keep your food and ingredients fresh and usable. With this in mind, you don’t expect your freezer unit to damage the items you wanted it to protect. This can happen with some freezer units, as freezer burn and frosting ruin ingredients. However, the configuration of a chest freezer makes this less likely to be the case.

A Few Downsides to Chest Freezers

Of course, chest freezers are not right for everyone, or for every purpose. In this section, we’ve listed a few of the downsides associated with this type of freezer, to help you get a better picture of how this kind of freezer will fit into your space and into your plans.

  • Chest freezers are not so economical on space – While some freezers stand upright and take up only a small amount of floor space, even leaving some room on the top for additional storage if required – this is not the case with a chest freezer. Instead, a chest freezer will take up much of your precious floor space, something which can be problematic if your home is small. You also will not be able to put anything on top of the freezer as storage, because this is where your access hatch will be.
  • Chest freezers are difficult to organize – A chest freezer is, generally speaking, simply a large box in which cold air is circulated. Anything you want to keep frozen is then placed in the box. This means that it can sometimes be difficult to organize the items you are freezing. While other types of freezer come complete with shelves, drawers, storage areas, and other handy organizational features, chest freezers do not. This means you will sometimes be required to search through piles of frozen produce as you hunt for what you need.
  • Chest freezers are not as good looking as other types – Modern upright freezers and other freezer types are sleek, attractive units which look great in your kitchen or in your utility area. A chest freezer is not going to be so attractive. As a result, chest freezers are often hidden away in garages or in storage areas, which is fine if you have the space to accommodate this, but less ideal if storage room is at a premium. This means getting something out of the freezer may mean a trip to the back room, rather than simply reaching into a cabinet in your kitchen.

What to Consider When Buying a Chest Freezer

The Features

As noted above, the chest freezer is the most basic of all the freezer types. However, this is not to say that you can’t get additional features to go with your unit, particularly on the higher end models. Consider what you need and which features are most important to you.

Because of the configuration of the chest freezer’s door, a feature like an auto lock is probably not so important, as the weight of the door will keep the unit securely closed. However, an interior light is a useful addition, as it makes it easier to sort through the contents to find what you need.

Other features such as a power-on indicator and an alarm to alert you if the internal temperature is too high, are also useful.


You won’t be able to achieve the kind of organized storage that you would from an upright freezer or from another type of unit, but you may be able to find a chest freezer which makes storage and organization a little bit easier.

If you are planning to store a lot of items, you may want to select a unit with removable dividers which help you to stay organized. Don’t forget that these dividers will slightly reduce the total storage space when they are inserted.


The reason you want a freezer in the first place is to keep things frozen. This means you need a chest freezer unit which can achieve reliable temperatures across the entire unit, with no fluctuations or warm spots.

To make sure of this, you need to check out the reviews. This will give you the insight you need from other users, helping you to understand exactly how well the unit performs after it is installed. From here, you’ll be able to make the right decision on which freezer to buy.

Decibel Rating

If your freezer unit is going to be installed in an area of your home you want to use frequently – for example, a kitchen, or a utility space close to a living area – then the decibel rating is something you need to be aware of. Aim to find a freezer unit with as low a decibel rating as possible, to make sure that the noise of the unit isn’t going to cause too much of an annoyance or inconvenience.

Of course, if your freezer unit is going to be installed in a garage or in some other out of the way location, this is not such a major concern.

Defrosting Capability

Defrosting your freezer is a task you are going to need to confront from time to time, and so you need to find a freezer unit which is not too difficult or time consuming to defrost. You can look for additional features which will help you with this – such as auto-defrost capability – or you can look to the user reviews to give you more insight.

Whichever unit you decide to buy, this is something you really need to know about, so take your time to research.

Energy Efficiency

Chest freezers tend to be more energy efficient than other types, thanks to their layout and the configuration of the door. However, some units are more energy efficient than others. Look out for energy efficiency labels on the freezer itself. Paying a little bit more to acquire a more efficient unit will save you money in the long run.

Emergency Operation

What happens if you suffer a power outage? You need to make sure that your food stays frozen for as long as it takes for the power to come back on. A good freezer unit will be able to remain at a safe internal temperature for around 24 hours, even with no power.

Your Own Space Requirements

Where do you plan to put your chest freezer? How much space do you have to play with? These are questions you need to answer before you purchase a freezer unit. Take some time to measure your space, and then equip yourself with the figures you need to find a unit that fits perfectly into your space.

Your Own Storage Needs

This is a critical consideration. If you are purchasing a freezer unit simply to replace the small, freezer compartment in your fridge, then you may be better suited to a smaller freezer unit. However, if you need to store large amounts of food for a long time, a chest freezer is ideal.

Your Budget

As with any piece of equipment, a chest freezer can vary enormously in price. Understand your budget beforehand and you will be able to find the highly effective chest freezer which you can afford.

Best Rated Chest Freezers at Appliances Connection

Frigidaire FFC20M4TW

A 19.8 cubic feet capacity chest freezer with CSA certification.


Capable of 21.6 cubic feet of storage capacity, this GE model is also highly energy efficient.

Summit VLT1250IB

A more specialized unit, the VLT1250IB from Summit features locking technology and other additions which make it suitable for medical usage if required.

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