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5 Best Appliance Brands for a Mediterranean Style Kitchen

5 Best Appliance Brands for a Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Accentuated by the same lively hues of blue, green and pink coating houses that line Sicilian coasts and cliffsides, a Mediterranean kitchen style will bring the brilliant aesthetics of southern Europe to the comfort of your home. This style features walls and cabinetry constructed with the same accents, arches and materials that have been used in the Mediterranean region for thousands of years. That being said, you will want appliances crafted with arched shapes, European style knobs and other features which complement your beautiful tiled walls, wooden cabinetry and beamed ceilings.

XO Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Through diligent research, the experts at Appliances Connection have come up with an assortment of appliance brands that will perfectly pair with your Mediterranean kitchen style. Each one prides itself on blending modern features with masterful craftsmanship which stays loyal to their southern European roots. These brands are as follows:

ILVE Appliances

ILVE Range

ILVE appliances are handcrafted masterpieces that have been bringing luxury Italian cooking performance and craftsmanship to homes for over 60 years. Providing both cooking and ventilation solutions for consumers, the pride of this brand is their Nostalgie, Majestic II and Professional Plus Series True European convection ranges. These stunning cooking units are available in hundreds of custom RAL colors to suit your tastes as well as your choice of single or dual oven construction to accommodate your cooking needs. Additionally, their European style knobs, tubular handles, and legs(of select models) come in several trims which resemble the aesthetic of traditional Italian design while giving them a modern flair.


Gracing the bottom of each range is a subtle yet sophisticated touch of Mediterranean kitchen style. Depending on your selected series, you can choose from plinth legs which resemble the arched construction of the region, tubular legs which grant a modern twist on traditional design, or even claw legs which resemble old world sculpting methods. From top to bottom, these ranges are bastions of customization that enhance all manner of Mediterranean kitchen styles.

Forte Appliances

Forte Range Hood

While providing a diverse selection of kitchen appliances, Forte is best known for their wide array of high-functioning range hoods. Whether you want a stylish wall mount hood that draw attention from all who enter your kitchen or a more subtle under cabinet ventilation system, Forte has a model to suit even the most discerning consumer’s Mediterranean style kitchen. The base of your chosen hood can vary between arches, a semi-round shape and even a sleek design that sports a black glass touch control panel.

No matter how much cooking you are doing, these powerful units can take the heat with multiple fan speeds up to a substantial 1,000 CFM. Additionally, bright LED lights clearly illuminate your cooktop so you can easily monitor the doneness of seared meats, see food spots that need cleaning and more.

Smeg Appliances

Smeg Refrigerator

Smeg is an Italian manufacturer of high-end small and large domestic appliances well known for their retro-style refrigerators. Drawing from the unmistakably vintage designs of the 1950’s, these quaint cooling units combine sinuous lines, cutting-edge refrigeration technology and vibrant colors that allow them to perfectly pair with an ILVE range. Smeg refrigerators come with all the amenities of modern appliances while perfectly blending with your Mediterranean kitchen style. Interior LED lighting provides clear illumination throughout the spacious refrigerator cavity and across all levels of your adjustable glass shelves. For cozy kitchens with limited space, each unit can come with the hinge on either the right or left side to accommodate your needs.

Combine these units with a matching Smeg dishwasher, range hood, espresso maker and more to have a completely color-coordinated kitchen setup in the hue of your choice.

Smeg Dishwasher
Smeg Range Hood
Smeg Espresso Machine

Bertazzoni Appliances

Bertazzoni Kitchen

For over a century, Bertazzoni has boasted a proud tradition of manufacturing beautiful appliances around the essential elements of Italian family life such as food and cooking. For your Mediterranean kitchen style, you will want units that bring out the very best in these elements in both appearance and functionality. Bertazzoni’s style draws inspiration from the hydraulic, construction and ceramic machinery focused global industries based in Turin, Bologna and Milan. As such, their selection’s aesthetics vary from the sleek and modern flair of their Professional Series ranges to the old-world design of their Heritage Series ranges. To keep the digital era from interfering with these aesthetics, each range even comes built with a stylish analog temperature gauge. Additionally, you can make your Mediterranean kitchen style really pop with select models that come in several bright colors to coordinate with your Smeg appliances.

Bertazzoni Dishwasher
Bertazzoni Range
Bertazzoni Refrigerator

XO Appliances

XO Wine Cooler

No Mediterranean kitchen would be complete without a staple of the region: wine. XO completes your kitchen with their varied selection of luxury wine coolers and beverage centers. These convenient refrigeration units are designed to fit under your counter to be unobtrusive in your kitchen while leaving room for other Mediterranean style appliances. XO’s wine coolers provide many amenities for optimal wine preservation such as vibration absorption, UV light blocking glass and uniform temperature circulation.

XO also offers a diverse line of luxurious range hoods that will stand out in your kitchen while providing powerful kitchen ventilation up to 1,000 CFMs. XO even assists you with helpful installation tips to perfectly match their range hoods with your canopy or rangetop, saving you time and money.

XO Under Cabinet Hood
XO Island Mount Hood
XO Wall Mount Hood
XO Insert Hood