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10 Best Appliance Brands for an Industrial Style Kitchen

10 Best Appliance Brands for an Industrial Style Kitchen

Industrial kitchen style features all the elements that naturally come to mind when envisioning it: raw materials, metal surfaces, steel finishes, concrete flooring and wooden surfaces. Like any factory with countless moving parts, this style is best suited for roomy kitchens with a great deal of flexible workspaces. As such, you will need commercial grade kitchen appliances that can supply what you demand. Whether it’s ranges with various cooktop configurations, range hoods with powerful ventilation, refrigerators with superior cooling capabilities or anything else you desire, our selection of industrial appliances for the home are sure to perfectly complement your kitchen cabinetry. Alternatively, they can utilize their polished steel exteriors to stand apart as the stunning workhorses of technological innovation they were designed to be.

Bosch Industrial Style Kitchen

Through diligent research, the experts at Appliances Connection have come up with an assortment of appliance brands that will perfectly pair with your industrial kitchen style. Each one prides itself on providing the power, performance, technology, and mechanical aesthetics intrinsic to the industries they draw inspiration from. These brands are as follows:

Bertazzoni Appliances

Bertazzoni Range

Bertazzoni commercial grade kitchen appliances lend a stylish Italian flair to any industrial kitchen design they are integrated with. European style knobs and pro-style handles make you feel like you’re operating a complex piece of machinery with ease, and sturdy cast-iron grates can tolerate constant dragging of pots and pans across their surfaces. Under these grates rest six brass burners, including a dual-ring power burner for high heat output that will let you boil pots of water one after another like an assembly line. Along with multiple oven color options, Heritage Series ranges can be personalized with gold, copper, or nickel handles. Finally, tubular legs and an old-fashioned temperature gauge lend a factory chic to Bertazzoni ranges to complete their industrial look from top to bottom.

Bertazzoni Range

With industrial style comes industrial cooking power. Bertazzoni Professional Series ranges are built with dual convection fans for maximum heat distribution, giving your foods an even bake all around. To enhance your food preparation experience, telescopic oven racks easily slide in and out like a well-oiled machine for easy access to your cookware.

Bosch Appliances

Bosch Range

Having its roots in German engineering, it is no wonder that Bosch made the list of brands ideal for industrial kitchen design. Bosch’s aesthetics revolve around clean lines that mask high-performance construction under a façade of simplicity. This has culminated in a special line of industrial style ranges and rangetops that are part of the Bosch 800 Series. Pro-style knobs, contemporary oven door handles and die-cast metal fronts create a heavy-duty look that lets you know you are cooking with power. Available in both stainless steel and black stainless steel, Bosch’s selection of 800 Series cooking units will compliment any dark-toned loft, well-lit urban apartment, or residential home. Learn more about all the power and performance the 800 Series appliances have to offer here.

Bosch Refrigerator Ice Dispenser

What better pairing could there be for such a high-functioning cooking unit than a high-functioning cooling unit? The Bosch 500 Series refrigerators are the industry’s fastest refrigerator ice maker. Thanks to their QuickIcePro System™, they can mass produce up to 40 eight-ounce glasses worth of ice every single day. Learn more about these refrigerators here.

Fisher & Paykel Appliances

Fisher & Paykel Lifestyle
Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator
Fisher & Paykel Range
Fisher & Paykel Cooktop with Hood

Fisher & Paykel is a brand whose heritage is steeped in sustainable design. For those who want an industrial style kitchen, it is paramount they have durable, long-lasting refrigerators, ranges and range hoods that can handle every demand one throws at them. Fisher & Paykel industrial kitchen appliances for the home show customers that industrial design is not just about what they look like on the outside, but also how they function on the inside. This is clearly demonstrated by their collection of built-in black appliances.

Fisher & Paykel Black Appliances

Every use of your Fisher & Paykel built-in black appliances will feel like operating a piece of future tech. Touch&Slide cooktop controls react immediately to your touch, allowing you to precisely adjust the settings of your induction cooktop. Operating their wall ovens is a cinch thanks to features such as a variable function control knob. This knob allows you to switch between a host of cooking modes with optimal preset cooking temperatures for whatever dishes you are making. After choosing your settings, these ovens utilize ActiveVent and Aerotech Technology to provide even heat distribution while maintaining ideal moisture levels. After cooking is complete, the self-clean function cranks up the heat and reduces food residue to ash that is easily wiped away.

ILVE Appliances

ILVE Range

ILVE is your go-to brand when you want an industrial style range that matches your exact specifications. These Italian-made workhorses sport several cooktop configurations and are available with both single and dual ovens, so you’ll be able cook a vast assortment of foods simultaneously. Each is made-to-order with a selection of over 200 RAL colors for the doors and industrial metal trims such as bronze, copper, chrome and more. Choose a bright red or pink to bring a burst of energy into your dull-colored space. Alternatively, pick an antique white or graphite black façade to bring industrial cooking versatility to your kitchen while maintaining an air of professionalism and serenity. No matter what color you choose, each unit comes with true European convection for consistent cooking results, every time.

La Cornue Appliances

La Cornue Cooktop
La Cornue Range

A La Cornue range is an industrial-style powerhouse of cooking versatility and a convenient toolbox all in one. Starting at the top, your range is made to order by hand with several different burner configurations. These include a French top, an electric teppanyaki or even a lava rock grill (depending on your series) which are controlled by stunning, ergonomic Euro-style handles. At widths of up to six feet, your custom range can come with both electric and gas ovens in one unit, several storage cabinets and multiple drawers for every cooking tool in your arsenal. For a detailed breakdown of each range style and all the amenities they have to offer, check out our blog comparing CornuFé and Château Series ranges here.

Miele Appliances

Miele Kitchen Lifestyle

Miele exudes the industrial style and functionality one would expect from German-engineered appliances. Whether you are looking for advanced M-Touch Series ovens, MasterCool Series refrigerators with precise temperature controls, or G7000 Series dishwashers with Powerdisk technology, you know you are buying industrial strength kitchen units that surpass the ordinary. When one thinks of industrial kitchen design style, stainless steel appliances are the obvious choices that come to mind. Surprisingly, the same aesthetic can also be achieved with more subtle Miele built-in black appliances. Like the Fisher & Paykel selection mentioned earlier, these built-in black appliances also come with versatile functions and plenty of moving parts you would expect from a well-oiled machine.

Miele Black Appliances

Miele’s built-in black wall ovens may look simple, but one touch to the motorized control panel reveals a world of possibilities. Once the control panel rises, you are granted access to the water container used for steam baking, condensation container and a wireless roast probe which gauges internal food temperature without opening the oven. Pair these units with a gorgeous Miele black cooktop made with an easy to clean glass ceramic surface. These induction units make sure their immense power is used as efficiently as possible thanks to a pan-size recognition feature which concentrates energy solely in the area your cookware occupies. When you need to crank up the heat, the TwinBooster function combines the power of two cooking zones into one.

Monogram Appliances

Monogram Kitchen Lifestyle

Monogram by GE is a top of the line, luxury brand which offers more than the standard fare of appliances for industrial kitchen design. Along with their selection of ranges, wall ovens, refrigerators and the like, Monogram also offers built-in pizza ovens that provide pizzeria-quality performance in a stylish, paneled, stainless steel exterior. These units mix new age technology with old-school handling. Capacitive touch LCD Controls allow you to cycle between several cooking modes, and once done you can scoop out pie after pie like a professional pizza chef.

Monogram Minimalist Series
Monogram Statement Series

Monogram offers their customers two distinct series to complement their industrial style kitchen: the Minimalist Series and the Statement Series. The Minimalist Series focuses on sleek, simple forms that harmonize with contemporary cabinetry. That way, your entire kitchen resembles a single cohesive unit serving a multitude of functions. Alternatively, the robust, metallic construction of the Statement Series can stand on its own amongst your kitchen cabinetry. Edge-to-edge, tubular, transitional handles and finishes comprised of commercial-grade stainless steel make these units resemble the highest quality industrial machinery. Whichever series you choose, both series’ units come with the most up to date cooking, cooling, and dishwashing technology that will maintain peak performance for years to come.

Smeg Appliances

Smeg Kitchen Appliances
 Smeg Range and Hood

While popular for their diverse array of 50s retro-style appliances, Smeg also boasts an impressive selection of industrial kitchen appliances for the home. Like other European brands featured earlier, Smeg also has a diverse array of color finishes that can breathe life into any industrial kitchen setting. Along with bright reds and yellows, more subtle hues like cream enamel are available within the Victoria Series to give some pop to your kitchen without overwhelming the industrial aesthetic. Smeg also prides itself on its commitment to environmentally responsible design. The greatest emphasis is placed on the use of durable yet recyclable materials such as steel, glass, aluminum and brass in each unit’s construction. That way, each of their commercial-grade appliances are both energy efficient and built for environmental sustainability.

Sub-Zero/Wolf Appliances

Sub-Zero-Wolf Appliances

Sub-Zero and Wolf are bastions of commercial grade refrigeration and cooking technology, respectively. These sister companies are household names in the fields of premium food preservation and preparation. Sub-Zero refrigerators are well known for there various configuration options, which include hingeless French-door, side-by-side, all refrigerator, and bottom-freezer refrigerators. Meanwhile, Wolf ranges and wall ovens carry their trademarked red knobs which mimic the vivid coloration of controls in an industrial setting.

Sub-Zero-Wolf Appliances

The various configuration options of Sub-Zero refrigerators are ideal for constructing an industrial style kitchen to your specifications. The streamlined design and integrated controls of these units allows them to be paired seamlessly for custom refrigerator, freezer and wine cooler arrangements, allowing your wall to be appear composed of industrial steel panels. Comparatively, Wolf ranges’ and wall ovens’ appeal lies in their pro-style design, featuring everything from ergonomic handles to advanced digital controls that easily switch between specialized cooking modes. For your custom wall oven arrangement, you can even include a speed oven or built-in coffee system for the times when you need food or coffee in a rush.

Viking Appliances

Viking Appliances

Viking may be one of the youngest luxury appliance brands on the market, but this has not stopped them from crafting some of the best industrial kitchen appliances for the home. 40 years of innovation and craftsmanship have culminated in pro-style ranges, high-powered refrigerators and water-efficient dishwashers that can stand alongside titans like Sub-Zero and Wolf. While sporting stainless steel and color options similar to other brands, these units have a host of stylish additional features which bring your kitchen to life. For example, CoolLit LED Knobs on your Viking range accent your rangetop and produce a subtle glow to indicate which burners are in use. Additionally steel trims on select models maintain a metallic look to frame whichever color range you choose.

Viking Appliances

However, stylish aesthetics and appearance-enhancing features are only one facet of what goes into the design of your space. An industrial style kitchen demands appliances that can adapt to any environment they are placed in, and work in tandem with the rest of your kitchen. The design of Viking ranges is so versatile, they can even be used in concert with other industrial style appliance brands mentioned earlier such as Sub-Zero and Miele. Read more about how Appliances Connection’s very own in-house designer, Abdel Tarchid, utilized a Viking Tuscany Series range as a centerpiece in his kitchen design with these other brands here.