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6 Best Appliance Brands for a French Country Style Kitchen

6 Best Appliance Brands for a French Country Style Kitchen

French country kitchen style is a representation of all that has characterized French culture over the past few centuries. The fashion-forward aesthetics of French design are brilliantly blended with the earthy colors of the French countryside. This creates a timeless look that borrows inspiration from traditional sensibilities while granting them a modern flair. Panel-ready design is particularly advantageous for bringing this look to fruition, allowing refrigerators and dishwashers, amongst other appliances, to appear as integrated parts of your cabinetry and countertops. Alternatively, ceramic whites work in concert with warm, rich tones like red and yellow, allowing your kitchen to favor the rustic over the contemporary.

French Country Style Kitchen

Through diligent research, the experts at Appliances Connection have come up with an assortment of appliance brands that will perfectly pair with your French country kitchen style. Each one prides itself on color coordination and panel-ready design to embody all the textures, hues and surface characteristics you would find in a French country kitchen. These brands are as follows:

Fisher & Paykel Appliances

Fisher & Paykel Kitchen

Fisher & Paykel is committed to providing customers complete design freedom when it comes to crafting their French country style kitchen. That is why they created the Integrated Series, their collection of refrigerators and wine coolers which can be equipped with custom panels. These appliances fit flush with your cabinetry, minimizing gaps to create a sense of continuity that communicates refinement. Each unit comes with Fisher & Paykel’s patented ActiveSmart™ technology which provides optimal conditions to extend the lifespan of foods and properly ages wine.

Fisher & Paykel Classic Series Range
Fisher & Paykel Contemporary Series Refrigerator
Fisher & Paykel Drawer Dishwasher

White is a color that perfectly represents the unmarred beauty of nature, which makes it an excellent choice with your French Country kitchen design. Fisher & Paykel offers an assortment of white appliances that exude a sense of peace and purity, making them essential additions to your kitchen space. Single and double drawer dishwashers that operate at a barely audible 44 dBA appear as simple drawers without disturbing the serenity of your space. Pair these with Contemporary Series refrigerators that have flexible shelving and storage options, including slide out bins and trays. Finally, use a Classic Series range as a stylish focal point. These refined units come with an Aerotech™ Convection cooking system to provide even heat distribution for multi-shelf cooking.

ILVE Appliances

ILVE Range
ILVE Range

ILVE ranges are powerful bastions of cooking technology that will make their mark on any European style kitchen they grace with their presence, and French country kitchens are no exception. Handcrafted with your choice of over 200 RAL colors and several trim options, your Nostalgie or Majestic II Series range will bring a splash of color to your space that will dazzle all who look upon it. Choose a cobalt blue reminiscent of aristocrat fashion or a fine red wine hue that reminds one of sprawling French vineyards. Each unit comes with True European Convection and multiple specialized oven modes that accommodate everything from baked goods to fresh pizza. As a finishing touch, you can swap out your range’s plinth or tubular legs for magnificently sculpted claw legs resembling French Renaissance architecture.

La Cornue Appliances

La Cornue Cooktop

A La Cornue range is a paragon of French country kitchen design and cooking versatility that will surely be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Each custom cooking unit comes in a variety of classic, custom and Suzanne Kassler colors depending on the selected series. Sizes range from 30-in. all the way to the nearly six ft. Grand Palais 180, the crown jewel of their Château Series. These size variations accommodate a variety of kitchen configurations, whether you intend for your range to balance its visual appeal with your other appliances, or if you would like it to attract the lion’s share of attention for itself.

La Cornue Range

Starting at the top, your range is made to order by hand with several different burner configurations. These include a French top, an electric teppanyaki or even a lava rock grill (depending on your series) which are controlled by stunning, ergonomic Euro-style handles. As if that were not enough, handy accessories such as a wok adapter and grill/griddle plate are available to further diversify your culinary capabilities. At longer widths, your custom range can come with both electric and gas ovens in one unit, several storage cabinets and multiple drawers for every cooking tool in your arsenal. For a detailed breakdown of each range style and all the amenities they have to offer, check out our blog comparing CornuFé and Château Series ranges here. To complement your range, La Cornue also offers a wide selection of range hoods which match its width and color.

Liebherr Appliances

Liebherr Drawer Refrigerator

Behind custom ochre wooden panels hides a world of possibilities thanks to high-quality, German-engineered refrigeration design. Liebherr can be another subtle addition to your kitchen which houses all the latest and greatest innovations in refrigeration technology. Drawer refrigerators take up less space than a full-size unit while sharing many of their counterparts features in addition to SuperQuiet construction, allowing them to operate virtually silent. Many full-size refrigerator and freezer units come with field reversible doors to accommodate placement in any nook of your French country kitchen layout. Select wine cabinets and coolers come with dual or triple temperature zones to accommodate the specific preservation requirements of your diverse wine collection.

Liebherr Refrigerator

A stunning addition to your kitchen setup would certainly be any unit from Liebherr’s Monolith Series. These Energy Star® certified refrigeration and freezing units take food preservation to a new level with minimal environmental impact. That way, you can preserve the beauty of nature while integrating it into your kitchen through French country design. Side by side combinations allow you to fit refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers all together depending on your cutout space. Each unit comes with InfinitySwipe, a full-color, intuitive touch-control panel that lets you set your preferred temperature for each cooling unit. In addition, InfinityLight LED side-wall lighting can be fine-tuned to be softer or brighter depending on your preferences, expending less energy and producing less heat which can affect wine quality.

Miele Appliances

Miele Appliances

Another German-engineered brand you need in your French country kitchen is Miele. Their premium, high-performance appliances are crafted for durability, which is essential if you want white appliances to retain their luster. Their suite of white appliances includes wall ovens, dishwashers and built-in coffee systems that appear as integrated parts of your white cabinetry alongside panel-ready refrigerators and freezers. If you are lacking wall space or accommodations for a built-in coffee system, Miele also sells countertop coffee and espresso makers as part of their CM6 Series, which you can learn more about here.

Miele G7000 Dishwasher

If you want an appliance that takes work off your hands so you can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of your French country kitchen, look no further than the G7000 Series dishwashers. Panel-ready models come with a host of convenient, time-saving features that we have listed below. Learn more about the G7000 Series dishwashers here.

Miele AutoDos with PowerDisk

AutoDos with PowerDisk: Dispenses the exact amount of detergent your dishes need at your custom, pre-scheduled times for up to 20 cycles.

Miele FlexLine Baskets

FlexLine Baskets: Accommodates every orientation of dinnerware you can imagine using a 3D MultiFlex tray, a FlexCare Glasses Holder and a FlexCare Cup Rack.

Miele AutoStart

AutoStart: MobileControl programming assists you in scheduling wash cycles to run automatically at your selected times and your selected days.

Sub-Zero Appliances

Sub-Zero Appliances
Sub-Zero Refrigerator and Wine Cooler

Sub-Zero is well known for their vast assortment of panel-ready refrigeration units which create a seamless look while accommodating numerous configurations. Many of their refrigerator units come with a full-width deli drawer which is perfect for storing and serving hors d’oeuvres to friends and family in your French country style kitchen. If you plan to host guests for a party, your refrigerator’s automatic icemaker with “Max Ice” feature can increase ice production over a 24-hour period. That way, you have a copious supply which guarantees you won’t be running to the store last minute for bags of ice. To ensure their great taste, Sub-Zero refrigerators come with a low-maintenance filtration system that reduces contaminants and lasts for one year or 750 gallons before needing to be replaced. Additionally, an anti-microbial air purification system removes ethylene gas, which accelerates produce spoilage, along with mold, viruses and bacteria every 20 minutes.