Best Apartment Size Appliances Every Household Should Have

Whether you live in a tiny 100 square-foot apartment or a starter home in the suburbs, appliances quickly fill up space that you may not have. However, just because you?re limited by space and size does not mean that you have to downgrade the quality of the appliances you use every day, from washers to refrigerators and dishwashers. Below are appliances that work great and efficient and won?t take up too much room.

Apartment Size Cooktop: Whirlpool G7CE3635XS

While a cooktop is great for reheating soup, you?re able to make your favorite meals on one as well. Whirlpool?s G7CE3635XS cooktop is a 36-inch ceramic glass cooktop that features two dual radiant elements to allow you the flexibility you need for the varying sizes of your pots and pans. Additionally, when making sauces, Whirlpool?s cooktop features an AccuSimmer for exact temperature control. What?s best about a cooktop, especially in small kitchens, is how easy it is to clean. Even the knobs are dishwasher-safe!

Apartment Size Refrigerator: Summit FF7BSSTB

A reliable refrigerator is vital to your kitchen; however, they tend to take up the most space. When you have a small kitchen or don?t have the need for a lot of cooling space, a smaller refrigerator is a great option. Summit?s FF7BSSTB compact refrigerator has deep shelf space, adjustable glass shelves, but will only take up 24 inches of space. It is perfect for any tight spaces in your kitchen and can easily fit underneath your countertop. Additionally, since the fridge was designed for freestanding use, it looks great in any spot of your home. An additional benefit with the Summit ? and many other compact fridges ? is it is energy-efficient. Not only will an apartment size refrigerator save you room but also money at the end of every month.

Apartment Size Freezer: Hoshizaki CRMF27


A compact freezer is a great addition to any household, even if you have the room for a full-size refrigerator/freezer unit. It will keep your frozen food more organized and allow you more space. Additionally, separate units look great in any kitchen redesign. Hoshizaki?s CRMF27 has a sleek stainless steel exterior and fits perfectly in any small spaces and/or under your counter. Most importantly, it keeps your frozen goods accessible, a problem that plagues many refrigerators when you have to reach down or kneel to the ground.

Apartment Size Dishwasher: Maytag MDC480PAB

When you may not have the room or the budget for a built-in dishwasher, a portable model is a great option to keep your dishes clean. Maytag?s MDC480PAB portable JetClean dishwasher is dependable and has all the features any built-in model would have: stainless-steel choppers to break down any food left on your dishes as well as a high-pressure jets to remove any tough food particles. This dishwasher is also Energy Star-qualified, so it will save you energy and water as well as lower your utility bill.
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