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5 Best Affordable Two-Piece Kitchen Appliance Packages of 2020

5 Best Affordable Two-Piece Kitchen Appliance Packages of 2020

When it comes to buying a cooking range, what most people are looking for is the highest quality for a modest price. The same goes for shopping for what goes above—whether it be a microwave to diversify your cooking options, or a radiant range hood that efficiently extracts heat to make cooking more comfortable and safer for the user. Here are a few of the most affordable kitchen appliance packages we have to offer.

Which brands offer the best inexpensive appliance packages?

LG 912832 Package : LG LSG4513BD Range + LG LMHM2237BD Microwave Oven


For anyone looking for a slimmer, more compact range with top-notch features and a stylish appearance, this LG package is a perfect pair. Features include:

  • Five stovetop burner outputs ranging from 9,100 BTUs to 18,500 BTUs
  • Self-cleaning oven interior can be rendered spotless in as little as ten minutes
  • Halogen lighting so you can check on your dishes clearly without opening the door

Efficient cooking is the name of the game, and the LG LSG4513BD features an ingenious ProBake Convection™ which emits heat from the rear of the oven, ensuring even distribution. And if there are any splatters or spills, LG’s EasyClean® feature gives you the convenience of simply spraying the interior with water, pushing a button, and ten minutes later simply wiping any mess away.

The LG LMHM2237BD 30 Inch Microwave gives you the option of combining cooking methods, quickly thawing frozen foods for even cooking, and a powerful convection fan to keep the entire cooking area clear of heat and smoke.

All in all, this is a combination that covers every cooking possibility.

Thor Kitchen 873459 Package : Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Range + Thor Kitchen HRH3006U Ducted Hood


For a heavy-duty gas range, the Thor Kitchen HRG3080U still manages to appeal to the eye with its modern amenities and timeless features such as:

  • Cast-iron grates covering the entire cooktop are built to endure anything you can dish out
  • LED-lit controls allow easy reading of temperatures even in the dark
  • Four sealed burners varying from 18,000 BTU to 12,000 BTU
  • Black porcelain top makes cleanup a breeze

Durability and reliability are built into this handsome workhorse of a range. The commercial convection fan within the 4.2 cu. ft. oven works in tandem with a 13,000 BTU oven broiler and a 22,000 U-shape stove burner to handle any of your cooking needs. Thermostatic Controls ensure precise temperatures within the beautiful, blue porcelain-lined, dual halogen-lit interior. And a convenient storage drawer below keeps your cookware close.

Combined with the Thor Kitchen HRH3006U Ducted Hood—which can extract serious heat at a 900 CFM (69 dB) or go super quiet at 386 CFM (46 dB)—this is a solid, inexpensive appliance package.

Bertazzoni 714867 Package : Bertazzoni MAS304GASXE Range + Bertazzoni KU30PRO1XV Convertible Hood


The Italian-crafted Bertazzoni PRO304GASX Natural Gas Range lends an air of European elegance as its wide array of distinctive features provide you with everything you need to make your meals magnificent, such as:

  • An infrared broiler, allowing for maximum heat while allowing gentler broiling
  • Four sealed burners utilizing a high-efficiency dual-ring 18,000 BTU system
  • A one-piece stainless steel top for easy cleaning
  • Automatic gas turn off when the burner flame goes out

But the Bertazzoni looks are backed by a tradition of quality. This range has a massive European convection oven large enough to accommodate a 30 lb. turkey. A telescopic guide shelf allows ease of oven rack movement, and a unique soft-motion oven door with a full-width inner glass window ensures a smooth opening and closing without dropping, slamming, or jostling.

The Bertazzoni KU30PRO1XV Professional Series 30-Inch convertible hood features a reliable 400 CFM extraction fan with three speeds, and both LED and halogen lights to let you choose how bright or softly lit your cooking area is.

This blending of Italian style, durability, and a choice of eye-catching colors will enhance any kitchen without emptying your bank account.

Whirlpool 940991 Package : Whirlpool WEGA25H0HN Range + Whirlpool WVWA5UC0HN Convertible Hood


From a brand known for innovation and performance comes the Whirlpool WEGA25H0HN—a remarkable gas range that combines Wi-Fi capability and the latest in cooking amenities, including:

  • Smart technology allows you to completely control the range from your smartphone or tablet
  • Scan a frozen food item barcode with your smart device and customize how you want it cooked
  • A convenient Sabbath Mode for required religious observances
  • ADA compliant for easy use by those with disabilities

On top, this range has five sealed burners (maximum 17,000 BTU output) with the rugged, industry-first EZ-2-Lift™ cast-iron grates for easy cleaning.

Below, the 5.8 cu. ft. True Convection oven distributes heat evenly, offering numerous cooking options for your every need. Its Frozen Bake™ Technology is made especially for frozen foods. A SpeedHeat™ Burner sears and boils faster that you thought possible, and a customizable FlexHeat™ Burner handles both high-temperature fast cooking and low temperature simmering for your more refined dishes.

And above, the equally impressive Whirlpool WVWA5UC0HN, features a 400CFM fan with three low dB speeds.

Appliances Connection Picks 1147365 : Ilve UPN76DMPIY Range + Forte BELLINA30 Convertible Hood


And finally, an affordable kitchen appliance package that Appliances Connection has created to achieve the very best inexpensive range/hood combination. The Ilve UPN76DMPIY is hand-crafted in Italy and inspired by some of the most famous kitchens in the world. Features include:

  • Italian brass burners to lend an air of sophistication to any kitchen
  • An in-oven electronic rotisserie with drip pan
  • Thermocouple safety valves that instantly cut off the gas if the burner goes out
  • A variety of lush colors to choose from

A brilliant blend of form and function, this range holds five sealed burners under durable iron grates, including a Dual Function Triple Ring Burner that is perfect for Chinese wok cooking and larger cookware. Inside, a 3.0 cu. ft. true European convection oven offers nine specialized cooking modes such as Pizza Function, Defrost, Close Door Grill Cooking, and Multiple Fan Cooking to cook individual dishes without blending their flavors or aromas. A storage compartment below doubles as a dish warmer, using residual heat from the oven.

A match for this range is the Italian-made Forte BELLINA30, featuring a 560 CFM heat extractor, LED lighting, an alert for grease filter maintenance, and time-delay shut off.

Together, these two premium kitchen appliances will put the kick in your kitchen.

We hope our suggestions for the best affordable kitchen appliance packages will help guide you to finding just what you need to complete the kitchen of your dreams without digging too deeply into your savings.