Best 36-Inch Gas Cooktops of 2020 (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Best 36-Inch Gas Cooktops of 2020 (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

With a consistently growing need for convenient and more efficient cooking, there is a notable widespread use of gas cooktops, not only in the United States but all over the world. As manufacturers continue to improve on the existing technologies to make kitchen spaces healthier and expedient, people are demanding for the top notch gas cooktops, and the major challenge is choosing the best gas cooktops in this class of high-end kitchen appliances.

Gas cooktops come in many sizes, and one of the most sought-after cooktop sizes is the 36-inch Gas Cooktop. Luckily for you, we have gone through the consumer ratings and settled on the five best 36-inch gas cooktops in 2019.

You can't go wrong with any of these.

1. GE Profile PGP7036SLSS

36-inch Gas Cooktops: GE Profile?PGP7036SLSS

Price: $1092


GE is a trusted brand in the manufacturing of reliable household appliances in all categories. The GE Profile PGP7036SLSS is a revolutionary Gas cooktop for a modern kitchen. It has a white finish on a robust stainless steel frame with smooth knobs and five heating elements.

At the center of the cooktop is a large cooking zone with a massive 18,000 BTU burner which can accommodate reasonably large cooking. On both sides of the center cooking element are two smaller cooking elements with lower heat output.

This range top also features heavy-cast, edge-to-edge grates, power boil burners, a precise simmer burner, a sealed cooktop, and Backlit control knobs.

What's more, it is ADA compliant.


  • GE White LED Backlit Knobs GE Profile PGP7036SLSS is fitted with LED backlit heavy duty knobs. The knobs are durable and give this cooktop a lively appearance as they let you know if the burners are on or off.
  • A precise simmer burner- Produces up to 140 degrees of low simmer heat evenly distributed over the bottom of your pot so that delicate foods don't burn.
  • 18,000 Power Boil Burner this burner delivers intense heat to boil water fast.
  • Electronic ignition electronic ignition lights up the burner without the need for a standing pilot and can be ignited manually when the electricity is out. It's designed to save energy and therefore saves you money.
  • Sealed cooktop effectively contains spills and makes cleaning fast and easy.

Pros: The sealed cooktop makes both the cooktop easy to clean. The control knobs for this cooktop sit at the top instead of the front side, so you don't have to look down when adjusting the knobs.

Cons: GE Profile PGP7036SLSS stainless steel scratches easily.

2.Hestan KRT364GDNG

36-inch Gas Cooktops: Hestan?KRT364GDNG

Price: $4199


Hestang Rangetop is another renowned collection from the high ranking manufacturer, Hestan, which consistently releases high-quality cooking appliances.

This Hestan KRT364GDNG with a griddle and four sealed burners come in a Steeletto Stainless Steel frame with backlit knobs and five smooth-top cooking elements.

Controlled by four smooth and good-looking backlit knobs, the four gas burners can work simultaneously to prepare your dishes either fast or slowly. The knobs control gas valves and in turn give you a wide range of temperatures to work with making this cooktop an excellent pick for preparing many delicate dishes; low heat for simmering and high heat for boiling.


  • Stainless Steel Griddle High-grade stainless steel griddle which is a superior heating element and has sensors for accurate temperature control.
  • Backlit Knobs the knobs control the heat output of the burners and the backlights enhance visibility and style.
  • Simmer flame this feature maintains a continuous gentle heat on the precision sealed burner system.
  • Raised burner Cap lets a user remove the burner cap with ease for cleaning.
  • Water-tight burner sealed burner bowl minimizes airflow to the burner and makes the burner bowl easy to clean.

Pros: Has a child lock feature for improved safety, approved by ADA, has sufficient space for four dishes at a go and energy efficient.

Cons: Very costly.

3. LG LCG3611ST

36-inch Gas Cooktops: LG?LCG3611ST

Price: $1075


This 36" cooktop is another impressive gas smooth top by the elite manufacturer of a comprehensive lineup of home and kitchen appliances, LG. The LG LCG3611ST has a sleek frame with a stainless steel finish and five sealed cooking elements.

Perhaps the most outstanding features of this cooktop are; five pan elements which produce between 5,000 and 17,000 BTU heat, cast iron grates that keep cookware stable for even heating and improved convenience when preparing meals with many dishes. The electronic auto-reignite system eliminates the need to hold on a dial as the burners ignite, and the advanced control knobs offer 180  gas valve rotation for precise temperature control.

If you are out for something that will blend seamlessly into any kitchen, then this cooktop's professional look of stainless steel might be what you need. Its innovative LED up-front control knobs will complete a premium look for you.

While the cast iron grates are somehow heavy, they do well to enhance the stability of cookware for even heating and are designed in a manner that makes all the stainless steel components easily accessible for cleaning.


  • ADA compliant  so almost anyone can use this gas cooktop regardless of their levels of mobility.
  • Premium looksits furnished stainless steel and LED control knobs blend seamlessly into any kitchen.
  • Fast Boil the heating element at the center of the cooking area has a powerful SuperBoil of 17,000 BTU which boils food fast.
  • Room to move five burners simplify cooking multiple dishes, giving you the freedom to enjoy more cooking and warming flexibility.
  • Heavy duty Cast iron Grates enhance the stability of cookware for even heating. The design of the grates allows you to slide your pots or pans from one burner to another without toppling.

Pros: It looks elegant, gives you sufficient space to accommodate multiple pots or pans on at once, and cooks food quickly.

Cons: Pricey and has a limited warranty.

4. Frigidaire FGGC3645QS

36-inch Gas Cooktops: Frigidaire?FGGC3645QS

Price: $793


Frigidaire is a top tier manufacturer of premium kitchenware. Their 36  Gas Cooktop model is one of the 36-inch natural gas cooktops that are low-priced. At $793, this cooktop comes at a fairer price than most 36-inch gas cooktops with five heating elements. The smooth cooktop has a professional grade stainless steel finish and carries five burners. The burners deliver a steady power output of between 5,000 and 18,000 BTU.

This Frigidaire cooktop features a large central power boil burner and four smaller burners which provide non-flickering flames required for sauting, searing and boiling. The burners offer uniform heating precisely controlled by independent control knobs on the upper part of the cooktop.

Its signature cast iron grates are easy to lift which allows for fast and easy access to all parts for cleaning.

Moreover, the cast iron grates can be washed in a conventional dishwasher safely and are designed to avoid wear and tear so they can serve for almost a lifetime without you feeling the urge to replace them.


  • ADA compliant so it can be used even by people with disabilities.
  • Sealed Gas Burners this attribute makes the cooktop easy to clean.
  • Dish Washer-safe cast iron you can toss the cast iron grates into a conventional dishwasher without worries.
  • Power Burner this feature delivers high power of up to 18,000 BTU for fast boiling times.
  • Angled Front controls the innovative up-front knob controls work independently and allows up to 180 gas valve rotation for accurate temperature control for all burners.
  • Corner to corner grates lets you slide heavy pots or pans on the grates from one burner to another.
  • Insulation on exposed undersurfaces improves user safety by preventing burns, scratches and electrical shocks.

Pros: Fast cooking, and energy efficient.

Cons: Limited warranty, unless you buy an extended three-year or five-year warranty.

5.Hestan KRT365NG

36-inch Gas Cooktops: Hestan?KRT365NG

Price: $3999


Hestan, Again! Hestan has made a name for itself when it comes to the production of exclusive and efficient cooking appliances which use less fuel than its peers. Here, we have the Hestan KRT365NG from the KTR series by Hestan. It's a 36-inch freestanding gas cooktop with five smooth-top cooking elements.

There is a large, ring center cooking area to hold large cooking pots and four smaller cooking zones; two on both sides of the center ring. For quick heating, the center burner has a speed boost feature which provides an extra heating power output of up to a record 30,000 BTU. That is a lot of power output for a home kitchen burner.

Another exciting feature in this cooktop is the Marquise Display; a digital display unit which is elegantly embedded in the door handle of the oven. This feature hosts a uniquely convenient user-friendly control panel.


  • Circuflame Power Burner arguably the most powerful burner available to home kitchens. It delivers a massive 30,000 BTU heat output so you can boil food in no time.
  • Simmer Flame this is a high precision sealed burner system ensures a low (as low as 500 BTUs) and gentle flame that doesn't flicker. This is perfect for simmering delicate sauces.
  • Backlit Knobs High precision Hestan control knobs. The backlight enhances style and visibility.
  • Watertight Sealed Burner A sealed burner bowl for fast and easy cleaning.

Pros: Has the highest heat output among its peers, 30,000 BTU. Easy to clean and blends seamlessly with any kitchen.

Cons: very pricey; a beautiful but costly addition to your kitchen.

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