6 Best 30-Inch Slide-In Ranges of 2020

6 Best 30-Inch Slide-In Ranges of 2020

A kitchen range can tremendously improve your cooking. It is even more amazing if it sits flush with the rest of your cabinetry. That is where slide-in ranges come in. With these 30-inch options, all you need is a 30-inch cutout and the unit will easily fit in.

Without further ado, here are the six options that are backed by the largest band of happy customers at Appliances Connection.

1. Samsung NX58K9500WG

Black Samsung NX58K9500WG 30-Inch Slide-In Oven Range

Price: $2,335.10


This slide-in gas range from Samsung boasts a whopping 5.8 cubic feet in primary oven capacity. That's more than enough to bake for the entire family in one go. And with the warming drawer in this unit, you can keep your hot food warm and ready to serve at your convenient time.

The unit has an 18K dual power burner engineered for powerful heat output and precise heat control. The burner will go from a rapid boil to a gentle simmer in an instant. This puts you in control of your cooking so you can do it to perfection. .


  • True Convection Cooking  the unit features a heated fan system that distributes heat thoroughly for even cooking of food.
  • Custom Wok Grate  accommodates a round bottom wok for quick and even heat distribution.
  • Reversible Griddle  offers more ways to cook grilled food.
  • Guiding Light Controls  allows for controlling of time and temperature, programing of recipes, selecting cooking functions and more with ease.
  • Endless Rail Grate  lets you move cookware safely on the cooktop and with ease.

Pros: The range is loaded with lots of amazing features. The Perfect Cooking Probe in particular is quite handy as it monitors internal food temperature, letting you know exactly you're your meat is ready.

Cons: There is no hot surface indicator light on this unit so you have to proceed with caution at all times.

2. Whirlpool WEG515S0FV

Black Whirlpool WEG515S0FV 30-Inch Slide-In Range

Price: $1,093.90


Here is a slide-in gas range that features a generous 5 cubic feet oven for baking in large volumes, and a versatile 4-burner cooktop for flexible cooking. There are two SpeedHeat burners engineered for searing and quick boiling at super-high temperatures, and a special AccuSimmer burner for simmering your delicate food items.

While cooking, you can enjoy the convenience of keeping all the items you'll need including cookware and dishware within arm's reach, thanks to the storage drawer that comes with this unit.


  • Frozen Bake Technology  allows you to skip preheating and cook your frozen foods faster.
  • Self-Cleaning Mode  takes the burden of cleaning your oven off your shoulder.
  • ADA Compliance  means that the unit is friendly to disabled users.
  • Cast Iron Grates  provide superior heat retention and a solid platform for your pans and pots.
  • Built-In Temperature Sensor  monitors oven temperature and adjusts the cooking elements to help food bake evenly.

Pros: The Closed Door Broiling system that manages broiling temperatures to help prevent overheating is such an amazing feature. It helps keep your kitchen cool and comfortable without compromising the optimal cooking temperatures for food.

Cons: The range does not offer induction cooking.

3. GE Profile PGS960EELES

GE Profile PGS960EELES 30-Inch Slide-In Range

Price: $2,963.00


This Slate Series smart gas range is a true powerhouse. With 5 burners one of which produces up to 21,000 BTUs of pure heat, you can get your cooking done in a matter of minutes.

The unit comes with two ovens that provide you with more space to bake your favorites. You'll love that this product has a Wi-Fi connection allowing you to control it with your smartphone and set the required temperatures from wherever you are in the home.


  • Edge-To-Edge Cooktop  provides extra cooking surface for pans and pots of all sizes.
  • 21,000 BTU Multi-Ring Burner  is versatile and produces intense heat that is ideal for searing, frying and sauting.
  • Extra-large Integrated Reversible Cast Iron Grill/Griddle  has great heat retention and provides excellent cooking versatility as it is reversible.
  • Dual Purpose Center Burner  adds to the cooking versatility offered by this unit
  • Chef Connect  allows for setting up to three options with just one touch.

Pros: The oven in this unit has an auto-shutoff that contributes to energy saving by switching off the oven when not in use.

Cons: The oven has no drawers for storage.

4. Bosch HGI8054UC

Bosch HGI8054UC 30-Inch Slide-In Range

Price: $2,064.10


If you are looking for a range with some much needed storage drawer then this 800 Series unit from Bosch is for you. It has a primary oven capacity of 4.8 cubic feet which is ample enough for any baking needs, and a powerful 18,000 BTU center burner is there to help speed up cooking time when you want quick results.


  • True Convection Technology  assures that your foods are tastier and more evenly-cooked.
  • Self-Cleaning Mode  automates cleaning of oven, eliminating the hassle of having to do it yourself.
  • Extra Large Door Window  allows you to monitor your cooking progress without having to open the oven door.
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Knobs  offer a premium feel and look.
  • Warming Drawer  helps keep your cooked food warm and ready for serving.

Pros: The Star K certification on this appliance is a nice addition as it ensures that your unit is in compliance with the kosher food requirements.

Cons: This unit is not ADA certified, so it might disadvantage disabled users.

5. GE Profile PHS930SLSS

GE Profile PHS930SLSS 30-Inch Slide-In Range

Price: $2,432.00


With an oven capacity of 5.3 cubic feet, this 30 inch smart slide-in rage is top on the list of roomy units. It further makes great use of this ample oven space with a delay bake option allowing you to preset the oven to automatically start at a specific time. This is a particularly important feature if you're a busy person and cannot be in the kitchen (or at home) at that particular time to cook.

You may also be glad to know that this range is UL certified, so it meets the highest standards of safety.


  • Smart  the range connects with Amazon Alexa and Assistant, which lets you control your cooking remotely and takes your smart home to the next level.
  • Built Wi-Fi  allow you to control the range via your smartphone from somewhere in your house.
  • Chef Connect  allows you to control three options with just one touch. This lets you choose when to automatically sync time and the range elements with the microwave's surface light and vent.
  • Induction Cooktop Technology  offers fast and efficient cooking.
  • Glide Touch Controls  allow for precise controlling of element temperature with just the swipe of a finger.

Pros: This appliance has the company's Fit Guarantee option which means you can replace your old 30 inch free-standing range with a new slide-in model of a similar size.

Cons: Some customers find the concept of induction cooking to be a little intimidating.

6. Frigidaire FFGH3054US

Frigidaire FFGH3054US 30-Inch Slide-In Range

Price: $993.00


Though this range will cost you the least amount of money of all in this write-up, you will hardly notice any difference when you use it. It is loaded with pretty much all the premium features that you find with its higher end cousins and performs tremendously well.

This ADA compliant machine comes with five powerful burners, including a low simmer burner for thickening your pasta sauces, or melting some cheese or chocolate.


  • Self-Cleaning Mode  means the oven will clean itself automatically and save you the time you'd otherwise spend cleaning it manually.
  • Cast Iron Grates  provide a solid platform for your cooking vessels, and amazing heat retention and even distribution of the cast iron material.
  • Continuous Grates  allow for effortless sliding of heavy pans and pots from burner to burner, saving you from potentially risky heavy lifting and possible spilling.
  • Quick Boil  a feature that lets you prepare meals faster when time is of the essence.
  • Extra-Large Window allows you to monitor the status of your food while cooking without having to open the oven door.

Pros: Comes with high end features at a great low purchase price.

Cons: The oven lacks convection cooking option.

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