If you want the best in both gas cooktop technology and electric ovens, then a dual fuel range is for you. It produces an open flame of a gas stove allowing for precise temperature control, and has an electric oven for even and consistent heat distribution that is perfect for baking. Here are six top picks for you to consider.

1. Bosch HDI8054U

30-Inch Dual Fuel Ranges: Bosch HDI8054U

Price: $2,424.10


Bosch is iconic for making some of the most powerful and best household appliances in the market, and this 800 Series 30 inch dual fuel range is no exception. It features 5 burners craning up to 18,000 BTUs of pure heat (center burner) for your searing needs.

The 4.6 cubic feet primary oven capacity is one of the largest you can ever find on a unit this size. The range also has the added advantage of a spacious storage drawer for keeping your cooed foods.


  • True Convection – for preparing tastier foods by cooking them more evenly.
  • Self-Clean Technology – saves you the time you’d spend cleaning the oven by automating the cleaning process.
  • Powerful 18,000 BTU – ensures speedier cooking.
  • Genuine European Convection – allows for even baking on multiple racks.

Pros: The range has a warming drawer that keeps your hot foods ready for serving for much longer.

Cons: This appliance lacks the ADA certification, hence inconvenient for use by some disabled people. 

2. FiveStar WTN287SW

30-Inch Dual Fuel Ranges: FiveStar WTN287SW

Price: $4,535.00


As the brand name suggests, this freestanding dual fuel range offers you nothing short of a five star experience. Its 4 sealed ultra-high-low burners with pinpoint adjustability offer the industry’s widest range of performance – 350 – 21,000 BTUs of burner power. This means you can cook your most delicate sauces hassle free, or head the other way and bring gigantic pot of water to a boil in just a matter of minutes.


  • Full-Size Electric Oven – produces a crisping, dry heat perfect for baking your most delightful pies.
  • TurboFlow Convection Technology – decreases cooking times by as much as 30 percent.
  • Cast Iron Wok Ring – has impressive heat retention, making high-temperature, Asian cooking a breeze.
  • Continuous Grates – create a solid platform for your heaviest pans and pots; you can slide them easily from burner to burner.

Pros: The quick, easy cleanup on this unit is a major add. The oven door lifts off easily and the burner grates and oven racks are all removable to simplify cleaning.

Cons: The parts and labor warranty is limited to only one year.

3. Viking RVDR33025BBK

30-Inch Dual Fuel Ranges: Viking RVDR33025BBK

Price: $5,159.00


For a product from an industry pioneer, you couldn’t expect anything less than the best from this 30 inch freestanding dual fuel range. With a primary oven capacity of 4.7 cubic feet, this 3 Series unit has a large capacity enough to cook for everyone in your large family in one go.   

The Self-Cleaning Mode also means that the oven cleans itself automatically, getting the labor intensive process out of the way for you.


  • SureSpark Ignition System – is sure to get the unit started each time without issues.
  • RapidReady Preheat System – reduces the amount of time needed for the oven to be ready to cook in.
  • Vari-Speed Dual Flow Convection – has large convection fan blades and two-speed convection system which turns the fan in both directions for maximum airflow.
  • TruGlide Oven Racks – allows the flexibility to enjoy using the oven racks in up to six different positions.

Pros: The oven has a self-cleaning feature, which means it will pretty much do the cleaning itself, tremendously cutting down the cleaning efforts required of you.

Cons: Fairly expensive.

4. Hallman HDFR30CMGN

30-Inch Dual Fuel Ranges: Hallman HDFR30CMGN

Price: $2,399.00


If you tend to have a family member of guests who run late for dinner, then you’ll love this dual fuel range. It features a spacious warming drawer to keep your hot foods at serving temperature for hours.

The oven also has a viewing window through which you can monitor your food while it cooks without the hassle of opening the door altogether.


  • Brass High Efficiency Sealed Burners – for high precision cooking that includes simmering at the lowest temperatures and upping the heat for searing.
  • 15,500 BTU Triple-Ring Burner – lets you regulate heat on the internal burner independently of the external burner, ensuring precise heat control.
  • Electric Rotisserie – allows for professional roasting using the option of electric rotisserie function.
  • True European Convection – engineered to provide even heat distribution and guarantee excellent results.

Pros: The range features cast iron grates for excellent heat retention and unmatched durability.  

Cons: The 3.0 cubic feet oven capacity in this unit is a fairly small for a medium sized or large family.

5. Dacor HDER30CLPH

30-Inch Dual Fuel Ranges: Dacor HDER30CLPH

Price: $6,139.00


If you are looking for a large oven capacity then look no further. The HDER30CLPH from Dacor’s Heritage Series comes with a whole 5.2 cubic feet in oven capacity, which is just massive considering this is a 30 inch range.

Once you’ve used that huge space to do all your cooking, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the oven because cleaning is automatic. Just set the machine to its Self-Cleaning Mode and it will take care of the rest.


  • SimmerSear Burners – offers multiple precise heat control options including simmer, melt, sauté and sear for superb cooking.
  • GreenClean Steam Cleaning Technology – is a faster, better and safer way to clean, utilizing built-in steam capabilities rather than extreme heat for cleaning.
  • Standard Griddle Interchangeable Accessory – for quick reconfiguring of the cooking surface without removing existing cooktop grates.
  • High Performance Burners – lets you achieve a true simmer on every burner with precise heat control at low temperatures, and melt food without scorching it.
  • RapidHeat Broil Element – works to broil food quickly and evenly.

Pros: This American made unit has the most amazing bells and whistles you can ever find in a professional range. The exclusive 4-part pure convection system is particularly a major inclusion as it combines stainless steel filter, convection fan, heating element and air baffle to reduce cooking time and provide even heat distribution plus zero flavor transfer in the oven.

Cons: There is no drawer in the unit for extra storage or warming food.

6. Capital CSB304N

30-Inch Dual Fuel Ranges: Capital CSB304N

Price: $5,899.00


Here is a high-power dual fuel range with continuous grates encasing its 4 burners, so you can slide your heaviest pots and pans from one burner to the other with ease.

Invented for professionals and designed for home use, this Connoisseurian Series 30 inch range combines flawless design with best in class features. You will love the exclusive Moist Cooking feature that stops food from drying during cooking, allowing you to enjoy the juiciest meats ever.


  • Moto-Rotis Built-in Motorized Rotisserie – for cooking your poultry and turkey to perfection without requiring any frame.
  • Hidden Bake Element – for easy clean up and efficient oven heating.
  • Timed Cook – lets you set the oven to turn itself off after a given amount of time to save you the hassle of doing it yourself and prevent your food from overcooking.
  • Delay Cook – allows you to set the oven to start cooking at a set time of day.

Pros: The range has four powerful burners, each with 19,000 BTUs of pure heat for fast cooking, and true simmering, depending on your cooking needs.

Cons:  The unit is not ADA compliant, so it may be problematic for some disabled users.

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