Ask Yourself These Five Questions Before Buying an Appliance

Buying an appliance is a major decision. Before you hand over the credit card or click ?Buy Now? online, ask yourself these five questions. They may save you time, money, and aggravation.?

Can the Appliance Fit in Your Home?

Before you fall in totally in love with that amazing refrigerator or awesome oven, think about logistics.? Measure the doorway, the elevator or the stairway before you go shopping or start your online search, to make sure that your new pride and joy can find it?s way to its new home. Double-check the measurements of any appliances you are considering and where you want them to go to avoid huge disappointment on delivery day.

What Is Your Living Situation?

How many people will be using the appliance and how regularly? If you have a large family and children who like to play in the mud, capacity and speed will be key for your washing machine needs.? If you live alone and tend to eat out rather than host dinner parties, you may want to opt for a more compact oven.? Try not to be swayed by whatever is on sale.? The top of the range appliances may look gorgeous but the smaller version may still be cheaper and a better fit for you overall.?

Have You Read the Reviews?

We?ve all done it. We bought something because of its fancy color or some ?innovative? feature that will somehow make your coffee, froth your milk, and make you a hardboiled egg all at the same time. However, it?s a great idea to check out what others have to say before taking the plunge. You may just miss the fact that the previously mentioned wonder appliance occasionally froths your eggs and mixes it with the coffee.That being said, look out for reasons behind any negative feedback. Was it a delivery problem or fit for specific purpose issue that won?t affect you? Give those reviews less weight than others that are most relevant to your needs.

Are You Getting The Best Deal??

Retailers offer a tons of ways to save, from bundle savings, to price match guarantees. Be sure to look around to see which stores are offering the best prices ? and don?t be afraid to ask for free home delivery and installation or free extended warranties. The salesperson will likely want to sell you the appliance as much as you want to bring it home.

Did You Buy Everything You Need for Your Appliances?

Certain appliances will need additional items in order to function properly or safely. Read the fine print of every appliance to make sure you have all you need before lugging it home. Examples include a range hood to vacuum the fumes from your new gas cooktop installed on your kitchen island, or a ventilation system for your recently-purchase dryer. Check out each product description carefully for additional requirements.
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