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Are SMEG Appliances Worth the Money?

Are SMEG Appliances Worth the Money?

If you're looking for new appliances, you may have seen SMEG's collections of vintage and retro appliances and wondered whether they are worth the money. The experts at Appliances Connection have put a variety of SMEG appliances to the test and concluded that their retro charm and modern functionality are worth every cent. Let’s go through a bunch of the reasons why we’ve made this determination with a breakdown of several SMEG appliance categories.


Smeg Range Burners
White Smeg Range
Red Smeg Range

If you're looking for a range with a retro appearance and modern features, it's hard to go wrong with SMEG ranges. In their Portofino Series, look for a wide variety of colors, triple fan convection, and Ever-Clean enameled cavities that repel even the toughest spills. You can even get matching range hoods in the same color choices. They're available in both all-gas and dual fuel configurations as well, to suit a multitude of kitchens. Many SMEG ranges come with sealed burners and removable inner glass for even more ease of cleaning, and the cast iron grates on all SMEG ranges are continuous. This allows you to slide a heavy pot or pan across the cooking surface without having to lift it. Freestanding ranges in the Victoria Series come with automatic electric ignition, European-style control knobs, and heavy-duty burners with a maximum output of up to 20,000 BTUs. In the Classic Series, look for even more retro charm along with air-cooled, ventilated doors, so your entire kitchen doesn’t heat up as you do your cooking.


Union Jack Fridge
Mickey Fridge
American Flag Fridge

SMEG refrigerators are also known for their high-end features and vintage charm. The 50s Retro Style Series has features such as automatic defrosting, MultiFlow cooling systems, LifePlus temperature zone drawers, and LED lighting, while coming in 11 different color options (including the American flag, the Union Jack, and even a special edition Mickey Mouse model). This refrigerator series also comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from compact 16-in. units to full-size 28-in. refrigerators. Most SMEG refrigerators, even among the ones not designed with a 1950s aesthetic in mind, have classic curved edges and lever-style handles. Whether you're looking for a combination refrigerator and freezer or an all-fridge unit, top freezer, bottom freezer, or French doors, SMEG has your needs covered. Look out for most SMEG refrigerators to be ENERGY STAR® compliant as well, bringing modern efficiency to the mix.


Dishwasher ​2
Dishwasher ​3

Regardless of whether you need a full console, fully integrated, or semi-integrated model, SMEG dishwashers provide a variety of options to suit you. With their stainless steel exteriors and FlexiDuo cutlery baskets, these are some of the most modern-looking SMEG appliances. Some of these dishwashers are even panel ready, allowing you to match them with any decor. These dishwashers are available in exterior widths ranging from 18 in. to 24 in., and can handle between 10 and 13 place settings per load. In the 50s Retro Style Series, look for the Orbital Wash System that quietly, evenly distributes water in all directions through the cavity. Also keep an eye out for condenser drying (allowing you to optimally dry your dishes) and FlexiDuo Cutlery Baskets that can be stacked on top of each other or removed to accommodate awkwardly-shaped items such as ladles. Some SMEG dishwashers are even equipped with water softener compartments, making them great choices for people who live in areas with hard water.

Related Questions

What is special about Smeg?

SMEG manufactures appliances that have old-fashioned charm while still being cutting-edge. Their extensive number of color options add flair to your kitchen, while their Italian manufacturing and engineering make them robust and long-lasting.

Is Smeg a good brand?

Yes, SMEG is considered a luxury appliance brand. Their high-end features (such as MultiFlow air cooling systems and condenser dish dryers) and retro-style lines of refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, and more make them particularly desirable.

Is SMEG Made in Italy?

SMEG appliances are made in northern Italy, in the town of Guastalla.

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