We frequently tout that Appliances Connection has the best staff in the industry and we stand by that. After a meticulous screening and interview process, every team member we hire goes through a rigorous four-week training period before they begin working on the floor. We make absolutely sure that they are informed and fluent in all aspects of appliances. Here we invite you to meet the Appliances Connection sales experts.

The Appliances Connection Sales Experts

Appliances Connection Sales Experts

 Daniel B

Though raised in Brooklyn, Daniel has lived all over the world, calling Europe and Asia home at different points in his life. Multilingual, Daniel can often be heard switching between languages when on the phone to customers – sometimes in the same conversation.

When he’s not talking about the latest, most advanced appliances on the market, in winter, Daniel can often be found on weekends skiing the slopes in Vermont. In the summer months, tennis and camping take up much of his time – with the best portable outdoor grills that Appliances Connection sells, of course.

Telephone Number: 800-299-9470 x 2040

Appliances Connection Sales Experts

Douglas L

A native New Yorker, Douglas was raised in Manhattan in a mixed Irish/Spanish family and speaks fluent Spanish. He’s an avid soccer fan and player. When not watching a weekend Real Madrid game, he’s on the field with his local team in Staten Island. Douglas enjoys working at Appliances Connection because of its diverse workforce and customer base.

“Appliances are universal,” he says. “Everyone has a kitchen and in sales, I am always talking to interesting people from around the country. Each call is different from house flippers to management companies to new residential homeowners building their dream kitchen. There’s never a dull day.”

Telephone Number: 800-299-9470 x 2283

Appliances Connection Sales Experts

Salome K

Salome is from the country, Georgia, at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Like many of the Appliances Connection staff, she is multilingual, able to speak English, Russian, and Georgian. After graduating from university in Georgia, Salome arrived in America and quickly became a valued member of Appliances Connection.

“I love the challenge of sales,” she says. “It’s great to work with different customers, finding the right appliances for their needs. It’s also fast-paced and, at times, high-pressure, but always a lot of fun. The day just flies when the orders are coming in thick and fast.”

Telephone Number: 800-299-9470 x 2953

Appliances Connection Sales Experts

Victor L

Hailing from the Middle East, Victor is another polyglot, fluent in four languages. He moved to the US with his family in 1992. After he completed his education, his path took him directly into his sales. Though he started initially selling mobile phones, he is veteran of the Appliances Connection team having clocked in 15 years at the firm. Victor’s puts his longevity at his job down to one thing: passion.

“There is a thrill every time I save a customer money. Most don’t really realize that the big box stores have large overhead costs which they pass on to the customer. They are always shocked when I quote them a much lower price than they were expecting. It’s enjoyable to open people’s eyes.” Victor is a high-end car enthusiast in his spare time.

Telephone Number: 800-299-9470 x 2034

Appliances Connection Sales Experts

Alex S

Brooklyn native, Alex, started in financial consulting and client relations at 18 and was hooked. Now, over 15 years later, he still looks forward to talking to customers and saving them money. Alex posits, “Salespeople can sometimes get a bad reputation because there are those out there who believe to be successful, one needs to be pushy and aggressive. That’s the opposite of my approach.” He continues, “Clients call Appliances Connection because they need something specific. My job is to give them what they want at a price that works for them. It’s a simple and almost mathematical process with several variables to solve – costs, products, shipping, etc. It’s always challenging, and no two days are the same.”

When he’s not informing customers about appliances at unbeatable prices, Alex likes to unplug and be as far away from the computer as possible. “I’m on the phone and computer for up to 10 hours a day,” he says. “So my hobbies are all outdoor activities including fishing, camping, baseball, traveling. Tuning out allows me to come back to the office refreshed and eager to work.”

Telephone Number: 800-299-9470 x 2901

Appliances Connection Sales Experts

Jeff V

British born Jeff V was a career journalist before joining the Appliances Connection sales team. Having written for several prominent entertainment publications, Jeff transitioned into business journalism, specifically reporting about real estate. It was in this capacity that he first joined Appliances Connection, writing features on the blog about real estate, home décor, and cutting-edge appliances.

However, after funneling many of his real estate developer contacts to the sales department, the company decided that Jeff might as well work there himself. “It’s certainly something I never imagined I’d be doing a year ago,” he says. “But it’s proving to be a lot of fun. Having written about appliances and real estate previously gives me a head start when it comes to talking about them to customers. Additionally, my journalism skills come in handy because I’m used to interviewing people and, in many ways, talking to customers is like doing mini-interviews”

Telephone Number: 800-299-9470 x 4947

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