Appliance Connection?s Designer Spotlight : Klein Kitchen and Bath


April Khan, Appliances Connection

Welcome to the first installation of Appliances Connection?s Designer Spotlight. Every month, we will highlight a deserving design studio somewhere in the United States to show our appreciation of all things innovative and creative.

This month we decided to focus on kitchen and bathrooms. These are two of the most problematic areas in any home due to their orientation and sometimes, lack of space. It?s hard to look at a kitchen or a bathroom and visualize something new. Often times, we?re just stuck repainting, moving things from corner to corner or buying numerous space saving contraptions that tend to do just the opposite. When you find yourself in this situation, you might enlist the help of a kitchen or bathroom designer, so we?ve done a little research and found one designer that can take ?the smallest room and turn it into something spectacular and functional.

So without further ado...This month?s Designer Spotlight goes to?New York?s very own...

Klein Kitchen and Bath

The designers at Klein Kitchen and Bath enter a small space, and like Picasso with a canvas and a few drops of paint, they create something remarkable and breathtaking. They truly know how to create the illusion of space, without skimping on fixtures or appliances.

However, this is just one of the many reasons we felt Klein Kitchen and Bath deserved to be in the spotlight. They stay on top of the latest trends, use state-of-the-art products to design their clients? spaces, and invest a great portion of their time meticulously combing over each detail.

This of course resulted in their growing popularity and consistent customer satisfaction across the board.

So to Klein Kitchen and Bath we say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! And may you have many more years of prosperity and success!

For more Information about Klein Kitchen and Bath, or to view their portfolio, visit:?

Klein Kitchen and Bath (Showroom)1504 2nd AvenueNew York, NY(212)717-1726
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