George T Sampson, Developer of America's First Automatic Clothes Dryer
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George T Sampson, Developer of America's First Automatic Clothes Dryer

Appliances are so commonplace and abundant in residential homes that it’s hard to believe things like clothes drying had to be done on a clothes line outside. February is Black History Month, so we at Appliances Connection see fit to honor the man who invented the dryer, George T. Sampson. Not much is known about Sampson's personal life such as his childhood and education. Even his date and place of birth is in dispute. However, the following is what we do know about the man and the innovations that sprouted from his efforts.

George T. Sampson Facts and Early Life

Dryer Patent

When we first see Sampson in the public eye in 1885, he was living in Dayton, Ohio and he had invented and patented a sled propeller. It was a pedal-powered apparatus that eased travel through snow. Subsequently, in 1892, George T. Sampson developed and patented America's first automatic clothes dryer. Like many other entrepreneurs, Sampson did not invent the more contemporary incarnation of the item that made his reputation. Automatic dryers of sorts had been used for the better part of the 19th Century. It usually was some method of speeding the drying over an open flame. People complained that this made their clothes smell of smoke and stained them with soot. Sampson refined the process with a series of suspension rods over a specially designed stove. With this new development, those doing laundry could have a happy medium of drying their clothes quicker no matter the weather and without having to worry about setting garments on fire. This design was used until the growth in use of gas and electric dryers in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Since then, the designs of automatic clothes dryers have improved exponentially, incorporating sturdier designs, improved efficiency, and even the integration of smart technology. Let’s take a look at one of the top dryers on the market to see just how far dryer technology has come.

Miele TXR860WP


This Miele dryer is a modern marvel of German-engineering that makes laundry drying efficient and simple. Thanks to the effective interaction between the patented Miele Filtration System and the maintenance-free heat exchanger, this unit’s EcoDry technology guarantees long-term low energy consumption and short drying times. Its PerfectDry design also senses the calcium level of the residual water in your clothes, adjusting drying times accordingly. The ventless heat pump design is gentle on delicate fibers and also ensures you can place this compact 24-in. unit anywhere in your home. Even if you cannot remove laundry immediately after a cycle, anti-crease programming periodically tumbles clothes at regular intervals to loosen them. For your convenience, this appliance can also be managed via a smart home assistant thanks to Miele@home integration.

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What did George T. Sampson invent?

Besides the first automatic clothes dryer, George also patented a propeller device which could be attached to tricycles. The wheels were replaced with runners so the device could be used to move through snowy terrain.

When was the first clothes dryer invented?

George T. Sampson was the man who invented the clothes dryer in 1892.