Sortie_de_l'opéra_en_l'an_2000-2Your home furniture is dull and commonplace and we’ve all seen it before. When it comes to home design, there are two basic elements offered: traditional and contemporary. Aside from these two popular options, there are alternative design choices available as well. Typically, the process of attaining a piece of furniture that does not meet more common place design would require requesting special designer work. Having pieces of furniture originally created is a fantastic idea and a luxury most would revel in. Although, certain non-mainstream subcultures have seeped into the public eye, most folks wouldn’t have an idea as to what certain sub-genres, such as, steampunk might be.

Kyle-cassidy-steampunkSteampunk is an alternative fashion sense for some and for some it would be something you see during Halloween or sci-fi conventions. Despite having sci-fi and fantasy elements, steampunk borrows a lot from real world influences, especially from the Victorian era but with added old world technological flair. It is also quite common to see influences borrowed and homages given in works of fiction, such as popular cinema and video games. The unfortunate aspect with fantasy is that it stems from imagination that can be filled with weird creatures and majestic worlds that only exists in the mind. Steam powered flying machines, floating islands, dragons and magical spells are what dreams are made of.


Fantasy becomes Reality


Here we have the Brancaster Collection by Acme Furniture, an alternative design choice that strays away from more traditional or contemporary ideals. Perhaps, this furniture lineup is named after the village in the U.K. and possibly influenced by World War II history at Brancaster Beach where allied pilots flew for bombing practice. It’s possible that this furniture set design was indeed inspired by real world history. It would definitely make sense by looking at how this furniture set has that repurposed leather and metal look with accompaniment by throw pillows with the Union Jack image.

Zurab05ACME furniture, an American Company that Manufactures Everything? Perhaps not but what sets the Brancaster Collection apart from other mainstream furniture designs is that it’s something different catering to more fantastical tastes. The appeal of this furniture set incorporates a very retro-futuristic feel in a post-apocalyptic setting. It’s an interesting take on new home furniture apart from everything else that’s on the market right now. This new alternative design furniture lineup is perfect for any home or commercial setting and will definitely get folks talking. The Brancaster Collection would work well with a man-cave or bar lounge environment.


I recently had the opportunity to see this showpiece in person at High Point Market (HPMKT). The Brancaster Collection really caught my attention with high marks in artistic value. Out of all the showrooms and furniture displays I came across, this furniture collection made a memorable impression on me. There is nothing wrong with traditional or contemporary furniture designs but after seeing mostly the same designs, the visual difference in an alternative design really struck my fancy. Although, it appears to be salvaged bomber plane parts pieced together, it was actually very comfortable to sit in. Kudos to the furniture designer.Zurab08

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