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A Look Into Viking: 5 Series Ranges & Rangetops

A Look Into Viking: 5 Series Ranges & Rangetops

This is the ninth installment of a multi-post series on Viking Professional products. This post will be focusing on the 5 Series ranges and rangetops.Viking has three lines in their brand 3-series, 5-series, and 7-series. In a previous post we introduced the 7-series products and some of the 5-series appliances. Today we're going to look into the ranges and rangetops in the 5-series exclusively.


5 Series Gas Ranges are available in 30, 36, 48 (pictured above), and 60 widths. Click to view listing.

There are five 5 Series range options available in sizes from 30 to 60 wide and will be specified by model in the image caption. The gas ranges feature the VariSimmer-to-High Pro Sealed Burner System that delivers 18,500 BTUs where you want it, when you want it. The oven boasts a 30,000 BTU U-shaped Bake Burner and a 1,5000F Gourmet-Glo Gas Infrared Broiler to bake evenly and thoroughly, and sear meat and fish for a savory meal, respectively.

The 5-Series Gas Open Burners are available in 30 and 36 widths. Click to see listing.

The Gas Open Burner ranges have a commercial caliber burner, in addition to the 30,000 BTU U-shaped burner and Gas Infrared Boiler that the Gas ranges do. The burners possess 15,000 BTUs of power and can maintain even heat distribution at very low temperatures.

Three of the ranges are Self-Cleaning that heats away the crusted on drips and slips of food preparation, to make the home-chef's life a little easier at the end of the day. They are: The Duel Fuel Self-Cleaning ranges, the electric self-cleaning ranges, and the Induction Self-Cleaning ranges.


The 5 Series Dual Fuel Self-Cleaning Ranges are available in 30, 36, 48 and 60 (depicted above) widths. Click to see listing.

The Duel fuel option possesses all the qualities of the gas range in the series, with the added bonus of Vari-Speed Dual Flow Convection Cooking and up to ten cooking modes. This model also features the Rapid Ready Preheat System that allows for more cooking and less waiting, as well as one of the largest capacity ovens in the industry.

The Electric Self-Cleaning Ranges are only available in 30 width models. Click to view listing.

Next up, is the electric Self-Cleaning range. This option is incredibly easy to clean as it consists of a glass ceramic top and removable knobs to keep the range looking as good as its cooking. It has the same convection cooking power (Vari-Speed) that is capable of turning the fan in both directions, a concealed bake element for additional clean-up ease, QuickCook technology to reach maximum heat in about three seconds.

The last model in the 5 Series range line is the Induction Self-Cleaning Range.


The Induction Self-Cleaning Ranges in this line are only available in the 30 width model. Click to view listing.

Advertised as the only 30 commercial-type electric induction self-cleaning range in the industry, this model has a wide range of wattage. The right front and rear areas each have a 7 1,850-watt element, the left front has an 8 3,700-watt boost and 2,300-watt element, and the left rear portion has a 6 1,400-watt element. The watt boost located on the left front element allows for faster boil times with a surge of power. The oven also offers an extra-large glass-enclosed infrared broiler, Vari-Speed Dual Flow Convection Cooking and Rapid Ready Preheat System.


The 5 Series Rangetop are available in 30, 36 and 48 (depicted above) width models. Click to see listing.

The 5 Series line additionally features a rangetop equipped with a 15,000 BTU Pro Sealed Burner System and an 18,500 BTU TruPowerPlus Burner on select models. The TruPower feature offers professional power for those days when you want to be the Master Chef. The Viking Professional 5 Series products we offer are high quality and high performing appliances that will add an air of professionalism to every dish you create and make you feel like a full-fledged commercial chef. Check out the great deals we offer either by clicking on the image with the item you want to see, or click here to visit our site for even more great brands and products.

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