This 4-piece appliance package (810559) from Miele proves the German company to be a jack of all trades and master of them, too. From cooling to cooking to cleaning, Miele is a market leader, capable of delivering optimal results quickly. Their appliances are on the cutting edge of technology, allowing for vast capabilities yet they’re extremely easy and intuitive to use.

KF1903SF | 36-Inch Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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Certain brands are known for certain appliances. While other companies may be better recognized than Miele for refrigeration, discounting the multi-faceted German appliance giant would be a mistake. This Energy Star rated bottom freezer refrigerator (the refrigerated compartment is 13.51 cu ft and the freezer 4.77 cu ft) can more than hold its own, if not better its rivals. It comes stacked with features which make it a great all-rounder for cooling storage.

Temperature Plunge

Highlights in the freezer include SuperCool loading function which quickly drops the temperature in the compartment down to -4 degrees F. Fresh food can swiftly be frozen preserving taste and freshness. Additionally, the ice maker can make 100 fresh ice cubes per day. It is fully automatic with a plumbed connection for ease of use.

Moving on to the refrigerator, there is a fan at the back of the fridge circulates cold air which is evenly distributed throughout, part of the DynaCool function. There is also a RapidCool function which drops the inside temperature of the fridge to the lowest level for 6 hours. This is ideal when purchasing groceries which have been transported at room or outside temperature and need to be quickly cooled again to preserve freshness. The function also works well for beverages that need rapid cooling. After 6 hours the machine reverts back to its default setting.

Storage And More

For storage, the FullView drawers fully extend for easy loading. These drawers also use SmartFresh climate control to regulate temperature and humidity which allows fruits and vegetables to stay fresher longer. There is also a floating deli drawer for easy access to your cold cuts and cheeses. Baskets in the freezer keep all your frozen items organized.

Tech Savvy

The appliance also runs on Miele’s proprietary wireless network via a “virtual link” which transmits important data. This allows faults to be detected and a service technician to be dispatched.

Additional features include a door and temperature alarm which detects if the door has been left ajar and the internal temperature of the fridge increases. This is an invaluable energy saving measure.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

KMR1134G | 36-Inch Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop
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Clean Machine

This 6-burner pro-style metal gas cooktop is the kind of appliance you’d be liable to see in a high-end Manhattan condo. Firstly, it looks good. It is constructed from stainless steel with Miele’s Clean Touch Steel finish, an innovative finish that resists fingerprints, scratches, and smudges. Secondly, it performs as well as it looks. The grates provide a seamless surface over which you can slide heavy duty pots and pans. The good news is that scrubbing with scalding water is not necessary because the grates are dishwasher friendly, making cleaning a breeze.

From Simmer To Sear

The continuous Simmer feature guarantees an even cooking temperature,  ideal for slow cooking and the delicate preparation of sauces.

Conversely, at full blast, the burners are capable of delivering a blistering 19,000 BTUs of energy, making this gas cooktop one of the most capable and versatile on the market.

Start It Up

A minor yet still inconvenient trait of many gas ranges and cooktops is having to depress the knob and endure a maddening “click click click” noise to ignite the burner. With the QuickStart function, you’ll have flames with a mere flick of the wrist. Also, backlit knobs provide a visual cue that the burners are on.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

 H6780BP2 | 30-Inch Electric Double Wall Oven

Warming drawer not included.

Taken from the ContourLine Series, this double electric wall oven, with a total cavity volume of 9.26 cu. ft, is as diverse as it is spacious. Highlights include Moisture Plus which improves roasting by adding steam (from an external nozzle) to ensure when baking. The dough remains light and fluffy inside while a nicely browned crust can form on the outside.

Over 100 Programs

The wireless roast probe, is an electronic sensor which is placed in the meat and provides continuous updates on its condition, to prevent overcooking. In addition to these, there are over 100 easy-to-use programs in the Masterchef and MasterChef Plus categories. This allows you to set and forget the oven, while convection air cooks, bakes, and crisps different foods.

Specialty Modes

There are also specialty modes such as “letting dough rise” that injects steam into yeast doughs which allows them to rise better. The “dehydrating fruit” mode should be self-explanatory. These modes allow you to explore the full capabilities of this appliance and improve the way you cook.


G4977SCVISF | 24-Inch Classic Plus Fully Integrated Dishwasher

When it comes to dishwashers Miele is widely considered to be a market leader. And among Miele’s dishwashers, this, from their Classic Plus Series, is one of the best. If you’re hosting a dinner party, keeping this machine close at hand could be a wise move. It provides 16 place settings with 5 wash programs. It’s on the cutting edge of technology with many proprietary features developed by Miele’s renowned R&D team in Germany.

3-D Trays And More

The model looks a little different inside than many dishwashers you’re used to. A patented 3D cutlery tray can be adjusted in height, width and depth to suit any items, bulky or small. The side elements can also be moved to protect delicate items such as long stemmed glasses in the upper basket. Two levels of washing can be adjusted to accommodate all sizes.

Energy Efficient

This machine dispels the notion that a thorough washing costs a lot of money or is bad for the environment. Intelligent dishwashing technology and a powerful heat pump ensure intense but energy efficient washing over a short period of time. Tying into this is a highly effective filter system. A permanent filtering of the wash fluid leads to optimum cleaning results. Equally, Miele dishwashers use low amounts of water, energy, and detergent, maximizing them to deliver the best wash.

Water Treatment And Clean Glass

Another innovative solution is Miele’s PerfectGlassCare technology. This adjusts the water hardness precisely so that all glasses are thoroughly and gently cleaned. Also, an integrated water softener allows detergent to be used sparingly. This, in turn, prolongs the life of the appliance. But soft water can have an aggressive effect on the glass. Thus this appliance is able to expertly toggle between harder and softer water to suit each specific wash.

Eco Dry

A complaint about many dishwashers is that the steam build-up causes condensation inside the appliance, often leaving the dishes wet. Drying modes to counter this can use a lot of energy. A patented AutoOpen drying feature solves this issue, by automatically opening the dishwasher at the end of the program. This allows steam to escape and thus facilitate drying.

Bright Lights And Ease Of Use

With so much going on inside the dishwasher, it’s logical for Miele to install bright LED lights to assist in loading, unloading of the appliance.

Again, with a machine capable of such complexity you could be forgiven that the operation panel might resemble the inside of aircraft cockpit. No so, the user interface belies the machine’s vast abilities. It is intuitive and easy to operate, with all programs accessed by the touch of a button.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven


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