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A Brand New Outdoor Appliances from Viking

A Brand New Outdoor Appliances from Viking
Spring is on its way and if you plan on remodeling your outdoor kitchen or building a new one, it?s time to start looking.?

Viking offers a brand new line of professional outdoor appliances?for outdoor living enthusiasts that will transform any backyard into a dream kitchen.

Whether you choose a built-in or freestanding model, Viking 5 Series professional gas grills will be the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen. They?re with a premium stainless steel construction and high-performance features.

Take a look at the 42-inch built-in gas grill: it?s constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel for maximum durability and allow for seamless installation into the cabinetry.

Viking's outdoor built-in gas grill with temperature gauge and control knobs with LED illumination.
Viking 5 Series Grills feature built-in models in 30?, 36?, 42?, and 54? widths with Natural Gas and Liquid Propane options. Click here to view the listing.

Viking 5 Series built-in grills provide a premium cooking experience. Each of the new grills come equipped with powerful corrosion resistant cast brass burners that are excellent at producing and retaining heat, and a ProSear infrared burner that provides precision temperature control. Unlike typical infrared burners, ProSear burners have the flexibility of temperature settings that allow to sear the steak to perfection on high heat or cook delicate food like shrimp at lower temperatures.

Designed with high-quality stainless steel and innovative features, Viking?s new outdoor grills provide superior performance and durability. Heavy-duty stainless steel grill grates and ceramic briquettes ensure even heat distribution for preparing a restaurant-quality meal. In addition to that, the new Viking gas grills feature three-speed dual-position rotisseries with 14,000 BTU rear infrared burners. The rotisserie spit can be moved closer or further to the rear infrared burner depending on the size of the cooking item on the grill.

The design offers additional flexibility by providing Easy Lifting Canopy, which features two interior halogen lights, illuminating the cooking surface during night grilling. Blue LED lights above each knob provide additional lighting for evening entertaining, which illuminates the control panel and eliminates the guess work.

Viking's new freestanding gass grill and cart in stainless steel finish with storage drawers and access doors.
42"W Freestanding Natural Gas Grill and Cart with ProSear Burner and Rotisserie. (VQGFS5420NSS ) Click here for the listing.

Viking 5 Series freestanding gas grills are a great alternative if you prefer the more easily installable option. This model offers the same features as the built-in model with some differences in the design. The freestanding gas grill paired with portable outdoor cart provides a flexibility of moving the unit to an ideal location in the backyard, and the matching paneling on all sides of the grill give the unit a finished look from every angle. This eliminates the need for an outdoor cabinetry system, since the complete cart looks totally polished in its own. In addition to that, the design offers fold-down side shelves, storage drawers, and access doors. The fold-down side shelves provide a plenty of space for preparing meals and holding condiments, while drawers and access doors offer a convenient storage solution for keeping all the grill tools and supplies at an arm?s reach when you need it.

Natural gas double side burners in stainless steel finish with two control knobs.
13?W Double Side Burners are available in Natural Gas (VQGSB5130NSS) and Liquid Propane (VQGSB5130LSS) options. Click here for the listing.

The Viking new 13-inch Double Side Burner can be installed separately from outdoor gas grill to create and additional cooking room. The new model features two 15,000 BTU brass burners, delivering intensely high heat for perfectly cooked steak, as well as low heat for preparing delicate sauces. The burners are sealed and are very easy to clean. Additionally, the model provides a removable stainless steel cover to protect the burners from non-ideal weather conditions when not in use.

Viking's new natural gas power burner with large cooking surface and removable grates.
20"W. Power Burner is available in Natural Gas (VQGPB5200NSS) and Liquid Propane (VQGPB5200LSS) options. Click here for the listing.

The 20-inch Power Burner is another optional cooking station for your new Viking outdoor kitchen. The new model provides a large cooking surface that can accommodate an oversized stockpot. The Power Burner also features a dual-ring cast brass burner that provides maximum heat control with up to 46,000 BTU. The center grate is removable which allows you to awaken your inner oriental chef and wield a commercial-style wok.


Viking's Convinience Center with 30 inch warming drawer, utility drawer, and LP Tank Storage Cabinet.
42"W Convenience Center with 30"W Warming Drawer (VQEWD5420SS). Click here for the listing.


Viking?s new Convenience Center combines a warming drawer, Utility Drawer and LP Tank Storage Cabinet in one unit. The warming drawer offers a weather resistant stainless steel construction and temperature settings from 90 to 220 degrees to keep your food nice and warm before serving or maintain it at a high temperature. Additionally, the unit offers moist and crisp settings to keep your food according to your taste. A full-width utility drawer provides a large capacity for storing oversized grill tools and tall items, while LP tank storage cabinet provides sliding LP tank tray for safe and easy access.

Combination of these Viking Professional Outdoor Appliances will help you transform your backyard into a fully functional kitchen.
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