7 Most Reliable 36-Inch Dual Fuel Ranges 2019

reliable 36-inch dual fuel ranges
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Reliable 36-Inch dual fuel ranges are a great investment if you enjoy cooking with the open flame of a gas cooktop as much as you do an electric oven. The dual fuel unit combines both cooking mechanisms, ensuring that you have the flexibility to cook the way you desire at all times.

1. Hallman HDFR36CMSS

Reliable 36-inch dual fuel ranges: Hallman HDFR36CMSS

Price: $2,499.00


The HDFR36CMSS is a freestanding dual fuel range with 5 burners and a sealed cooktop. It has cast iron grates for exceptional heat retention and sturdiness. Being continuous, these grates provide a solid platform for anchoring your heavy pans and pots. They also let you move the cookware from burner to burner with ease so you don’t have to struggle with heavy lifting.


  • High Efficiency Burners – allow you to instantly go from simmer to searing heat with infinite precision heat settings.  
  • Full-Width Warming Drawer – keeps prepared foods or dishes warm and ready for instant serving.
  • 10,500 BTU Integrated Griddle – provides a powerful and flexible cooktop when needed.
  • Electric Rotisserie – allows for professional roasting with the rotisserie function.
  • Electronic Ignition – gets the burner started upon pressing a knob.

Pros: The burners here are sealed for cleaning convenience. Since the seal between the burner and the frame contains any spills, it is easier to clean them because you do not have to remove the parts to do so.

Cons: The range has no French top which is generally great for cooking delicate foods that easily get scorched on direct heat.

2. Kucht KRD366FB

Reliable 36-inch dual fuel ranges: Kucht KRD366FB

Price: $3,395.00  


This Professional Series dual fuel range boast the largest number burners you generally need for a household range. It has up to 6 individual burners, three out of which are high intensity burners cranking out a massive 18,000 BTUs. Two of these burners produce 15,000 BTUs of pure heat and one is a 12,000 BTU burner. So, ideally, you have the heat output for every meal you wish to prepare.


  • Electric Convection Oven with Broiler – for baking and broiling the juiciest and most delicious dishes.
  • Porcelainized Cooking Surface – has raised edges that help keep spills localized in one place.
  • Large Viewing Window – lets you monitor what’s cooking without having to open the oven door.
  • Automatic Re-Ignition – for a continuous flame as it reignites automatically in the event it is accidentally extinguished.
  • Halogen Interior Lighting – provides excellent visibility.

Pros: The oven on this unit cooks faster and more evenly thanks to its convection cooking technology.

Cons: Since there is no hot surface indicator light, you must be cautious not to get burnt by the range.

3. Dacor HDPR36SNG

Reliable 36-inch dual fuel ranges: Dacor HDPR36SNG

Price: $8,399.00


Here is an American made, freestanding dual fuel rage from Dacor’s Heritage Series that takes the hassle of cleaning off your shoulders. It has a self-cleaning mode, which means the oven will do the cleaning automatically so you can focus on what really matters: cooking delicious meals.


  • SimmerSear™ Burners – offer precise heat control for ultra-high and ultra-low temperatures.
  • Illumina™ Burner Controls – these glow to let you know when a burner is on, always.
  • Standard Griddle Interchangeable Accessory – allows for quick reconfiguring of the cooking surface without removing existing cooktop grates.
  • Hidden Bake Element – makes clean up easy.
  • RapidHeat Broil Element – is an 8-pass radiant ribbon element that lets food broil quickly and evenly.

Pros: This unit has an exclusive four-part pure convection system for superior cooking results. These parts include a heating element, air baffle, fan and filter; all that ensure precise distribution of heat to let you get the cooking results you desire.

Cons: The range has no induction technology to directly heat your pots and pans using magnetic currents instead of the cooktop.

4. Capital CSB362B2L

Reliable 36-inch dual fuel ranges: Capital CSB362B2L

Price: $8,339.00


With this Connoisseurian Series dual fuel range, you can conveniently monitor your food as it cooks without having to open the oven door. The unit has a wide enough viewing window to let you see what’s cooking.


  • Moist Cooking – engineered to keep food from drying during cooking, resulting in a perfectly juicy meat.
  • Continuous Cast Iron Grates – offer a solid platform for your heavy cookware and lets you move them from burner to burner with ease.
  • Hidden Bake Element – designed to ensure easy cleanup.
  • Timed Cook – allows you to set the oven to turn itself off after a set amount of time.
  • Clock – shows the time of day when the range is not in use.

Pros: The CSB362B2L from Capital has a built-in motorized rotisserie to facilitate the preparing of delicious, self-basting meats and poultry.

Cons: There is no drawer in this unit to simplify storage for you.

5. Fisher Paykel RDV2366LN

Fisher Paykel RDV2366LN

Price: $8,449.00


The Halo Control Dials in this Professional Series 36 inch range are a really outstanding feature. The exclusive dials provide instant visibility and glow differently to signal different things to eliminate mistakes.

There is a halo-illumination glowing white when heating up; orange when the required temperature is reached; and red during self-cleaning mode. This simply means there is no room for confusion.


  • Sealed Dual Flow Burners – deliver great cooktop power for fast boiling and efficiently gentle flames for precise simmer.
  • Handle Option – allows you to customize it to suit your kitchen style.
  • Self-Cleaning Function – saves you the time you’d have to spend cleaning the oven manually.
  • Removable Side Racks – further simplifies cleaning.

Pros: There is total control of the cooking temperatures and you can easily switch from sweltering hot searing temperatures to a gentle low simmering flame by use of the halo-illuminated cooktop dials.  

Cons: The other units in this list have greater oven capacities compared to this Fisher Paykel RDV2366LN. \

6. Hestan KRD365NG

Hestan KRD365NG

Price: $9,949.00


This 36 inch dual fuel range from Hestan is king when it comes to oven capacity. With 5.8 cubic feet in primary oven capacity, the unit allows you to bake enough food for the whole family in just one go.


  • Circuflame Power Burner – a sealed center burner that delivers tremendous amounts of heat for searing: up to 30,000 BTUs of pure heat.
  • Backlit Knobs – these are designed to provide enhanced visibility and style.
  • Marquise Accented Oven Handle – has commercial-grade end caps for industry-exclusive durability and style.
  • Innovative Marquisedisplay – unique and is elegantly embedded in the oven door handle to offer exceptional convenience and chef-friendly control.
  • PureVection Technology – utilizes a single convection fan to deliver optimal performance.

Pros: The range comes with a standard meat probe so you are assured of getting accurate temperature measurement of your meat each time.

Cons: This range has a high upfront cost.

7. Thor Kitchen HRD3606U

Thor Kitchen HRD3606U

Price: $2,799.00


The control panel on this unit is illuminated by elegant LED lights that enhance visibility and give it an upscale look. With up to six high efficiency burners and a massive oven capacity of 5.2 cubic feet, enough to hold full size baking sheets; this range is a perfect addition to any modern kitchen.


  • Halogen Lighting – makes the cooking process completely fun to monitor; you won’t need to open the door unless cooking is complete.
  • LED Lights on Control Panel – illuminate the control panel for easy viewing when there is no external source of light.
  • Metal Knobs – are heavy duty and durable, and add to the overall high quality of the unit.
  • Cast Iron Grates – offer excellent heat retention for excellent cooking results. 

Pros: The range is one of the most durable in the market, given the choice of materials that have gone into constructing it. Additionally, the automatic re-ignition feature ensures that your cooking remains uninterrupted as the flame will automatically rekindle in case something puts it out.

Cons: The oven has no self-cleaning feature. This means you have to do the cleaning manually.


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