Deciding what to buy friends and family for the Holiday Season is a common problem. If socks, underwear, gift cards, or toiletries don’t quite make the statement you want, buying something for the home may be the right move. The heart of a home is the kitchen and thus gadgets which assist in feeding the family are always likely to be appreciated and used. Others which cater to the family’s overall well-being will also be met favorably. With these in mind, are 5 small appliances that will make great holiday gifts.


KitchenAid | KSM7586PSR 7 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

Size Matters

There’s a reason serious home cooks love this stand mixer by KitchenAid from their Pro Line Series. The seven-quart stainless steel bowl has the largest capacity available for a residential mixer. To put it in perspective, it can make enough dough for that’s 168 cookies in a single batch.

Ease of use

The professional bowl-lift design supports the bowl, avoiding noisy countertop banging. Providing strength and stability when mixing heavy ingredients and large batches is a key capability. This protects the countertop, prevents spills and is completely hands-off.

Versatility. If you think mixers are just for making dough think again. With 10 different attachments, this appliance could well be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Fresh pasta, burgers, veggie noodles and ice cream are just some of the foods that can emanate from this mixer’s capable peripherals. The 10-speed mixer is capable of preparing a wide array of foods from bread, to eggs, ice cream, and more. Attachments included are a flat beater, PowerKnead spiral dough hook, and a wire whip. The rest are sold separately.

SMEG | SJF01BLUS Retro Style Aesthetic Slow Juicer

When a brand known for larger appliances – such as SMEG– makes the move into smaller appliances, they come under extra scrutiny. There are certain companies that specialize in only juicers. Purists may want to tell Smeg to stick to refrigerators and ranges. But clearly, they wouldn’t have used this impressive machine. Like all SMEG products, this juicer pays extreme detail to engineering and design, using the best materials and components, to produce a product which became an instant leader in its field.

For Purists & Everyone Else

Make no mistake – this is a juicer for purists and anyone else looking for the most nutritional value possible. The retro 1950s design belies the advanced engineering under the chassis. The unit spins at 43rpm as part of the extraction process. Cold-pressed juices don’t use blades but rather rely on the slow and powerful rotation of a screw pump. Unlike blades, which can cause heat and thus degrade the nutritional value of the juice, the cold pressed method keeps temps low and nutrition high.

 Reverse Rotation

This function unblocks the juicer if it ever gets clogged. The 150W AC Motor is powerful with a low vibration and noise levels to enhance the user experience and stabilizes the appliance.

Juice Density

A control lever allows you to adjust the density of the juice by switching between filters with different sized openings which regulate the pulp.

Additionally, there are 2 containers, one for the juice and one for the pulp. For tricky cleaning of the mesh filter and other parts, 4 different brushes are included. Juicing made easy with a boatload of goodness.

LG | AS401VGA1 Air Purifier

Image result for AS401VGA1

An air purifier that works as good as it looks. By capturing 99.97% of small air particles this appliance would be a huge benefit to city residents or anyone living somewhere rife with allergens. It is able to capture particles as small as 0.03mm and uses LG’s Smart Air quality system which shows indoor particulate levels in real time. In fact, it is able to detect fine particulate matter as small as 1.0 micron.

Intense Filtering

The key is the Puricare Filtration System. It’s a three-part process using the following components – a washable pre-filter, a Puricare main filter, and a deodorizing filter to remove invisible air pollutants. It effectively removes irritants such as pet hair, pollen, and tobacco smoke.

Health Benefits

This purifier is a must-have for people suffering from asthma and allergies. A light notifies you when the filter needs to be changed, eliminating guesswork and keeping maintenance to a minimum.

The fan has 3 speeds with an inverter motor allowing it to change speeds based on the air quality. Despite this adaptability, no matter the fan speed, the noise level is whisper quiet. The inverter keeps levels as low as 23db. You’ll hardly notice it in the room but your lungs will thank you.

Miele | CM6150OBSW 10-Inch Countertop Coffee Machine

Image result for miele cm6310 bean to cup coffee machine, black

Miele is a company that doesn’t do anything in half measures. The same cutting-edge technology they put into their much vaunted built-in coffee machines is also present in this countertop model.

Seven Types of Coffee

This is a bean to cup system and a sizeable bean container will ensure your java remains as fresh as any barista could offer. The feature-rich machine offers seven coffee types along with hot milk and milk froth. There is also a ground coffee chute which is handy if you want to make a second cup of coffee from the beans you have just ground.


A complaint about coffee machines is that their ability to provide instant hot beverages is an energy burner. This appliance has an Eco Mode which means the machine doesn’t heat up until just prior to the first drink being dispensed.

Filtration And Taste

Another complaint about coffee makers is that limescale in the water can build up on the machine and damage it. Also, chemicals in the water can adversely affect the taste. The latter is easily handled by filtering water prior to filling up the water container. The former can be addressed by many of the parts, such as the water container and waste container, being able to be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Scaling Up And Convenient Programming

Other highlights include a system lock which renders the machine inoperable, useful in the presence of children. When extra drinks are needed the appliance can keep pace dispensing up to 8 cups of coffee or hot water for tea. Alternatively,  the machine can be programmed to suit your needs – ie turned on and brewing as soon as you wake up and shutting off in the evening.

Wolf |WGTR104S 13-Inch 4 Slice Toaster

Image result for WGTR104S

A toaster is a toaster, right? Wrong. When Wolf is the name on the front of the appliance, you can be sure that this gadget has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Size Friendly

The first thing to know is that you will no longer have to squeeze bagels inside the slots and run the risk of fishing them out with a knife when they break off. This has extra wide slots to cater to all sizes of slices.

Browning Guide

There is even a browning guide for the various varieties of bread, meaning scraping burned surfaces into the bin will be a thing of the past. Another handy feature is the Keep Warm setting. After all, eating cold toast spoils the whole point of eating toast.

Frozen to Toasty

And to prove that Wolf has thought of everything, there’s even a Frozen setting – meaning you can go from ice hard to warm, soft and toasty without thawing, ending up with a soggy mess.

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