Panel-Ready Appliances For Every Style Kitchen
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Panel-Ready Appliances For Every Style Kitchen

If you've shopped for kitchen appliances recently, you've probably seen a wide selection of panel-ready appliances on the market. But how can you make these appliances work in any style of kitchen, and how do you choose which appliances you want to be panel-ready? The experts at Appliances Connection are here to help you make your selection.

Panel-Ready Appliances for Coastal Kitchens


Coastal kitchens commonly have an airy feel, bright colors, and sunny lighting. This means you want to leave as many windows as possible unobstructed: panel-ready appliances can be great for this. The fact that you can style panel-ready appliances to match the rest of your cabinetry (or even paint them with an accent color) allows you to customize the appearance of your coastal kitchen as much as possible. Because appliances like panel-ready refrigerators tend to be built in, you can fully utilize the surrounding space, as well. A panel-ready beverage center, meanwhile, can go under counters, allowing you to select from a much wider variety of appliances.

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Panel-Ready Appliances for Traditional Kitchens


Traditional kitchens tend to have painted cabinets, simple countertops, and hardwood floors. Any panel-ready appliance would go well in a traditional kitchen, as you can ensure that your appliances seamlessly blend in with the surrounding cabinetry. A panel-ready refrigerator will blend in with your cabinets better than stainless steel will, as will a dishwasher. If you have a wine cooler or beverage center, you can choose a panel-ready exterior that still has a glass panel to professionally display your drink collection.

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Panel-Ready Appliances for Contemporary Kitchens


If you're building a contemporary kitchen, you may not think the minimalist aesthetic of panel-ready appliances can spark excitement, but it turns out they can make a statement in even the most modern-looking kitchen. The Samsung BESPOKE Series, for instance, has a huge variety of panel-ready smart refrigerators, all of which are freestanding (making them easier to install). These even allow you to customize the panels separately on each of the four doors, allowing for literally infinite color combinations. If you're looking for a compact refrigerator in a contemporary style, look at Marvel's 24-in. options. Meanwhile, you can even get a column freezer for your contemporary kitchen: Dacor's Contemporary Series offers freezers as narrow as 18 in. wide and as large as 36 in. wide, giving you room to store nearly anything. They even have push-to-open door assist, meaning you don't need to worry about installing handles on them.

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Panel-Ready Appliances for Minimalist Kitchens


Minimalist kitchens are one of the styles of kitchen where having panel-ready appliances makes a lot of sense. They are known for sleek, stylish materials and ease of organization. Panel-ready appliances allow for these without making your kitchen look boring. For a true minimalist look, choose appliances that integrate fully with your kitchen without leaving gaps. Especially look for panel-ready dishwashers that have no handles, allowing you to maximize your kitchen space, and beverage centers with solid doors that hide your drinks until they are opened.

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Panel-Ready Appliances for Transitional Kitchens


Transitional kitchens provide a blend of contemporary and traditional styles, and while it may seem like panel-ready appliances don't fit in with these, it's easy to make them work with a transitional style. Wood tones are extremely common in transitional kitchens, meaning that stainless steel refrigerators and dishwashers tend to stick out. If you opt for panel-ready dishwashers and refrigerators instead, you can continue the wooden look of your kitchen from wall to wall.

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Related Question

Can you put a panel on any dishwasher?

You can put panels on any panel-ready dishwasher: simply have panels made that fit the dishwasher's dimensions and follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation. Dishwashers with finished fronts made of plastic or stainless steel are not panel-ready.

Is panel-ready the same as built-in?

Panel-ready appliances are not the same as built-in ones, though most panel-ready refrigerators are also built-in. There are some stainless steel built-in appliances as well.