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5 Of The Best Panel Ready Appliances On The Market

5 Of The Best Panel Ready Appliances On The Market

If sleek and discreet is your design style, chances are your dream kitchen consists of panel ready appliances. What does that mean Those ultra cool appliances that look just like your cabinets because they've been fitted with the same panels on top of their metallic casings. In fact, it's often hard to believe that the most advanced scientific engineering lies only a few inches beneath.

Panel ready appliances are usually top of the range and cost more than the stainless steel models. However, many consider that a small price to pay for the seamless, sophisticated look. Here are some models to consider if going panel ready is in your playbook.

Miele G6987SCVIK2O 24-Inch Built-In Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Panel Ready: Miele

Known as the Rolls Royce of dishwashers, Miele has pioneered space, speed, and function options. This top of the line dishwasher from the Diamond Series bears testament. It can handle an entire dinner party's worth of dishes in one fell swoop. It accommodates 17 place settings with 14 wash programs. The first thing, though, that catches the eye about the model is the fact that it has no handles. That's because the auto open feature works by gently knocking on the dishwasher twice to open. This eliminates fingerprints and keeps an aesthetically pleasing look and uniformity with other panel ready appliances.

Some of the other feature highlights include:

Basket Innovation

An innovative basket design referred to as MaxiComfort. This is divided into two sub-sections: PremiumComfort and MultiComfort. In the former, a patented 3D cutlery tray, stainless steel basket handles and a height adjustable upper basket can accommodate glasses and jumbo cups in the upper basket. In the latter, the lower basket can also be adjusted to handle a wide variety of glass sizes, bottles as well as up to 13 plates (in 3 rows) and numerous other containers, cutting boards or even pots, pans, and bulky items.

Energy Efficiency

Using a process known as SensorDry, the dishwasher gauges the temperature in the room and the size of the load to create the ideal drying conditions, saving energy in the process.

The Eco-Tech system stores heat energy in a reservoir on the right side of the panel. It then transfers it to new incoming fresh water within a loop system, in much the same way as geothermal heat works.

Bacteria Protection

Certain items such as baby bottles and cutting boards on which meat is prepared require an intense clean. The SaniWash function dispatches high-temperature heat to ensure a sanitized clean.

Property Protection

In the case of there being a blockage or leak, the DoubleWaterProof System shuts off the water supply to the dishwasher. Miele offers to compensate the costs for property damage that is a direct result from a defect in the appliance.

Convenient Cleaning Times

In the midst of summer, it never makes much sense to run appliances during the day. A delay start function allows the dishwasher to be run in the middle of the night when temperatures outside are cooler, meaning less energy is used.

Other highlights include a mobile compatibility with a smartphone or tablet to monitor and control start times of the machine, an ExtraQuiet function runs the wash cycle at mouse-quiet 38dbs and load monitoring system, which adjusts the amount of water used, again saving on energy and water usage.

Sub-Zero BI36FOLH 36-Inch Built-In Upright Counter Depth Freezer

Panel Ready: Sub-Zero

This is one of the most popular Sub-Zero freezers on the market. Its standard size makes it an ideal match for a refrigerator of the same size to provide a formidable wall of cooling. Sub-Zero appliances go through a rigorous 24-hour testing process with temperature swings of up to 350 degrees ensuring at least a 20-year lifespan. Microprocessor control guarantees peak performance, adjusting to cater to external conditions.

Lights, Filtration and Ice

There are a slew of standard features that come with the appliance. The LED lighting ensures an energy efficient constant brightness in the deepest depths of your fridge. A water filtration system guarantees that the ice produced is free from contaminants, chlorine taste,and odors. Each filter is expected to last 1 year or 750 gallons of water. The Max Ice feature is capable of increasing ice production by 30% over a 24-hour period which is ideal for parties and holiday gatherings.

Style Inside And Out

The magnetic door seal system locks in cold air. It is strong enough to survive power outages and thus keep food fresh or frozen for multiple days.

The interior can be completely reconfigured to accommodate a wide variety of food from bulky items such whole turkeys and fish to smaller bags of fruits and vegetables. The main shelves, door shelves, and dividers in the drawers are all adjustable.

Viking FDBB5363EL 5 Series 36-Inch Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Panel Ready: Viking

Strong And Silent

This popular refrigerator is robust and capable of the kind of advanced cooling features you'd come to expect from one of Viking's premium models. For an appliance of this size, it is remarkably silent. That's because of the quietest variable speed DC Overdrive compressor with a digital readout. This allows precise temperature management.

Sanitized Environment

Additional highlights include an odor eliminator evaporator which rids of smells and regulates humidity. A maintenance-free Super Clog-Resistant wire and tube condenser stops dust and other airborne particles from disrupting the condenser's efficiency.

Additionally, airborne bacteria, mold spores, and odors are further eliminated thanks to the Plasmacluster Ion air purifier. This always functions at 100% capacity and never needs replacing.

As expected the fruit and vegetable drawers are humidity controlled further contributing to the sanitized environment and preserving food longer.

Superior Shelves

Shelving is a vital component of any refrigerator. Dealing with spills is essential for hygiene the maintenance of the appliance. This model is equipped with the latest in spill control technology. SpillProof Plus shelves with Nano technology create an invisible barrier between glass to contain spills will still maximizing space. Heavy items are no issue for the fridge thanks to 3/8 tempered glass which leads the industry for durability.


There is additional space to store large pizza boxes and beverage containers. Compartments with covers keep dairy products separate from other foods. For heavier items, four patented, aluminum door bins, three of which are adjustable, can handle gallon bottles of juice and more. The doors themselves can be adjusted to open to either 90, 100 or 120 degrees which are useful in confined spaces to prevent the door banging against a wall.

Flexible Freezer Storage

The drawer to the main freezer compartment extends fully for maximum access on quiet ball bearing rollers for a smooth glide. Within the freezer, an upper basket rolls out independently of the lower area, allowing for access to often used items.

Energy Safeguards

An extra safeguard against energy wastage comes in the form of a door alarm which both sounds and glows when the door has been ajar for 3 minutes and the temperature has risen above normal operating range.

Dacor 959626 2 Piece Kitchen Appliance Package

Panel Ready: Dacor

Overlooking Dacor's excellent Modernist Series would be a big mistake. If it's the perfect fusion of style and substance you're after you couldn't get much better than the Modernist Series.

Dazzlingly Designed

The 30-inch built-in counter depth refrigerator (DRR30980RAP) comes equipped with dazzling linear 3-D lighting running around the perimeter of the inside. Equally stylish is the hidden control panel which is integrated into the drawers and the tinted glass box cover. The large capacity interior uses Space Max technology which utilizes foam insulation with smaller cells. This makes it thinner and more efficient.

Superior Cooling

Other features include Precise Cooling which minimizes temperature fluctuation to keep the fridge running at an optimal level.

By far one of Dacor's most admirable functions is the EPA award-winning. Refrigerant (R32), a leader in environmentally safe coolants. The iQ Remote camera allows the camera's inside your fridge to communicate via WiFi with your phone to give a snapshot of what's needed when you are grocery shopping.

Unique features

The 24-Inch Heritage Series dishwasher (DDW24T999BB) can handle 14 place settings with 7 unique programs. It comes with an array of proprietary features. The WaterWall technology is an all-encompassing cleaning spray. Zone Booster is a concentrated clean is specific areas, perfect for heavily used pots and pans. The upper rack is fully adjustable to cater to varying dish and pot sizes.

Fisher Paykel DD24DHTI9N 24-Inch Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Panel Ready: Fisher Paykel

The advantages of a double dishwasher is its versatility. It can wash a half or full load depending on needs. Delicate glass in one drawer. Heavily soiled pots and pans in another. This model comes equipped with the brand's latest technology. SmartDrive allows the machine to sense the amount of each load and use only the amount of water needed, making this model eminently energy and water efficient.

Versatility Personified

Cycles include a Quick, Sanitize and Extra Dry Options. As the names suggest these provide a faster wash for lightly soiled items, an extra hot final rinse to kill bacteria and fast drying so items can immediately be reused.

Another cool feature, as with the Miele dishwasher is a knock to pause feature. Rather than opening the dishwasher and risk a water spill, by simply knocking on the outside panel, the cycle will be paused. It can be re-started with the start/play button.

Deceptively Quiet

This drawer is deceptively quiet. In fact, with the drawer design confounding most people's pre-conceived ideas of how a dishwasher should look, along with the low decibel output, it's easy to forget there is even one in the room.