5 Most Reliable Dishwashers of 2019

Most Reliable Dishwashers
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Every year, household appliance manufactures release new dishwasher models with more and more appealing bells and whistles. Nevertheless, none of that is likely to mean much if you can’t count on the appliance to get the dishwashing job done properly. So here is a rundown of the most reliable units for you to consider this year.

1. Bosch SHPM98W75N

Dishwashers: Bosch SHPM98W75N

Price: $1,119.10


Most Bosch appliances are loved for their quiet operation, and this 800 Series pocket handle dishwasher is not any exception. With a 39 dBA noise level, this unit from Bosch is just about the quietest dishwasher you can ever find in the market.

It boasts 6 wash cycles with up to 16 place settings, which is the largest capacity dishwasher available in a standard space. This means you’ll really struggle to find a pot or pan that won’t fit inside, the cavity being so large.


  • MyWay 3rd Rack – v-shaped, industry’s largest third rack creating more room for your ramekins and large utensils at the center while letting wine glasses have their ample space on the sides of the middle rack.
  • Speed60 – gets your dirty dishes clean and dry in under an hour.
  • RackMatic on Upper Rack – offers flexibility that makes it a breeze to fit all those large plates and dishes in the dishwasher, with up to 9 possible positions where you can adjust the rack.
  • EasyGlide Technology – provides a smooth glide for easier loading & unloading.
  • AquaStop Leak Protection – helps keep your kitchen floor from water damage by working 24/7.

Pros: Extremely quiet, with only 39 dBA noise level.

Cons: The dishwasher is fairly expensive.

2. Samsung DW80K7050US

Dishwashers: Samsung DW80K7050US

Price: $695.30


This built-in dishwasher by Samsung offers a whopping 15 place settings. This means that whether it is the pans and pots from your everyday cooking or all the dishes and plates from having the family around for a big dinner, you should be able to get everything inside of the unit in one go. This means less cycles and more energy and water savings on your part.

The 3rd rack in this dishwasher is such a great inclusion. It offers a much needed dedicated space for your utensils and cutlery, adding some additional 30 percent of usable space to your already roomy dishwasher.


  • StormWash – a heavy-duty wash system that eliminates the need for pre-rinsing, helping you save on the water and energy.  
  • AutoRelease Door – means the door will open automatically to dry dishes faster, cycle after cycle.
  • Digital Leak Sensor – detect even the slightest traces of water leaks to prevent any water damage.
  • Quiet Operation – the dishwasher runs at 44 dBA noise level, which is quite quiet and comfortable.
  • Light Indicator – this shows you when the machine is running a cycle, and is visible enough to be seen from as far as across the room.

Pros: The unit has a hard food disposer feature, an advanced washing system that allows for the disposal of solid food particles without the need to clean a filter.

Cons: The parts and labor warranty is limited to 1 year.

3. LG LDP6797ST


Price: $805.10


In addition to having a roomy capacity of 15 place settings, this 24 inch dishwasher from LG boasts 9 wash cycles, so you can be sure to choose the best setting for each load.

With its QuadWash feature, you can be certain of achieving maximum cleaning coverage throughout the entire cycle. While other dishwashers have only two spray arms, this one has four instead, generating tremendous cleaning power.


  • LoDecibel Performance – the dishwasher runs quietly despite the powerful cleaning potential, keeping your home quiet and peaceful in the course of its operation.
  • EasyRack Plus System – offers outstanding flexibility and convenience by adjusting practically any load of dishes so you may realize optimal cleaning performance.  
  • Quick Wash Option – lets you get your dishes clean in just a matter of minutes.
  • Soil Sensor – means that your dishwasher will automatically adjust the water and heat level to the level of soiling on your dishes.  

Pros: This is an Energy Star rated dishwasher, so it saves you money and ensures that you remain kind to the environment as well.

Cons: Since this is a smart dishwasher, it may require a bit of learning to know how to operate it with your smartphone.

4. Frigidaire FGID2466QD

Frigidaire FGID2466QD

Price: $469.00


Here is an Energy Star rated dishwasher from Frigidaire’s Gallery Series. It is the only dishwasher in this collection that has the NSF certification, guaranteeing that it will remove 99.9 percent of common household bacteria on its Sanitize cycle.


  • OrbitClean Wash System – delivers up to 4 times more water coverage to clean stubborn baked on food stains in just one cycle.
  • SaharaDry Technology – ensures that dishes come out straight to cabinet dry, so there’s no need to towel-dry the dishes before putting them away.
  • 34-Minute Quick Clean – lets you get your dishes clean and dry in just 34 minutes, saving you some valuable time.
  • AquaSurge Technology – lets you adjust washing pressure based on the load and your needs.
  • Store-More Capacity – engineered to accommodate more in one cycle, with up to 14 place settings.

Pros: The dishwasher features smudge-proof stainless steel, so it will offer maximum resistance to fingerprints and clean easily. The DishSense technology also means that it will automatically adjust the cycle time based on the amount of cleaning that your dishes require.

Cons: Other dishwashers in this list have lower noise levels, this one being 52 decibels.

5. Whirlpool WDTA50SAHZ

Whirlpool WDTA50SAHZ

Price: $594.40


If you are looking for a dishwasher that is not going to bother you with much cleaning then this unit is for you. It features a fingerprint resistant stainless steel which makes it a breeze to clean.

Since it has 5 cycles and 6 options, it allows you to choose the best wash function to give the very best dishwashing results. The stainless steel tub is also built to last, giving you the maximum bang for your buck in the long run.


  • Sani Rinse Option – thoroughly sanitizes your dishes; eliminating up to 99.99 percent of bacteria and food.
  • Sensor Cycle – an automatic cycle that selects the right wash and dry settings for your load by itself.  
  • TotalCoverage Spray Arm – designed to clean with a smarter sequence of spray patterns from multiple nozzles and twice the jets for more coverage.  
  • In-Door Silverware Basket – this helps free up rack space by fitting on the front of the lower rack with ease, or in the door to create more room for your dishes.
  • Cycle Status Indicator – shows the cycle time in hours and minutes so you don’t have to guess when the dishes will be ready.

Pros: The stainless steel tub in this dishwasher promotes drying by retaining heat from wash and rinse cycles. It also cools much quicker compared to the dishes, so moisture will condense on the interior walls rather than on the dishes.

Cons: There is no quick wash option, so you may have to wait longer for cycles to finish running.


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