5 Father's Day Gifts Dad is Sure to Love


By April Khan, Appliances Connection Out with the socks and ties and in with the electronics! When I was young it was a family tradition to buy my dad and grandfather cologne, cufflinks or clothes. Poor dad. Poor paw-paw. I never realized that style was a personal choice, but then again I was a kid.

When I got older, I realized how much my dad was into watching TV and not really fixing things as I had been programmed to previously believe. My dad could care less about a screwdriver. All he wanted to do was sit down and relax. And I don?t blame him! Relaxation is the best!

Anyway, I?m getting away from the reason for writing this blog, which was to help you choose some pretty awesome gifts for your dad this year. We?ll start BIG and gradually lessen the dramatics.Note - These gifts are not piggy bank friendly (unless you have a really BIG piggy bank), but they are debit card friendly. Sorry little ones.

A Man Cave


The ultimate place to get away and enjoy some alone time. Who wouldn?t want that? I know I do!

A?man cave takes time to construct and since Father?s Day is right around the corner, we wouldn?t recommend ripping apart any walls (unless you can get some contractors to do it, with dad?s permission of course). Instead, we?ll focus on the patio.


This is the best place to add a little space for dad. It requires no construction workers, demolition teams or building permits. All you need is around 10 feet of outdoor space and a good sketch! If you have a unused shed (or room to place a new one) even better!

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

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  • Comfortable seating
  • Entertainment (television or recreational items)
  • Refrigeration
  • Wall, floor and table accessories
  • Table(s)
Idea ? you can also rent the shed and offer him a vacation experience. He can stay in the shed for a few days of uninterrupted alone time. Just make sure the shed is roomy and well ventilated.

An LG OLED Television


While we?re on the subject of entertainment, let?s talk about TVs ? in particular the OLED TV. LED televisions use light-emitting diodes to scatter light throughout the television. OLEDs are?organic light-emitting diodes, which use natural carbon substances that glows when nudged by electrical currents. This results in a more dynamic display. It also takes up a lot less space, which makes the screen much thinner than its LED counterpart.

Another hard to miss benefits to having this television is the crystal clear picture. Though?this TV shows like an LCD, it doesn?t use light to shine through the LCD pixels. Instead, it creates its own light for each individual pixel. This is why the colors are so bold!

Some of the features you?ll find on an OLED TV?are:
  • 3D Display
  • Smart capabilities
  • Magic Remote
  • Games
  • App World
  • 1080p compatible
  • 55 inches ? 77 inches
  • 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Curved screen (for cinematic surreal viewing)
  • HDMI connections
OLED TVs also have Wi-Fi connectivity and a web OS browser, so your dad can surf the internet, view?sports scores, read the news and check emails.



If your dad wears uniforms or dress suits to work, chances are he needs to take frequent trips to the dry cleaner. In between taking those trips, he may be forced to buy new clothes to keep from over treating. That?s what makes this next product so damn awesome!

On first glance, Swash looks like a portable heater, but it isn?t. It?s a clothes treatment system that refreshes and de-wrinkles clothes. All dad has to do is hang his shirt or pants on the trusty hanger, secure it in place with clips and pop in the special Swash Tide Pod and 10 minutes later, voila, clean clothes! It requires no water connection, no special gadgets and practically no space.? It?s thin enough to fit in his closet, between his dresser and entertainment unit or alongside the bed.

A Freestanding Grill


Give your dad the gift of prime ribs, steak and chicken this Father?s Day ? buy him a freestanding grill. Unlike traditional gas grills, which must be installed professionally and set in one spot, freestanding grills require no installation at all. You can place them anywhere you want and move them around multiple times. You just need to find out whether dad likes the taste of traditional smoke, or if he just wants fancy grill marks on his food.

If he likes the taste of traditional smoke, then a charcoal grill is the way to go.? The good thing about newer freestanding grills is that they have plenty of cool features to keep dad busy! Here are a few features that are pretty standard on most freestanding charcoal grills:
  • Stainless Steel or Cast Iron grill plates
  • Removable charcoal pans
  • Hooded top (Smoker Hood)
  • Cabinet storage area
  • 400 to 900 square inches of cooking space
  • Adjustable charcoal grill
  • Side arms (counter tops)
  • Temperature gauge
If he just wants fancy grill marks, electric gills are the best bet. There are many types of?electric grills, and they can be used indoors and outdoors. Propane grills are great choices for camping, taking trips away from home or for cooking that doesn?t require charcoal such as grilling fruit or veggies.

Home Gym


Does your dad (or husband) ever complain about his beer gut or pudgy sides? If so, he?s probably also mentioned taking out a membership at the local gym.

Do your dad a favor this Father?s Day and make working out convenient and easy for him by purchasing a home gym!

Unlike a rower or treadmill, a home gym is a single piece of equipment with several uses. It works out the entire body. Dad can do resistance training, pull ups, push-ups, bench presses, and more all on one machine ? and for a fraction of what a gym membership would have cost him.

As you can see from the gifts I?ve chosen to list, none of them are exactly the price of a tie or bottle of cologne, but they last a lot longer.

And of course, the best time to purchase these items would be during a Father?s Day sale!

For more information about any of the gifts mentioned, click the hyperlinks embedded with the section or visit Appliances Connection.

*We do not carry the Swash machine.
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