Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. These days the fires may not be open but nothing says holiday season like flames glimmering away, heating a room while the temperature plummets outside. Fire may have been around since early man first rubbed two sticks together. Now, however, modern technology means turning a spark to a flame is as simple as a touch of a remote control. We look at five fireplaces guaranteed to put the cheer in your holiday season.

Napoleon | BHD4STN 45-Inch 2-Sided See-Thru Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplace

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This multi-view gas fireplace is installed as a see-through fireplace when housed within a central wall or a three-sided Peninsula. It can emit up to 30,000 BTUs, keeping the room toasty regardless of the exterior climate. A large 2023 square inch viewing area will guarantee this takes pride of place wherever it is installed. Electric ignition with a battery back-up means firing it up is easy.

A Yellow Dancing Flame burner system replicates the yellow flames of a wood burning fire. This is achieved by strategically placing the burner ports and controlling the amount of gas flow.

Direct vent technology means no chimney is required, with the fireplace vented directly through a wall or roof.

Majestic | AVFLST42PTSC 42-Inch Vent Free See Through Liquid Propane Burner

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The great feature of this fireplace is that it requires no venting, making installation and placement a breeze. If the unit is operating normally, fuel is burned efficiently and there is no excess gas to vent. Despite the no-vent feature, it is still capable of emitting 36,000 BTUs of heat (A gas model is available that can put out a maximum of 37,000 BTUs.).

The contemporary look and feel of this will suit most rooms.A modern diamond and sapphire style glass kit is standard along with chic black porcelain panels. An 18-inch flex line with an on/off shut-off valve is also included. As with other contemporary fireplaces, electronic ignition is standard. This also comes with an accent light with three step dimming to adjust the ambiance accordingly.

Bio-Blaze | BBQS01688W White Small Qube Bio-Ethanol Burning Fireplace

Even if you live in a small apartment, loft or houseboat, you too can have the comfort of fire. Bio-Blaze specializes in innovative fireplace design. They function on bio-ethanol and do not require any installation and do not release any smoke or smell. Neither does the fire need a flue or electronic ignition. Here’s how it works. You separately purchase a supply of bio-ethanol. This is poured into a reservoir in the fireplace. The flame is manually lit with a long lighter. This method makes the unit extremely portable. At 9,954 BTUs, flame is not an inferno but in a small space, it doesn’t need to be. This is a cozy room warmer for compact living spaces.

Monessen | WDVPST500NTSC 42-Inch See-Thru Direct Vent Wide View Fireplace with Touch Screen

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This natural gas fireplace from the Echelon Series looks great and works just as well. It will add warmth to any contemporary condo or home. Sleek, see-through with straight lines, it basks in sophistication and modernity. Ease of use is its calling card. A touchscreen remote (part of the Signature Command system) works in conjunction with the electronic ignition system. There is a three-flame height adjustment which can also be controlled with the remote command system. Additional included features are a bronze glass and a natural stone kit, standard porcelain black panels and an 18-inch flex line with an on/off shut-off valve.

Sierra Flame | STANFORD55GLPDELUXE 55-Inch Linear Propane Fire

This built-in propane fireplace from Sierra Flame not only brings the heat but the style as well. The linear burner delivers a sultry 36,000 BTU. The ceramic glass allows both clear views and is also easy to clean. Again, a remote control makes ease-of-use a central feature. Stylish black porcelain panels add a design feature which would match this well against a number of different wall surfaces.


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