Size does matter. Especially when it comes to buying appliances. Tiny houses, micro apartments, and basements being converted into rental producing units are all trending as developers and consumers alike strive to do more with less.  Going small is getting big. Manufacturers have cottoned on and are downsizing appliances too. Compact dryers  (and washers) are no exception. Here are five of the best smaller sized dryers for your compact life.

GE | GFD45GSPMDG 27-Inch Front Load Dryer

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This efficient front load dryer has a reduce wrinkle feature that would be the envy of any Hollywood dermatologist. It leaves clothes flawless. Similarly, it has an HE sensor that measures moisture content to prevent over-drying.

  • 4 Heat Selections means that wool and denim can have their own settings
  • Wrinkled Care Tumble minimizes wrinkling and creasing
  • 13 Cycles give a dedicated program for all your drying needs
  • HE Sensor Dry means that shrunken sweaters and belly busting jeans won’t be part of your wardrobe as moisture sensors shut down your dryer when done.
  • A Dura Drum interior is a galvanized steel drum, combined with tough polyester paint to provide long lasting dependability.

A perfect partner for the GFW450SPMDG 27-Inch Front Load Washer.

Electrolux | EFDE210TIW 24-Inch Front Load Dryer

Electrolux Electrolux EFDE210TIW 4.0 cu. ft. Front Load Electric Compact Dryer w/ IQ-Touch Controls - - Island White

Say goodbye to expensive venting. This compact electric front load dryer can be conveniently placed in closets, basements or under stairs. It features 4 cu ft capacity, stainless steel tub and a quiet operation.

  • Ventless Model includes a condensation dryer which makes installation a breeze as you don’t need to worry about duct work. A direct drain kit is included
  • Reverse Tumble untangles clothes reducing wrinkling and wear
  • Reversible Door offers maximum flexibility in most spaces and easy transfer of  items from washer to dryer
  • IQ Touch Controls offer a sleek design for seamless ergonomic placement
  • Numerous Drying capabilities such as Reverse Tumble, Wrinkle Release, Gentle Dry and Delicate Dry, ensure the maximum longevity for your clothes.

A perfect partner for the EFLS210TIW 24-Inch Front Load Washer

Whirlpool | WHD5090GW 24-Inch Electric Dryer

Whirlpool 4.3 cu. ft. 240 Volt White Compact Stackable Heat Pump Ventless Dryer with Wrinkle Shield Option, ENERGY STAR

Touted as Whirlpool’s most space saving design available, this compact dryer has a 4.3 cu. ft. capacity and is a ventless model. Perfect for that unused nook or closet.


  • Refresh Cycle uses a blast of steam to refresh clean clothes so they don’t need to be rewashed
  • Baffles ensure clothes dry evenly with balanced tumbling
  • Wool Cycle gently keeps delicate fabrics fluffy with just the right amount of heat
  • Bulky Bedding Cycle evenly distributes heat to ensure a uniform drying to keep even the heaviest linens fluffy
  • Air Dry Cycle helps to prevent heat damage to fabrics by airing, loosening and refreshing without added heat
  • X-Dry handles small loads quickly when you need something dried fast

A perfect partner for the WFW5090GW 24-Inch Front Load Washer

Fisher Paykel | DE4024P1 24-Inch Electric Dryer

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A handy drying rack for the drum and an anti vibration feature mark this appliance out from many of its competitors. In addition this compact 24 inch-inch, 4 cu. ft. electric dryer has many of the features the others in this article have – gentle tumble, auto sensing and a number of different drying cycles.

  •  Healthier Drying through condensing technology which removes water from the dryer into a tank or drain, thus reducing the         amount of moisture and allergens released into the laundry
  • Easy To Use thanks to a large see-through door providing ample light.
  • Anti Vibration stops you feeling like you’re experiencing earthquake tremors every time the machine increases in speed. A clever geometric design on the side of this compact dryer and insulation inside the drum are to thank
  • Drying Rack for those items that are too delicate to be tumbled
  • Care For Clothes because an auto sensor that shuts the machine off when it senses the contents are dry

A perfect partner for the WH2424F1 24-Inch Front Load Washer 

Bosch WTG865H2UC | 800 Series 24-Inch Electric Dryer

If you like your compact dryers with WiFi connectivity then this is the machine for you. It also has a 4 cu. ft capacity, a wrinkle block feature, 14 cycles, 9 options and is extremely quiet.

  • Home Connect allows you to connect your smartphone to the dryer (and many other appliances) to monitor your laundry while doing other things. Couple it with a Nest Protect and your home appliances including your dryer can be controlled when you are not home.
  • ENERGY STAR rating makes this one of the most efficient dryers in this size.
  • 15 Minute Dry allows you to dry 5 men’s dress shirts in 15 minutes
  • Small Size Big Capacity means you can dry up to 18 towels in one load
  • Noise Efficient means you won’t be turning up the TV when this reaching its max speed dry cycle

A perfect partner for the WAW285H2UC 800 Series 24-Inch Smart Front Load Washer

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