4-Piece Viking Kitchen Package: Luxury Made in America

4-Piece Viking Kitchen Package
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Consumers in the United States don’t associate most American appliance brands with high-end status. Popular opinion dictates that to get a taste of lavishness, one needs set their sights toward Italy or Germany. As is sometimes the case, popular opinion is misinformed. Viking is a storied top-tier appliance brand and its products are proudly American made. As an example of luxury made in America, let’s take a look at this 4-piece Viking kitchen package. It includes a stainless steel refrigerator, gas range, over-the-range microwave, and a dishwasher.

Viking 1103534 Package

Viking RVRF3361SS 3 Series 36-Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Refrigerator Design and Function

4-Piece Viking Kitchen Package: RVRF3361SS Refrigerator

Illuminated by theatre LED lighting, this refrigerator unit is perfect for those who want their own custom approach to food storage. Its total capacity is divided between a 15.4 cu ft refrigerator and a 6.7 cu ft freezer. A premium air purification system keeps clean air circulating over four adjustable tempered glass spill-proof shelves while preventing odor transfer between them. Simply insert the shelves into your desired mounting bracket hooks for optimum storage height of different-sized items.

Near the bottom are two Adjustable Humidity Zone™ drawers with sliding controls that clearly delineate which settings are best for different produce. Under these is an Adjustable Cold Zone™ drawer designed to keep food items at a precise temperature that is cooler, warmer, or consistent with the fresh food section. Finally, the door is equipped with eight storage bins: a dairy compartment, two bins for gallon containers, and five full-width bins for condiments, jars, and other items typically stored in the door.

Freezer Features

4-Piece Viking Kitchen Package: RVRF3361SS Freezer

This unit’s freezer drawer self-closes for when you have your hands full. It contains two slide-out freezer baskets. Place oft-used items like ice cream containers in these baskets for quick, easy access. Frozen meats and fish can be stored for an extended period of time in the bottom section. Use the electronic control panel in the door to set your preferred freezer temperature or activate Fast Ice for accelerated ice generation. To produce clean, clear ice, the refrigerator’s water filter actively removes sediments and eliminates harmful contaminants that affect ice potability, taste, and odor. This ice is then conveniently stored in the second slide-out drawer’s separate ice bucket.


Viking VGIC53014BSS Professional 5 Series 30-Inch Natural Gas Convection Freestanding Range

Cooktop Overview

4-Piece Viking Kitchen Package: VGIC53014BSS Range

This Viking range’s cooktop has four 15,000 BTU burners under heavy-duty, cast-iron grates that are easily removable. However, these burners are not limited to one high-power setting. Thanks to Viking’s Vari-Simmer™ feature, this unit’s heavy-duty metal knobs control a variable range of simmer settings to accommodate different-sized pans and volumes of food. For consistent, reliable ignition, this unit is equipped with a SureSpark™ Ignition System which automatically reignites the burners if they’re extinguished at any knob position. Additionally, smooth porcelain burner bowls and removable burner caps enable you to wipe down the cooktop with ease.

Oven Overview

As if robust, even convection heating wasn’t enough for this 4.0 cu ft oven, Viking included its patented GourmetGlo™ Infrared Broiler for even greater cooking power. In addition to standard baking, defrost, and dehydrate modes, this U-shaped burner generates a scorching 30,000 BTUs of heat to thoroughly sear foods at every one of your oven’s six rack levels. Switch on the convection fan using the control panel to enable Convection Infrared Broil. This distributes intense heat all around your food to perfectly crisp it. Naturally, this requires you to closely monitor your food’s doneness, as even a minute too much can dry out tender, thick meats. Thanks to this oven’s luminous halogen lights, you have excellent visibility of your oven cavity at every stage of the cooking process.


Viking VMOH330SS 30-Inch Microwave Oven

Microwave Overview

4-Piece Viking Kitchen Package: VMOH330SS Microwave

This 1.8 cu ft capacity over-the-range microwave is not just a potent cooking unit, but also adaptable to your ventilation needs. Its convertible design permits top venting, back venting, and recirculation of air depending on your kitchen’s design. At three speeds capable of up to 450 CFM, this unit’s fan effectively filters smoke, steam, and other airborne particulates that irritate the eyes and nose and dirty kitchens. Cleaning the interior is just as easy thanks to its stain-resistant design that wipes clean with a damp cloth. Additionally, a bright LED light is installed in the bottom to clearly illuminate your cooktop.

Microwave Controls

From this unit’s easy-to-read Viking Blue LED display, a host of intuitive controls are at your disposal. Along with the standard reheat setting, several other sensor cook options expedite the cooking process without having to fire up the oven. Utilizing 10 cooking power levels, these pre-programmed function can melt cheese, soften ice cream, keep food warm, and cook frozen foods all the way to completion. If you’d like to ensure food is fully defrosted before cooking, this unit’s defrost function can adjust its power settings for optimum results according to the time or weight you type into the control panel. Running short on time? The Express Cook mode uses 100% full power to prepare food in under six minutes.


Viking VDWU524SS 24-Inch Built-In Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Dishwasher Design

4-Piece Viking Kitchen Package: VDWU524SS Dishwasher

This dishwasher model boasts many unique features which makes it extremely versatile. Encasing its 16 place setting capacity stainless steel tub are three layers of insulation. Combining bitumen, cotton, and full side walls, this unit goes unnoticed while it operates at a barely audible 42 dBA. In fact, it’s so quiet that Viking installed a bottom indicator light to let you know when it’s running a cycle.

You can load your dinnerware with ease thanks to this dishwasher’s variable components. A sturdy Three-Position Adjustable Rack glides smoothly on telescopic rails to your ideal height. This allows you to distribute space as you see fit between the top and bottom baskets and accommodate large, awkwardly shaped cookware. For enhanced flexibility, these heavy gauge baskets are equipped with 180-degree foldable tines that allow for the ideal placement of everything from petite demitasse cups to wide bowls.

Dishwasher Programs

This model contains a Multi-Level Washing feature, utilizing a bottom spray arm, top spray arm, and top nozzle to cover all angles of your dinnerware during each of its eight cycles. Among these cycles are standard programs such as Regular Wash and Auto. Some items need more specialized treatment. Pot/Pans Plus eliminates heavy soil, GlassCare cleans fragile glassware, and CombiClean’s power favors the bottom basket so delicate and durable items can be washed simultaneously. Five additional options further enhance the dishwasher’s capabilities by sanitizing dinnerware with higher water temperatures, automatically setting the dry cycle duration, delaying its start, and more.

Viking 1103534 Package


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