4-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Package From Bosch

4-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Package From Bosch
There?s a reason Bosch appliances have become a go-to brand for many of the world?s most stylish condominiums, apartments, and homes. The century-old German manufacturing company is synonymous with modernity and simplicity, a perfect fit for contemporary living.

Known for a broad spectrum of mechanical and electronic goods ranging from heating and hot water units, auto parts and power-tools, Bosch released their first electric refrigerator in the 1930s. By the 1940s they released a popular line of refrigerators with a freezer compartment. Each decade saw further advancements in their kitchen and home appliances. Today they are on the cutting edge of technology and design, favored for both their functionality and affordability.

This 4-piece stainless steel kitchen package?from their?800 Series of appliances is ideal for consumers seeking upscale performance and aesthetic with the kind of price that works with most budgets.

B21CL81SNS ?36-Inch Freestanding Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

Bosch 800 Open

This spacious, counter depth French door refrigerator has a total capacity of 20.7 cu. ft. A dual evaporator,?known as Dual AirCool, one for the fridge and freezer, keep the humidity in each compartment separate.?This eliminates the transference of flavor, keeping food fresh.

Cool And Fresh

A function known as SuperCooling does what it says on the box. It cools just purchased food extremely quickly to help in it stay in optimum condition. It also limits the warming up of food already in the fridge when the door is open, again preserving freshness. Specifically, when activated SuperCooling lowers the temperature by 35 degrees F. The function automatically switches back after 6 hours, thus limiting energy consumption.

Similarly, SuperFreezing protects frozen food from defrosting by lowering the temperature and then returning it to normal again once the required temperature has been reached, conserving energy.

Airflow, Invisible Hinges and Humidity Control

A multi Airflow system uses a fan to push cold air around to all areas of the fridge and freezer, helping to minimize temperature fluctuations Other subtle but effective features include hidden hinges contributing to the seamless stainless steel look. A retractable shelf allows the easy storage of bottles and other tall items. Humidity controlled crisper drawers ensure food stays fresher for longer. ?A full-width chiller drawer provides extra cool storage, while a 2-drawer freezer provides an organized way to store frozen foods. LED lighting cascades throughout with glare-free illumination, another energy saver over conventional fridge lights.

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NET8068UC 30-Inch Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

Bosch: NET8068UC 30-Inch Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

This electric cooktop is as sleek as it is effective. Framed in high-end stainless steel, the design coordinates with all Bosch appliances. A bridge area joins two circular elements to?facilitate the use of numerous pan sizes including oblong and oversized pans and griddles. This is augmented by the dual elements which can also accommodate different size pots and pans.

The SpeedBoost feature, when activated, heats water twice as fast as a conventional ceramic cooktop, delivering more power to speed up the cooking process.

Ease Of Use

There are 17 different cooking level settings courtesy of PreciseSelect. A simple touch allows you to access?them as opposed scrolling through a menu.

One of the most convenient functions of the cooktop is the CountDown Timer. Each element has its own timer which allows you to pre-set a cooking time for the individual elements as opposed to the whole stove. This frees you up to tend to other things, knowing that juggling cooking times for different pots and pans won?t be an issue.

Heat Diversity And Control

Two of the elements have a heating power of 1800W (front left and back left) while the central heating element (back left) has power of 3600W (when using the inner boost element) and 1400W otherwise. The front right has a power of 1200W. The CleanLock feature prevents the unwanted changing of settings while cleaning spills.?Wiping across the control panel while the cook-top is on could change settings. By touching clean lock/child lock the control panel is locked for 30 seconds, allowing safe cleaning.?Also, a ChildLock stops the appliance from accidentally being switched on.

One of the concerns with electric cooktops as opposed to induction or gas cooktops is not knowing how hot they are. This is alleviated by a two-level heat indicator which warns if the cooktop is warm or hot. A light alerts you if the top is hot from residual heat from recently removed cookware.

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HBL87M52UC0 30-Inch Electric Oven/Microwave Combo Double Wall Oven

Bosch 800 Main Image

By placing a microwave as part of a double wall oven, the issue of where to put the microwave (over the cooktop, on the counter?) is solved. And in such an attractive way. This combination offers 1.6 cu ft. of upper oven capacity and 4.6 cu. ft, of lower oven capacity.

Installed flush to the cabinetry the wall oven has QuietClose hinges to prevent banging doors. A full extension telescopic rack offers safe and easy access to the oven, preventing burns. A timer with cook time and delay start function makes it easy to ?set it and forget it?. There is Genuine European Convection which uses a third heating element around the convection fan to circulate warm air more evenly throughout the cavity resulting in faster baking and even results on every rack. The oven cleans itself with a two-hour cycle. It?s Star-K Certified. The upper and lower cavities which house the microwave and oven have 14 different cooking modes, enabling the combo to cook everything from white and brown rice, proof dough, bake, broil, and roast.

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SHXM78W55N 24-Inch Built-In Dishwasher

Bosch 800 Slightly Open

Bosch dishwashers are renowned for their sleek, refined look and quiet efficiency. In fact, Bosch prides itself on being the only major dishwasher manufacturer that installs flush to the cabinetry. The InfoLight is a testament to the quietness of operation as it projects a red light when the appliance is in use.

This 24-Inch model can hold up to 16 place settings and includes a 3rd rack (a feature known as RackMatic which offers 9 possible rack positions). The EasyGlide racks make loading and unloading easy while the FlexSpace Tines are foldable and can accommodate larger pots and pans.

There are 6 wash cycles (heavy, auto, eco, normal, speed60 and rinse) and 5 options for load type (delay, half load, delicate, sanitize and extra-dry).

By operating at a higher temperature, the dishwasher is able to achieve the National Sanitation Foundation standards of cleanliness, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, enhancing drying results.

Leaks are contained via the AquaStop System. A sensor works in conjunction with an engineered tub and molded base to shut down the operation and pump out water, avoiding contact with the floor.
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