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3-Piece Whirlpool Kitchen Package: Luxury for Less Than $5,000

3-Piece Whirlpool Kitchen Package: Luxury for Less Than $5,000

Whirlpool's pedigree has been that of manufacturing quality appliances at reasonable prices. With this package in stainless steel, they?re showing they can handle themselves in the market of high-end aesthetics. This melding of feature-rich dependability with upper-echelon styling gives the 3-piece Whirlpool kitchen package an air of understated luxury for less than $5,000. Let?s take a deep dive into the collection that consists of a refrigerator, gas range, and a dishwasher.

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WRS312SNHM33-Inch Freestanding Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Refrigerator Design and Function

WRS312SNHM 33-Inch Freestanding Side-By-Side Refrigerator Design Overview

Coated in stainless steel, this spacious yet unobtrusive refrigerator model blends seamlessly into any space with hidden door hinges. Its total capacity is divided between a 14.65 cu ft refrigerator and a 7.07 cu ft freezer. Within the refrigerator compartment, LED interior lighting illuminates your food stored on spillproof glass shelves, giving you clear visibility on every level. At the top are intuitive electronic temperature controls. It easily lets you choose settings just right in both the refrigerator and freezer.

At the bottom are two crisper bins. The top drawer has humidity controls for different foods. Raise the humidity to store produce or lower it to store meats and cheeses. Finally, the door is equipped with five storage units: a butter compartment, one fixed full-width bin, and three gallon bins that are height adjustable depending on whether you want to store wine, milk, condiments, or anything else typically stored in the door.

Freezer Contents

WRS312SNHM 33-Inch Freestanding Side-By-Side Refrigerator Freezer Contents

This unit?s freezer contains four fixed-width wire shelves and five fixed door bins to accommodate frozen meals, ice trays, ice cream, and other items you need to preserve. It has an Adaptive Defrost. Adaptive defrost monitors your freezer?s environment and runs the defrost cycle when it senses it needs to remove excess moisture that forms frost. At the bottom of the freezer is a port where an optional icemaker (sold separately), helping you avoid the hassle of refilling ice trays.


WEG750H0HZ30-Inch Smart Freestanding Natural Gas Range

Range Overview

WEG750H0HZ 30-Inch Smart Freestanding Natural Gas Range Overview

This Whirlpool range is an archetype of both style and durability. Thanks to its fingerprint-resistant stainless steel fa?ade, it won?t be marred by daily use. Five large burner knobs jut from the front edge of the cooktop. Just above, lying flat, is an interactive touchscreen control panel. The panel lets you expeditiously cycle through and adjust your oven?s modes. It even suggests customized preset programs based on your cooking routine to save you time when preparing food. This smart appliance also facilitates wi-fi connectivity, allowing for remote control and monitoring of your unit using an app on a smart device.

Range Cooktop

WEG750H0HZ 30-Inch Smart Freestanding Natural Gas Range Cooktop Features

The cooktop has fiveburners ranging in heat output from 5,000 to 17,000 BTUs. The center of yourcooktop is home to the 10,000-BTU Oval Burner. Its oblong shape can beused with longer cookware. Place a roasting pan to boil down drippings and makea roux or use a griddle to channel your inner short order cook. The front left burner is Whirlpool?s SpeedHeatBurner. This generates a powerful 15,000 to 17,000 BTUs of high heat neededto rapidly boil pasta or sear a juicy strip steak.

Ease of access is the name of the game when it comes to cleaning the cooktop. The EZ-2-Lift cast-iron continuous grates have a hinged design that allows you to simply tilt them upward and wipe underneath without having to remove the grates entirely.

Range Oven

WEG750H0HZ 30-Inch Smart Freestanding Natural Gas Range Oven Features

The defining feature of this 5.8 cu ft capacity oven is its True European Convection cooking system. Along with the standard bake and broil elements, it cooks your food with circulated heat using a third heating element attached to the convection fan. This mode assists with traditional modes including roasting and baking for quicker and more even cooking. This model also lets you skip the preheating process with Whirlpool?s patented Frozen Bake? technology. With Frozen Bake, four unique pre-programmed settings automatically adjust cooking time for frozen foods such as pizza, lasagna, chicken nuggets, fried, and pies. Use this mode in concert with the Scan-to-Cook in which you?ll just scan the bar code on boxes of frozen foods with your smart device. The oven will then give you recommendations as to how exactly to cook the dish.

Like the cooktop, cleaning the oven is also a cinch thanks to Aqualift? Self-Cleaning Technology. After removing the oven racks and wiping excess debris, simply pour two cups of water in the base and run the Aqualift self-cleaning cycle. For the next hour, the water and heat react to a special material that lines the oven and loosens tough, baked-on soils from its surface. Come back after it's done to give your oven interior a quick wipe down, leaving it smooth and spotless.


WDT970SAHZ24-Inch Built-In Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Dishwasher Construction

WDT970SAHZ 24-Inch Built-In Fully Integrated Dishwasher Overview

This dishwasher model continues Whirlpool?s legacy of top-tier washing technology that has persevered since the company?s founding. Though it?s a powerful washing tool, it operates at a barely audible 47 dBA. You?ll find sturdy stainless steel within and without with the exterior being fingerprint-resistant. Inside, there are three nylon racks with enough room for up to 15 place settings. The third level rack at the top provides approximately 35% more rack space for hard to fit bowls and other items. Additionally, the AnyWare? in-door basket gets silverware out of the way of larger items. These larger items can be oriented as you see fit by adjusting this unit?s foldable tines.

Dishwasher Functions

WDT970SAHZ 24-Inch Built-In Fully Integrated Dishwasher Touch Control Panel

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of the vast array of wash cycles and their functions in the dishwashers on the market. Whirlpool elected to take an elementary approach to their options with five basic cycles. Whether you?re handling a standard load with Normal, caked on grime with Heavy, or a speed wash with 1-Hour Wash, excellent results are guaranteed. Thanks to a soil sensor that determines dinnerware?s dirtiness, cycle times are adjusted accordingly so you?ll have a perfect wash the first time, every time. This method is aided by a TotalCoverage Spray Arm, utilizing advanced spray patterns and multiple nozzles to hit every surface of your tableware and cookware with increased water pressure.

Six additional options are available to assist your wash cycles produce optimum cleaning results. High temperature and heated drying programs thoroughly cleanse and dry delicate glassware, plastic baby bottles, and more. An extended dry option retains heat from the wash cycle and cools quickly so moisture condenses on the washer walls instead of your place settings. For the hygiene-conscious, Sani-Rinse eliminates 99.999% of food soil bacteria that goes unseen by the naked eye. Lastly, you can delay your preferred cycle up to 24 hours in addition to keeping it secure from being accessed by children with Control Lock.

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