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The Best Wall Ovens | April 2016

It's probably time to buy a new oven. Not only that, it's worth considering opting for a wall oven. Wall ovens are lauded as being streamlined and functional, the best of everything an oven has to offer. Gas powered ovens are a thing of the past. The new trend for ovens is leaning towards electric. New electric ovens generally incorporate convectional heating. Convectional ovens versus conventional ovens inevitably will settle down to saving time. Although, traditional ovens will get the job done, a convectional oven in comparison to conventional ovens will boil down over personal preference. However, convectional ovens have a slight edge over conventional ovens. In general, convectional ovens cook faster than normal conventional ovens. The best wall ovens for your cooking needs require a few things to consider. Typically, when buying new appliances, functionality is a must. New technology means new features and todays wall ovens encompass many creature comforts. On top of that, the aesthetics should appeal to you visually.

Appliances Connection readily offers the Frigidaire Gallery 30-inch Single Electric Wall Oven - FGEW3065PF, Bosch 30-inch Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven - HBL5351UC and Whirlpool Gold 5.0 cu. ft. Single Wall Oven with SteamClean Option - WOS92EC0AS at low affordable prices. The main draw about wall ovens is the ability to save space. They come in an attractive and compact size but still able to provide enough space for an entire dinner feast. For those who own non-traditional stove and oven setups, the electrical wall oven may be the best space saving solution. Designed to be a smooth transition to any home and kitchen dcor, wall ovens are an ideal setup to blend in as a luxurious option yet remain as a practical appliance for all your cooking and baking needs.

According to BestReviews, their top wall oven pick (updated April 2016) as Best of the Best was the Frigidaire Gallery 30-inch Single Electric Wall Oven - FGEW3065PF. This wall oven is ADA compliant and offers a multitude of new technological features:


Frigidaire - FGEW3065PF


Quick Preheat: Preheat in minutes.

True Convection: Featuring a third heating element and single convection fan providing faster cooking for multi-rack use.

Steam Cleaning: A quick 20 minute clean.

Quick Clean: Traditional heat induced self-clean in 2 hours of time.

Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel: Keep smudges away and easy to clean stainless steel.

One-Touch Keep Warm Setting: As the name implies, keep your food warm with one button.

Effortless Convection:Automatically adjusts heating inside this oven for your cooking needs.

Power Broil: More power for faster broils.

Add-A-Minute:  Able to add a minute during a cooking cycle.

Express-Select Controls: Specific cooking options for temperature, as well as, one-touch selection.

Even Baking Technology: As the name implies, cook your food evenly.


Bosch - HBL5351UC


Bestproducts, acclaimed the Bosch 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven as Best for an Old-School Meets New-School Look. This conventional wall oven self-proclaimed as being able to install flush with cabinetry. Bosch claims, their wall ovens are compatible with their competitors cutouts. With that in mind, here are some other features the Bosch displays:

Heavy Duty Metal Knobs: Keeping with design in mind, Bosch incorporated sturdy yet practical dials with a premium European feel.

EcoCleanSelf-cleaning cycle in a mere 2 hours.

One Oven Light to Better Monitor Cooking Progress: Better visibility with this oven light while checking in on your baked goods.


Whirlpool - WOS92EC0AS


Consumersearch, praised the Whirlpool Gold 5.0 cu. ft. Single Wall Oven with SteamClean Option as the best single electric wall oven. Also, continuing to acknowledge that single electric wall ovens are the most popular type of wall ovens. In this same category of wall ovens, this Whirlpool Gold 5.0 cu. ft. Single Wall Oven provides:

Accubake Temperature Management System: Hassle free baking with automated temperature control for best results.

True Convection Cooking System: Faster cooking times with an incorporated rear fan and a 2,500-watt heating element.

Rapid Preheat: self-proclaimed in being able to preheat at 25% faster

Convection Conversion: Adjust cooking times and temperatures automatically.

FIT System: This devised system reduces the hassle of installation with easier adjustments to fit with any cabinet cutout.

New EasyView extra-large oven window: As the name implies, this feature boasts better visibility while cooking without having to keep opening the oven door.

SteamClean option: clean with steam without having to use any additional cleaning products.

Precise Clean cleaning system: this cleaning system is able to monitor the frequency of cleaning cycles to adjust accordingly the amount of time required for each subsequent cleaning cycle.

Largest capacity available: As the name implies, this oven can afford to cook for a large family feast.

Hidden Bake Element: No obtrusive heating element within the baking chamber

On top of all these remarkable features, one of the best things about these ovens is their streamlined look. Avoid the clutter of traditional stove top ovens and consider a new wall oven design. Maintain a satisfying warmth and appeal on your next kitchen renovation. A combination of sexy and smart, these electrical wall ovens provide the best look for any modern kitchen design.

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