The Best Dishwashers of April 2016

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Where would we be without dishwashers? Scrubbing that last bit of crusty, burnt on lasagna from Sunday dinner is where we would be. Some would consider the modern dishwasher a luxury but with todays struggle with balancing work and family, the dishwasher has become a necessity. Honestly, the worst part about any extravagant family dinner is having to do the dishes. Modern dishwashers have made the least desirable chore a breeze.

I'll admit I actually enjoy doing the dishes but I also recognize it as a very tedious chore. Dishwashers are a lifesaver for when you don't have the time or energy to deal with dirty dishes. It feels nice to just place all your dirty dishes in that shiny box, drop in some detergent and push a couple of buttons and thats all you need to do. Arguably, the dishwasher is one of the more reliable big kitchen appliances. In no particular order here are five of the best dishwashers overall on the market right now based on popular reviews.

Frigidaire 24" Full Console Built in Dishwasher is one of the best affordable dishwashers. Featuring their UltraQuiet 3 option to accommodate those of us who appreciate our quiet time, this dishwashing unit achieved a Best for Staying Focus remark by best products.

  • Spacewise silverware basket: organizational and removable basket to contain all your silverware and utensils.
  • Fits-More Capacity: Large capacity tall tub allows up to 14 place settings for one load.
  • NSF certified: Sanitizing cycle capable of removing 99.9% of everyday germs.

Bosch 500 Series For those of us looking for form following function, the Bosch 500 Series unit is a mid to high end dishwasher that will strike your fancy. Intended for displaying simple and effective design, this dishwasher is capable of holding 15 place settings for one load. Toptenreviews remarked on its quiet operation with sound output at a low 44 decibels.

  • 44dBA rating: for one of the quietest dishwashers on the market.
  • 3rd Rack: for storing more dirty dishware and utensils.
  • Infolight: Indicator light on floor level to acknowledge operation.
  • RackMatic: Featured on the upper rack allows 3 height adjustments and 9 possible rack positions.
  • AquaStop: Leak protection feature thats self-proclaimed to work 24/7.

Electrolux 24" Built-in Dishwasher With IQ-Touch Controls is another mid to high end dishwasher with good capacity and good rinsing capabilities. Its also lauded by goodhousekeeping for being excellent at cleaning and drying on auto and heavy cycles.

  • 30-minute Fast Wash Cycle: As the name implies, complete a wash cycle in only half an hour.
  • ProClean system: designed to provide a quicker and effective wash cycle.
  • SatelliteSpray Arm: provides 4x more water coverage with the same amount of water.
  • Target Wash Zones: Able to clean hard to reach areas like the inside of a bottles and jars.

Whirlpool's 24" Full Console Built In Dishwasher a low-end dishwasher thats cost effective yet provides good performance as reviewed by dishwasher-ratings with particular regards to its ability in high temperature washing.

  • Sensor Cycle: AccuSense design able to measure load size and soil level during prewash. The dishwasher will adjust accordingly throughout the wash cycle for a more accurate clean.
  • 1-Hour wash cycle: As the name implies, a normal wash cycle is an hour of time.
  • AnyWare Plus silverware basket: a removable basket that can fit either on the lower front rack or on the inside of the door.

GE Profile's dishwasher earned high marks in performance and features with best dishwasher. This mid to high end dishwasher offers the latest technology in washing all your dirty dishes.

  • Reversing quad blade wash arm: a lower wash arm with 4 blades and twenty-five spray jets able to reverse direction for thorough clean.
  • Bottle wash jets: Four wash jets built into the upper rack specifically to clean bottles and jars.
  • Adjustable upper rack with 2 stem safe shelves: Upper rack is capable of going 2 inches higher or lower to hold tall glassware or 10.5 inch sized plates.
  • 42 dBA with LED status indicator on door: One of the quietest wash operations available with lights to inform of wash cycle, dry cycle or completed wash.

In conclusion, if you haven't replaced your dishwasher in a while, it's time to upgrade. New dishwashers with newer technology offer newer benefits.

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