Belwith-Keeler Decor Solutions is a cabinet and furniture hardware company with a legacy of expert workmanship and masterful, imaginative designs, consistently leading the industry in both the latest fashion and contemporary artistic vision. They produce door and drawer handles and pulls in over a thousand individual styles from dozens of distinctive collections to fit any interior design plan you can conceive. Using a variety of high-quality stone, metals, and combinations of the two, their staff of expert artisans create not just hardware but works of beauty that make any piece they are attached to truly unique and worthy of notice, whether their appearance is bright and industrial, practical and unassuming, or gracefully intricate intertwined vines inspired by nature. Whatever door hardware you desire, Belwith-Keeler can fulfill your needs. And with a choice of over two dozen finishes including various incarnations of brass, nickel, stainless steel, and copper among others, in addition to an antiquity-inspired selection of marble pieces, there is no limit to what you can envision.

With almost 130 years of experience and consistent devotion to their craft, Belwith-Keeler has pared down their manufacturing philosophy to one of simple brilliance that has produced only the most admirable results. Their process begins with their in-house design team conceptualizing and drawing out the basics of their ideas, with only a few ideas out of hundreds being made into 3D printed models, where they are even further refined. Once the final piece is approved, only then is is fully realized in physical form, finally emerging as one example of Belwith=Keeler's elegant product line.

If you demand the finest in cabinet, door, and drawer hardware, you need look no further.

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Belwith-Keeler Product Series

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